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Jabberwock from Japanese programmer Aeju Murasame is a great action/RPG hybrid that fans of Smash TV and Zelda games will enjoy. Your goal in the game is to escape from a labyrinth full of weird fantasy ... soundtrack. If you love Zelda games but wish they were more arcade-oriented, check out this excellent game from Japan that will give you blistered thumbs before long, as it gave me :) Recommended!


Jackal is a decent PC port of another NES classic from Konami, although with much inferior graphics and sounds. The plot is as banal as any other Rambo-style game, but here it is anyway: you are a commando ... Konami that will keep fans happy. You can even mow down unsuspecting enemy foot soldiers with your jeep and see their little flattened forms lying motionless on the ground—years before Cannon Fodder.


Billed as a "sneak 'em up," Jailbreak is a fun top-down action game that really does fit its bill. As a prisoner who is one day given an opportunity to escape his cell, your goal is to make your ... My only two gripes are that sometimes my character would get 'stuck' in wall corners, and that I should be able to *run* in this game instead of moving nonchalantly the whole time. Recommended!

James Pond 2 - Codename: RoboCod

A solid PC conversion of Millennium's 1991 Amiga hit James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod. RoboCod is a fantastic, colorful platform game which improves the genre with some very ingenious ideas. The star of ... RoboCod is simply a must-have for every fan of platform games. At least the Amiga version could be called one of the best games in its genre, but this PC conversion is still surprisingly well-done.

Janitor Joe

Little platform game. Do some levels.

Jason Storm in Space Chase

The only platformer developed by Safari Software, Jason Storm in Space Chase is a decent 2D side-scrolling platformer similar to Duke Nukem and Bio Menace. The game follows the exploits of Jason Storm, ... doing before they made classic 2D shooters like Seek & Destroy. Note: This download includes all three episodes: the first shareware one, and two others that came with the registered version.


Jaywalker is a unique and fun little puzzle-bent action game from Ancil Anthropy, lone designer of Piquin and Cubots, two other puzzle gems reviewed on this site. Subtitled "the game of pedestrian ... of timing, reflexes, and strategy is necessary to get good scores. All in all, an enjoyable and addictive coffee break gem that should delight fans of reflex-based puzzlers or unique action titles.

Jazz Jackrabbit

One of the best platformers to grace your PC screen, Jazz Jackrabbit was a very successful platformer by shareware standards, released by Epic Megagames in 1993 and spawned a number of well-received sequels. ... make Jazz Jackrabbit arguably the most charming platform superhero... until Earthworm Jim showed up on the scene. Highly recommended, and be sure to also check out the game's sequels on this site.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2

One of the best side-scrolling arcade games ever made, bar none. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a superb 2D platformer, a sequel to Epic Megagames' earlier shareware classic Jazz Jackrabbit. In addition to smoothly ... love this underrated shareware games. It may not be as funny as Earthworm Jim series, or offers as exotic locales seen in Pitfall: A Mayan Adventure, but as platformers go, it is very, very good.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Holiday Hare

Epic Megagames developed "Holiday Hare" versions of their popular platformers Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 as freeware releases to celebrate the holidays. Each game is populated by X-mas ... more than make up for their absence - and anyone who found the shareware games too difficult will find Holiday Hare a welcome change. Highly recommended, especially for fans of the original games.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files

Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files is the final release in Epic Megagames' celebrated Jazz Jackrabbit series, which remains today one of the best shareware platformers of all time. In The Secret Files, ... series. Its addictive, nonstop action, wonderful sense of humor, wacky levels, and superb multiplayer should make it a permanent resident on the hard disk of every platformer fan. Highly recommended!

Jazz Jackrabbit: Holiday Hare 1995

Epic Megagames developed "Holiday Hare" versions of their popular platformers Jazz Jackrabbit and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 as freeware releases to celebrate the holidays. Each game is populated by X-mas ... more than make up for their absence - and anyone who found the shareware games too difficult will find Holiday Hare a welcome change. Highly recommended, especially for fans of the original games.


