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Ghosts'n Goblins

Review 1:

Ghosts'n Goblins is a classic sideways scrolling action platformer (!) where you're playing a heroic knight out to destroy the evil creatures of the land. Amongst them are the various undead (ghosts, zombies), bats, goblins and so forth. As in most games in this genre, you can pick up several kinds of addons on your way, greatly improving your chance of survival. A fun game, and a great conversion of the original Capcom arcade.

Review 2:

Another one of my much loved side-scrolling platform games. You can climb up and down things, and go onto different levels etc. But you still go from left to right jumping around and killing all the baddies, trying to make it to the end of the level. Sweeet!

Your enemies are scary monsters that come out of graves and other ominous places, such as zombies, ghosts, bats and icky things. You are the trusty knight who slays these hideous beasts and goes around doing the general kickass job he's supposed to do! You can collect various things to make you stronger and aid in your battle to get to the end of the game.

I was just reading that to complete the game you have to go back to the beginning and go right through again on a harder level. You have to complete it twice in total to actually complete it. Man, talk about rough! I never even made it through once! This game is HARD! So if you are sick of all the way-too-easy games, and you think you are the bee's knees then maybe you should try this game out ;)

Pretty good-looking game considering it is 14 years old! Great colours, and the monsters all look scary and you look like the hero you're supposed to be :) Typical PC speaker sounds.

Turned out to be a very cool PC game and everyone should give it a go, especially if you never got to have a turn on the C64, because it's a great game and a very wicked challenge.

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Ghosts'n Goblins screenshot
Ghosts'n Goblins screenshot

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