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Abandonware (5700)

Also have sometimes irresistible desire for playing some old game, you used to play at a time, and not only on PC? Then abandonware section is here right for you. You retrieve here full versions of games, that have got their greatest fame already long over, however this doesn't in any case mean, that you can not be having great fun by them - playability is a vital attribute of these downloads! These lovely nostalgical recollections are now here for you.


Many of excellent games were made by their authors without any financial demands. In this section, you discover a volume of just such games, and you convince yourself of their indisputable qualities. Amuse your leisure by games, that has been and will be forever free. Furthermore, you locate here pleasing fan-made remakes of former classics, amateur-made games, and many other full games to download.


Here you find games, that you have the possibility to test before paying. Generally there are some built-in limitations in them - eg. limited levels count etc. If you take a fancy to these games, you have the chance to order full version of the game from its author later on. You can enjoy yourself entirely free of charge as well.


You can also find hundreds of game manuals at our site. Tons of walkthourghs are also available so there is no need to despair if you can't finish your favourite game anymore. You can also find numerous game cheats that help you finish the game if it seems to be an incredible task. You can also download some very amusing and thrilling gamebooks here.

Online games

Here you have an option to get some multiplayer games that can be played over the Internet! There is probably nothing better in gaming than beating a real human opponent and enjoying the sense of victory. Start playing right now!


In this category, you have the occasion to download fully playable demoversions of well-known and up-to-date pieces. Further, here you come to know, where you can order full versions of these games under favoured price terms.

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