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Gal Pani X

Gal Pani X is a fun clone of Qix, Taito's famous arcade game with a simple gameplay: draw lines to create separate portions of the screen while avoiding nasties. Gal Pani X takes the concept one step further ... content), so if you are offended by nude pictures of anime girls, stay clear of this game. But then again, the worst here are scantily clad girls from To Heart, so nobody should find this offensive.

Galacta: The Battle for Saturn

Good amateur space shooter. Nice graphics, smooth play. Eliminate the formations of the aliens in space in the topdown shooter! Worth a download.


Galax and Radias for Windows 95 are two fun shooters from Japan's prolific freeware gaming 'scene.' Galax is a vertical shooter that boasts crisp anime-style graphics and fun power-ups, while Radias for ... difficult if you don't consider yourself an expert in action games. The graphics in Radias looks a bit dated, but that is due to the author's intention to make the game as authentic as the original.


Galaxian is another near-flawless conversion of coin-op classic for Atari. This time the target is Namco's revolutionary vertical shooter, commonly regarded as the first truly multi-color video game ever ... were flawless, and Galaxian is no exception. The lazy arc of the enemies as they dive to fire at you is identical to the arcade. Like Galaxian? Got an old PC? You know what to do." A must-have.

Game With A Kitty, A

A Game With A Kitty is a great "short but sweet" 2D platformer that harks back to the good old days of SNES games. Although the game is quite short (it will take joystick experts only about 1-2 ... - an amazing feat given the high quality. If you like platformers in general and have no problems with games with 'cutesy' graphics, take a look at this very well made and thoroughly fun game.

Garfield: Caught in The Act

Garfield: Caught in the Act is a fun platform game starring everyone?s favorite hungry cat. As the game begins, Garfield has somehow been sucked into, and is now trapped inside, a TV. Your task is to help ... at the end of each level to advance the plot. Overall, Caught in The Act is solid fun for all fans of the comics, although it could use more clever level design and gameplay variety. Recommended.


GateWorld is a decent platformer that bears more than a passing resemblance to Apogee's better-known Commander Keen games. You play Captain Buzz Klondike, intrepid space adventurer. Your task is to make ... feel it to be a bit more difficult than Commander Keen games, so it's a good choice for anyone who thinks Keen games are too easy and short. Definitely well worth a look, although not a true classic.


Review 1: Gauntlet must be one of the games I have played the most of you add the time from all systems including those arcade machines that were once so popular standing at different places. You start ... to go back and get together again! That used to cause a lot of resets when Sarah and I used to play it! You MUST download this game and play it. It's excellent and totally rocks hard! I love it!

Gauntlet 2

Review 1: Gauntlet 2 takes off where Gauntlet 1 left. There aren't any obvious changes other a few improvements in the graphics a few places as well as new levels and monsters. You start the game by ... as good as, if not better than, the original. In short, if you like Gauntlet, you will definitely love this underrated sequel. A great game to play with friends huddling around the same computer :)


G-Darius is an excellent PC port of the great PlayStation game of the same name, developed by Taito and published by THQ in the U.S. in 1998. This PC version was ported and released only in Japan by Cyberfront ... PlayStation version, and innovations like the capture balls, G-Darius is a worthy successor to Gradius series, and a worthwhile old game to add to every shooter fan's collection. Highly recommended!

Gemstones 3

Arkanoid clonish thing. The bad part of the game is that you can't manipulate the steepness of the ball with your bat.

Gene Rally

Review 1: Gene Rally is a racing game for one to six players. You'll be racing on various tracks in time trial mode or against human and/or computer opponents in championship mode. Unlike other games ... natural step up from Slicks 'n' Slide, fans will love GeneRally. But you don't need to be a fan to have a great time. With or without friends, GeneRally is a lot of fun - and it's freeware to boot.

General Admission Sport Pinball: Baseball

General Admission's Sport Pinball series rank among some of the worst pinball games ever made. This Baseball edition is no exception: the table is boring once you pass the initial "ooh, sport-themed ... to hold your interest longer than a few minutes. It lacks modes, bonuses, and any semblance of a good ball physics. Even ERE's early pinball games are much more fun than this forgettable Real Dog.

General Admission Sport Pinball: Basketball

General Admission's Sport Pinball series rank among some of the worst pinball games ever made. Each game in the series presents one sport-themed table, and gets boring once you pass the initial "ooh, ... all. While an interesting concept, Sport Pinball games are simply too repetitive to hold your interest longer than a few minutes. It lacks modes, bonuses, and any semblance of a good ball physics.

