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Glace is a polished, long, and fun freeware platformer that harks back to the golden days of Super Nintendo. The story: in a strange galaxy inhabited by aliens, two made scientists named Dr. Frog and Dr. Slagg are trying to create a creature that will help them control the universe. Experiment number 4,286 results in yet another failure: a small, cute blob-like creature. Realizing his life is in danger from the upset scientists who order him killed, our blob hero escapes. Your goal is to help him explore 12 vast levels spanning 4 distinct platform "environments," each of which feaures unique scenery and enemies.

What makes the game a lot of fun is the ability to bounce around. You can gain momentum by jumping and bounce off walls. On the offensive side, you can collect magical beads and throw them at enemies, boomerang-style. Throwing the bead ahead, and then quickly move to change its return path is a crucial tactic you need to master, and is a lot of fun to watch. Similar to Oddworld games or Out of This World, the storyline in Glace is seamlessly tied to gameplay and unfolds with many well-scripted cutscenes and dialogs. It is no small wonder that the designer manages to fit the entire game on 5MB of space, given the amount of cutscenes in this game. The cartoony graphics fits the game perfectly, and even the music tracks are catchy and original.

Last but not least, Glace gives you plenty of reasons to replay it for the second or third time. Like many console titles, after you beat it for the first time, you are given the chance to buy new characters with the gems you have collected. The enemies also get harder and more numerous to match your new abilities the second time around. With great graphics, fun bouncing-around action, and even cool cutscenes and storyline (rare for a platform title), Glace is one of the most memorable freeware platformers that belongs in everyone's collection.

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Glace screenshot

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