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Review 1:

G-Type is an excellent clone of R-Type, IREM's arcade blockbuster that spawned numerous sequels and remakes on just about every computer system and console except the PC. This freeware remake for Windows does a great job of recreating the R-Type experience for PC gamers, from the familiar shape of R9 ship, excellent graphics (which looks more like the more detailed Super Nintendo version of the game than the original arcade version), and near-flawless shoot 'em up gameplay. As in the original game, you can pick up power-ups that appear when you kill "Armos". These include air-to-ground, reflective, air-to-air, heat-seeking lasers, and speed-ups. You can also hold down the fire button to make your shot stronger. At full strength, your shot will kill every enemy that it touches.

The game has 5 stages (as opposed to 8 in the original), and while R-Type fans will recognize almost everything, there are some surprises in store that makes the game even better. If you like shoot 'em up games but have never played this wonderful series, here's your chance to try it on your home PC. If you already are a fan, you'll be pleased with this very faithful remake. A must-have!

Note: for comparison, you can also download below the 1987 original arcade version of R-Type, compiled into a DOS executable with RAGE, a great arcade emulator.

Review 2:

Now this DOES look familiar, doesn't it? Yeup, it's basically good ol' R-Type (intro screen even names Irem, the creators of that one, as copyright holder). This is sidescrolling spaceshooting at its best, great arcade feeling, graphics and sound just fit and the gameplay is fantastic. There's really nothing to complain about. If you like the genre you will love G-Type, if not - try it anyway, it's good. Managed to hook me for hours when I just wanted to have a quick look if it would run on XP (runs perfect, this game is programmed to run under modern Windows versions).

Experienced gamers might find the game too easy - even a not-so-skilled player of this genre (aka me) can get pretty far. I made it to 3rd level on first try. While I do find this nice hardcore gamers might see this as a lightweight. But don't let this put you off.

Get in yer spaceship and fly your mission against weird alien spaceships, arachnids, archaic monuments and other agressive things. The nice weapon enhancements did their part to make R-Type a milestone in computer gaming history and don't fail to provide enjoyment in this remake either.

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Original R-Type (arcade) (487kB)

G-Type screenshot
G-Type screenshot

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