General Admission Sport Pinball: Football

General Admission's Sport Pinball series rank among some of the worst pinball games ever made. Each game in the series presents one sport-themed table, and gets boring once you pass the initial "ooh, ... all. While an interesting concept, Sport Pinball games are simply too repetitive to hold your interest longer than a few minutes. It lacks modes, bonuses, and any semblance of a good ball physics.

General Admission Sport Pinball: Ice Hockey

General Admission's Sport Pinball series rank among some of the worst pinball games ever made. Each game in the series presents one sport-themed table, and gets boring once you pass the initial "ooh, ... all. While an interesting concept, Sport Pinball games are simply too repetitive to hold your interest longer than a few minutes. It lacks modes, bonuses, and any semblance of a good ball physics.

General Chaos

One of the most underrated games for the SEGA Genesis console, General Chaos is a fun and funny arcade/strategy game. Think of crossing the zany action gameplay and humor of Cannon Fodder with wacky strategic ... humor, captivating gameplay, and a nice mix of strategy, General Chaos is addictive and challenging. If you like Cannon Fodder or similar games, you will love this console game. Highly recommended!


Genocide is a fun freeware artillery game from PyroSoft that has SVGA graphics and great sound effects (EMS memory required). Although there are numerous artillery games on the Internet, Genocide is undoubtedly ... effects and appropriately big explosions. All in all, a very nice game that's not a fully textured Scorched Earth 3D, but it's got a third dimension that adds plenty of new challenges nonetheless.


Probably Crystal Dynamics' least successful release, Gex is a decent platformer that tries too hard to emulate Earthworm Jim in playability and humor... but doesn't quite get there. In Gex, you play a ... unexplained, and simply makes the game more aggravating than fun. Thankfully, I felt that Gex is not half as hard as Earthworm Jim, so everyone should be able to finish the game without much trouble.

GF Captor Kurara

We already knew that Japanese freeware developer CNC Darkside had a taste for bizarre fusions: G-Type (R-Type+Gradius), Super Mario XP (Mario+Castlevania)... This time, they took the characters of Card ... graphics are nice (but pity for the small window, no trace of a full screen mode), and it deserves credit for the absurd setting that CNC Darkside put up - I wonder what their next madness will be.

GFID Advance Place: Project Zero

GFID Advance Place: Project Zero is a fun freeware vertical shooter from Japan. Although the ships (including your own) are smaller than in an avarage shooter, this makes the playing field quite large ... powerful beams that are hard to dodge. The game is 2D, but with a lot of detailed graphics and very smooth animation. If you like shooters in general, GFID Advance Place is well worth your time.

Ghostbusters 2

In this game you continue to persue the evil Scourge of Carpathia. A guy whos was trpat in a painting in the museum of art in New York. Beside that you encounter some more problems, but not all have to do with the ghosts. Curious?

Ghosts 'n Goblins Exceed

Ghosts 'n Goblins Exceed is yet another excellent freeware game inspired by 8-bit classics. Yes, this time CNC Darkside put fusions aside and made a remake of CAPCOM's classic. Be warned: the graphics ... before the title. And, when you are hit a second time, after losing the armor... You die? No, you become a skeleton in boxers! Definitely not CNC Darkside's best game, but a nice work in any case.

Ghosts'n Goblins

Review 1: Ghosts'n Goblins is a classic sideways scrolling action platformer (!) where you're playing a heroic knight out to destroy the evil creatures of the land. Amongst them are the various undead ... PC speaker sounds. Turned out to be a very cool PC game and everyone should give it a go, especially if you never got to have a turn on the C64, because it's a great game and a very wicked challenge.

Giana Family

Giana Family is a great PC version of the famous Rainbow Arts classic that never made it beyond the Commodore 64. Andreas Kahn has pulled off something very few people can do: create a PC conversion that ... must be done. It ranks alongside Richard Jordan's uber-cool Klass of '99 as one of the best "remakes" ever, and is certainly one of the best platform games you'll ever play-- a must have!

Giana Sisters 32k

The legendary C64 game of Giana Sisters was finally made for PC in 1998! A group of enthusiastic gamers created this game. It is the same as the old original, but has much nicer graphics and sound. For those that do not know, Giana Sisters is considered as to be the best Mario clone of all times. Walk around, hit bricks with the head, jump onto the hostile creatures, collect diamonds...

