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Grand Monster Slam

Review 1:

Grand Monster Slam is yet another fun game. You can choose between several different disciplines including games like a kind of soccer where you kick to small living balls. There are other things you can play.

In each discipline you can play in knockout mode and you can compete against several different opponents. Overall a pretty good game to waste some time with but nothing more than that.

Review 2:

Grand Monster Slam is a deceptively simple game: your goal is to kick all the balls to the opposite site, and you can slow down your opponent by hitting him with the balls. It's fast, fun, and like the excellent spiritual successor M.U.D.S. from the same designers, eminently playable and addictive :) Use the training mode to practice your aim before entering the tournament, because the computer player is no cakewalk. You can also play the game against a friend in hotseat mode, but the controls are unfortunately quite awkward. Still, if you love M.U.D.S., you will enjoy this simpler but fun game in the same inventive style. Highly recommended!

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Grand Monster Slam screenshot
Grand Monster Slam screenshot

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