Giants of Steel

Giants of Steel is a fun 3D giant robot action game from DIGITAL Nightmares, a small Germany-based developer who released the game into the public domain after selling it for a number of months as shareware. ... full version should offer a nice challenge." If you're in the mood for a fun, unassuming 3D giant robot game that doesn't pretend to be Earthsiege or Mech Warrior, Giants of Steel fits the bill.


Glace is a polished, long, and fun freeware platformer that harks back to the golden days of Super Nintendo. The story: in a strange galaxy inhabited by aliens, two made scientists named Dr. Frog and Dr. ... graphics, fun bouncing-around action, and even cool cutscenes and storyline (rare for a platform title), Glace is one of the most memorable freeware platformers that belongs in everyone's collection.


Gladiator is a fun top view, real-time action/RPG game with a good dose of strategy thrown in. You control a team of mercenaries who fight for the glory and riches. Along the way, you will explore a fantasy ... the download here is the latest freeware version, which is missing many character types and special abilities compared to the registered version. So if you like the game, register today for only $10!

Glider for Windows

Glider for Windows is an excellent PC port of a hit Machintosh title of the same name that started life as a small black & white shareware game in the late 1980s and went through several updates. The ... of all, the game's author John Calhoun has decided to release the game as freeware after the copyrights reverted to him after the publisher, Casady & Greene, closed their doors in June, 2003.


One of the most underrated giant robots games ever made, 7th Level's G-Nome is an excellent first-person 'mech game similar to Sierra's Earthsiege series. Ty Brewer encapsulates both the high and low points ... and much more freedom of choice than even the most celebrated 'mech games. At the very least, it?s the only 'mech game in town that lets you steal other people?s vehicles :) Highly recommended.

Gnome Alone

Gnome Alone is a little-known PC conversion of a little-known Amiga game, developed by UK house Visionaires. In this unique action/strategy game, you play a gnome who, other than being alone, is trying ... inventory is for. Also, the garden is quite small, and if you don't like flowers to begin with, you will find the game boring quite quickly ;) Recommended for its novel premise, but not much else.

Godfather, The

Review 1: Fairly poor action game based on the "Mafia" movie series of the same name. Yet again another typical movie-licensed title - as seen so often from U.S. Gold. Features five scenes ... make it really seem like an 1940/50/60's, era period. Although the game doesn't exactly deserve to be classed as the 'Official' godfather game, it's worth downloading if your a Gangster-game fanatic.


A great conversion of Bitmap Brother's Amiga classic, Gods is a very stylish platform game that is famous for offering many nice twists and ideas, including puzzles, adventure-game style inventory, and ... and even a novel mythological setting, into a game that has the rare, almost mystical ability to immerse the player in its world. If you've never played Gods, don't call yourself an action fan :)

Golden Axe

Review 1: A nice Hack 'n Slay - you choose your character from either a Warrior, an amazon or a dwarf. Now you set off to defeat Death Adder who murdered half of your relatives. Use your weapon or magic ... a little disappointed, though. Review 3: Rescue the King, his daughter and a golden axe whom where stolen by Death Adder. Concluding: Kill everything on you way with this plafform beat 'em up game.

Golden Eagle

A fun platform game from Loriciel, Golden Eagle features fluid animations that rival Jordan Mechner's classic Prince of Persia games, as well as an intriguing blend of action with elements from adventure ... As an example of what action/adventure should be like, Flashback fits the bill much better, although Golden Eagle deserves notice for its fluid animations and fun storyline that unfolds as you play.


Review 1: Goody is a fun 2D action/adventure platformer from Spanish developer Opera Soft. You play a small thief bent on robbing a Spanish bank. Before embarking on this venture, you'll need to find ... colouring. Monuments of Mars here we come. The pictures are all really cute, and it's great for a 1987 game:) This game is great apart from the fact that he just won't do what I instruct him to!

Goonies, The

Review 1: The Goonies is a great multi-level platformer game based on movie of the same name. Rob Strongman says it all in his review of the NES version for about what makes this game ... the game you play with one of the gangmembers of the goonies and you have to rescue your friends. You do this by running across different platform levels in which you encounter all kinds of enemies.


Gorilla is a cute little BASIC game included free with the first version of Microsoft's GWBASIC program (the other being a GWBASIC version of Nibblers). Casting you as a huge gorilla, the game is extremely ... probably won't make the game addictive for anyone, but it's certainly a lot of fun while it lasts. Recommended, especially as a quick game you can played with a colleague during coffee break :)

Gorilla 2: The Return

Gorilla 2: The Return is a superb fanmade sequel to Gorilla, Microsoft's classic QBASIC game in which two gorillas fought to the death atop city buildings with explosive bananas. This unofficial sequel ... the chat log, and keeps IP addresses for easy access. If you love Gorilla, you will definitely have fun with this sequel - especially when you play the game against a friend. Highly recommended!

Gradius Deluxe Pack

This is a faithful Windows 95 remake of Gradius I and II - two classic NES and Super NES shooters. Gradius I is still widely hailed as one of the best 8-bit shooters ever made, and it is easy to see why: ... of missiles and other power-ups that set the standard for the genre. The end-level bosses are also tough to beat and only get tougher. Smooth graphics and rocking soundtrack round off these classics.

Grand Monster Slam

Review 1: Grand Monster Slam is yet another fun game. You can choose between several different disciplines including games like a kind of soccer where you kick to small living balls. There are other ... a friend in hotseat mode, but the controls are unfortunately quite awkward. Still, if you love M.U.D.S., you will enjoy this simpler but fun game in the same inventive style. Highly recommended!

Grand Slam Bridge

One of the earliest bridge games for PC, Cybron's Grand Slam Bridge is an excellent game that set new standards in the genre-- all with only ASCII characters. The game offers plenty of options and is fairly ... nonetheless an excellent PC bridge game that remains fun even to this day, although you should check out the sequel Grand Slam Bridge II instead for a more graphically pleasing game with stronger AI.

Grand Theft Auto

Review 1: Ever since the first computer game was made, the players were always playing the good guys. The goal was always to save someone or something: a princess, yourself, the world... There has never ... Just get out, 'apprehend' another car, smash the guy out and get in =). But watch out, when things go wrong, the cops may be following you. Gameplay is superb as is the sound and the graphics.

Grand Theft Auto London 1969

Listen to a short story how unknown developers of studio Rockstar had released in year 1997 amazing, revolutionary game GTA, earned big money and tried to earn even more of them. How? By making a datadisk ... alike „real" datadisk create as an add-on to 3D episode. But not to only critize for fans of GTA it is 100% choice, specially when it is probably the only one series which you still do not have.

Gravity Force

Gravity Force is a fun PC remake of an underrated Amiga game of the same name, first released by Kingsoft in 1989. The game's looks and feel are similar to Scorched Earth: Your mission is to collect all ... existing single-player missions and two-player modes are still a blast to play, though. Not as addictive as Scorched Earth by any means, but well worth a look for fans of simple and fun space games.


Gremlins is a fun and very rare PC version of ATARI's action classic for on its 5200 console. Aside from being one of ATARI's early classics, the game also deserves mention as one of the first good adaptations ... with smooth animations that bring the Mogwais' lovable and the Gremlins' troublesome antics to life. Definitely one of the best arcade games you'll ever come across. A must-play for all action fans.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Review 1: Gremlins 2: The New Batch was quite a successful movie, but the game is quite bad if you ask me. It is simply too hard and the entertainment factor is below average. You just run around, dodge ... movie, although the addition of cutscenes between levels would have made it a much better game. The game is also notable for being the very last game developed by famous Spanish developer Topo Soft.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (Hi-Tech)

A much worse adaptation of the hit movie license than the platform game of the same name by Elite Systems, Hi-Tech's Gremlins 2: The New Batch is tedious to the extreme. The goal is simple: rid a building ... The levels look alike, the monsters look alike, gameplay is very claustrophobic, and graphics is below average for its time. Play Elite Systems' version instead if you want to try a Gremlins game.


One of the best designers ever, Jeff "Yak" Minter is famous for designing numerous classic action games for early 8-bit systems such as the Atari 800 and Vic-20. Gridrunner++ is Yak's PC remake ... than the regular game, and the special Endurance Mode for veterans who think they can finish the game with one life. Since that version cannot be easily found anywhere, you can download it from here.


Grounstream is another fun RPG/adventure/platformer hybrid from Japan. While it is not as good-looking or as addictive as Akuji the Demon, it is still a very fun game that succeeds in keeping you glued ... you fight, and explore more fantastical terrains. Anyone who enjoys Akuji will likely enjoy this game too - although don't expect the game to be as polished, and give it some time to impress you.


Review 1: G-Type is an excellent clone of R-Type, IREM's arcade blockbuster that spawned numerous sequels and remakes on just about every computer system and console except the PC. This freeware remake ... monuments and other agressive things. The nice weapon enhancements did their part to make R-Type a milestone in computer gaming history and don't fail to provide enjoyment in this remake either.


The game is simple; move your ship (on the bottom of the screen) left to right to dodge the enemy ships, which descend in various patterns from the top of the screen - of course you've also got your rapid-fire ... of the trance-like state some people enter playing hours of Robotron? Playing GUB has a similar effect, chasing the high score is a perfect break from the outer world for a few minutes. Recommended!

Guerilla War

Review 1: One of the classic action games from the 80's. If you know games like Ikari Warriors or Commando you will notice many similarities between the games but hopefully you will also agree on that ... play for all arcade fans. It may not have the depth of Metal Gear but it's got everything else: a ton of stages, even more enemies, challenging boss characters, and fun power-up around every corner.

Guilty Gear X

Guilty Gear X is a very interesting fighting game. It introduces plenty of new ideas to the genre, is the first high-res 2D fighting game ever released, and is probably the best 2D fighter outside of SNK ... it's easily worth a look, especially since good fighting games for PC are few and far between. This rare English PC version was ported from the better-known PlayStation version by Cyberfront Studios.


Guimo is a highly underrated, innovative 2D side-scrolling platformer, probably the first game from a Brazilian studio that was released outside the country (Europe, in this case). Similar to Alien Carnage, ... my (nonexistent) joystick skills. But that didn't prevent me from having fun with this diamond in the rough that deserves to be much more successful (it was a best-seller in Brazil for many months).

GulaSidorna Super Finder

One of E-Game's earliest promotional freeware titles, GulaSidorna Super Finder is an okay action game sponsored by GulaSidorna, Sweden's premier Yellow Pages. Gameplay is simple, as the in-game instruction ... end of each mission depending on amount of smoke used, so you should use this feature wisely." Overall, a simple and fun game, although quite a bit more repetitive than E-Game's later offerings.

Gundam War 4

A fun freeware fighting game based on the popular Japanese cartoons Gundam, Gundam Wars 4 is a fast-paced little game similar to Little Fighters, in which you try to defeat your opponent. What makes this ... that not all of them are depleted at once. With frantic action, neat weapons, and a great variety of robots, Gundam War 4 is a solid fan-made game that deserves to be played by all fans of the anime.

Gundam Wing: Endless Duel

Endless Duel is the first and only game based on Bandai's popular giant-robot Gundam Wing anime/action figure series, part of the long-running Mobile Suit Gundam universe. The game is a 2D fighting game ... likely find the game far too easy and simple for any long-term session. Thanks to the translation group Aeon Genesis, you can now play this console classic with everything translated into English.


Gunmetal is a decent first-person action game, similar to MechWarrior 2 in style except much simpler and not as much fun. The plot: it's 2219 AD, and your job as a pilot in the Nataka Imperial Armored ... come to mind). If you want an easy-to-pick-up action fest that will last more than a few hours, offering a good variety of missions and smooth graphics, check out this marginally above average game.


Gunroar is a cool 360-degree top-down shooter from Kenta Cho, talented Japanese developer best known for rRootage and several other excellen shooters that feature abstract graphics, innovative gameplay, ... superb freeware title that you must play. It may be less original than Mr. Cho's previous titles (most notably TUMIKI Fighters), but it is no less fun than his other games. Highly recommended!

Gunstar Heroes

Released in 1993, Gunstar Heroes for the SEGA Genesis is an amazingly addictive and original platformer that ranks as one of the best games of its kind ever made for any system. Treasurefan's excellent ... help myself) that seems to get better with age, another rarity in the game industry. Treasure's first game certainly set a benchmark in the 2-D, action category: 9 years and still counting."


Yet another jaw-dropping, drop-dead gorgeous 3D shooter from Japan, GunViper takes the freeware 'scene' to the next level with true 3D weapons. You no longer fire flat, 2D laser beams, but full 3D bullets ... of a great shooter, as well as the longevity to last more than several hours of your time. Future releases of the game will replace this download and will be announced on the News page. Recommended!

Guy Spy

Review 1: In early 1990s, Readysoft released a number of animated action games that became instant hits on the Laserdisc platform, although their PC counterparts suffered poor sales in comparison. This ... level, the game shows animations that actually make the most of the game. Levels are quite hard, especially if you don't have a joystick. Short and hard, not quite what you were looking for, is it?

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