Before Windmill Software and CHAMProgramming, Orion Software was one of the first game developers that specialized in creating PC "clones" of well-known arcade games, usually from the extensive ... so often you find a 1983 game that doesn't need to be slowed down :-) If you can't get enough of Q*Bert, Pac-Man, or Paratrooper, check out these excellent classics that truly stand the test of time.


One of the best examples of what Elecbyte's powerful MUGEN fighting game engine can do, J-Dar-II is a fun vertical 2D shooter for DOS. The game offers three difficulty levels to suit your preference, and ... two will take you a while to beat. Although best remembered as a game that showcases the capabilities of MUGEN, J-Dar-II is a fun shooter in its own right that all action fans should take a look.

Jet Set Willy

Manic Miner and Jet Set Willy are without a doubt the two BEST games ever made for the Sinclair Spectrum computer in mid-1980s. Designed by Matthew Smith and published by Bug Byte / Software Projects, ... for the first time, thanks to Andy Noble's exceptional conversion of the Spectrum originals. If you wonder where platformers come from, look no further than these 1983/1984 classics. Must-haves!

Jet Set Willy II: The Final Frontier

This is the excellent PC remake of Jet Set Willy II, a good sequel to the classic Spectrum game that is unfortunately not as fun to play as the original The game is more or less the same as the predecessor ... there is little in the way of new concepts in gameplay. Seeing Willy in a space suit near the end is worth the wait, though, so die-hard Willy fans would probably plough through this one patiently.

Jetpac PC

Jetpac PC is an excellent PC remake of Jetpac, one of the best action games made for the Spectrum ZX computer. Similar to good old Atari classics of yore, your goal in the game is simply to score as many ... quality that characterizes such classics as Joust. This excellent PC remake does justice to the 8-bit original, and showcases the zany and wacky talent that was Ultimate Play the Game's hallmark.


Review 1: Taken from the developer's site "Jetpack was an immediate hit when it was released in 1993, and a cult following grew internationally. I received a ton of mail and submissions by people ... by all. I've seen quite a few Jetpack fanatic sites out there, so it must have some kind of crazy phenomenon thing going. Definitely worth a play, and don't forget to have a go with the level editor.

Jetsons Space Race

A simple, slick side-scrolling platformer starring The Jetsons, everyone's favorite space age family. George is running late and there's bumper-to-bumper traffic on the intergalactic interstate. But he ... other spaceships will set you back some distance, and the traffic jam is extremely bad indeed. Good, clean fun for the whole family, and a nice little game to spend 2-3 minutes with during break.

Jetsons, The

The Jetsons by Softie is a decent platformer starring Mr. Spacely, George, Elroy, Astro and Rosie, main characters from Hanna Barbara's charming TV cartoon about an accident-prone space-age family. The ... suffers from the same weaknesses as most other Hi-Tech games based on TV licenses: repetitive gameplay and lack of originality. The death scenes in this one at least are funny to watch, though.


One of the most unknown old games ever, Jetstrike is a great side-scrolling flying game in the spirit of classic Choplifter, but with many more options and gameplay features. Aside from attractive VGA ... mode, Jetstrike is a perfect "next game" for fans of Choplifter and its modern successor Armor Alley. The interface could be better, but at least it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.

Jetz Fusion

Jetz Fusion is the latest and best Jetz game in a long-run series of freeware action games from Shawn Noel, a talented designer known in the freeware cycle as "Shawn64." The game is a beat 'em ... Jetz Fusion is well worth your time. The game is difficult, meaning it will take expert players quite a while to finish, but the frenetic action and mission variety will keep you glued to the screen.


Styx kinda game for the Windows platform. Nice for the kids.

Jill 2: Jill Goes Underground
Jill 3: Jill Saves the Prince
Jill of the Jungle
Jim Power

A colorful side-scrolling shooter starring Jim Power, the fictitious daring sci-fi hero, Jim Power gets high marks for its vibrant graphics, great level design, and challenging enemies that are quite capable ... laser. The action is fast, furious, and generally fun, although not as addictive as the best in the genre (e.g. Gradius). The game is definitely worth a play-through, but is not a must-have.

Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja

A great conversion from the hit arcade game of the same name, Joe and Mac: Caveman Ninja is a fun platform game starring to bumbling cavemen, Joe and Mac. After their "cave-babes" were kidnapped ... antics made Caveman Ninja a favorite of many in the arcades, leading to a successful follow-up, Joe & Mac Return, in 1994, which unfortunately was never translated to the PC. Highly recommended!

Johnny Bazookatone

Johnny Bazookatone is a smart-looking platformer that unfortunately plays much worse than it looks. Despite having a somewhat novel protagonist (purple-hair guitar-toting dude), it isn't much different ... to create a different experience. As it stands, you are better off playing Sleepwalker or WizKid if you are looking for something a little different than typical platform fare. Disappointing.

Johnny Castaway

Review 1: Johnny Castaway is not really a game but a screensaver but what a screensaver! At least to me it seems like a game because the entertainment is as good as a game. In the screensaver you will ... Watching Johnny is always fun, interesting, and definitely more fun than playing an average game :) Sometime in 1995, Sierra released the program as freeware, to cheers of Johnny's fans worldwide :)


Review 1: Joust is a pc port of the classic arcade game. Basically you control a guy riding on an ostrich who has a lance. You repeatedly press your fly button and the ostrich flies. To kill the bad ... and different enemies. This PC version of Joust does the game joust-ice, and brings the elegant fun of simple-to-learn-but-addictive-to-play arcade pioneers to the PC screen. Highly recommended.

Joust VGA

Review 1: This is definitely a weird game. Though I somehow managed not to be THAT bad in playing I never quite got the objective - sure, Joust - the name says it all, somehow you, on the back of that ... you to try the "Knight's Tour" puzzle for boards of size 5x5 up to 12x12." If you enjoy Chess puzzles or coffee-break board games, check out this small but incredibly fun old game :)

Jr. Pac-Man

Third in the Pac-Man series and the first Pac-Man game not converted to PC by Atari. Jr. Pac-Man stars the Pac Junior, the baby Pac who first appears in several intermission screens in Ms. Pac-Man, which ... With 5 different maze layouts in the game and challenging gameplay, even Pac-Man veterans will have a hard time finishing this one. Recommended, but not for the reflexes impaired (like yours truly).

Judge Dredd

Despite being one of UK's most popular "cult" comic books, Judge Dredd never fared well when licensed to other media—the movie starring Sylvester Stallone as the beefy judge is one of his worst, ... the luster of its license would carry the game. Essentially, there's too much to see, too much to shoot at, too much repetition, and too little substance and play value. A Real Dog without a doubt.

Judge Dredd Pinball

Judge Dredd Pinball is the first entry in the "Pinball Arcade" series, made by UK-based Pin-Ball Games Limited. The concept was promising: license a real-life pinball table and try to recreate ... special effects, and the table looks very detailed in high resolution SVGA. Worth a look for pinball fans, but without the fun gameplay of Williams' original table to keep it on your hard drive.


Review 1: Jump is a cute little Space Invaders clone from Spanish developer Opera. The game plays like a standard shoot-em-up, except that instead of shooting up at incoming aliens, you instead jump ... for you in droves, and you have to kill them first. The graphics in Jump are very good, the colours are amazing. Quite like those of Commander Keen 4 and other games of that era, great for 1992.

Jump 'n Bump

Jump n Bump is a simple platform game for from two to four players. Each player controls a bunny, and has controls to walk the bunny left and right, or jump. The only goal is to jump atop of the other ... and there are many additional levels available from the official game page. This is an excellent game, fun with two players, hectic with three and utterly chaotic with four. Recommended to boot!

Jumper 2

Jumper 2 is a great platformer/puzzle hybrid coded in Game Maker. Although I find the game too difficult for my deficient reflexes, interesting level designs and the cool skid/jump maneuvers keep me coming ... I can't wait to see how this game unfolds as I haven't fully completed this game myself. If you haven't seen any of the Jumper games, then you need to get them now. You won't be disappointed."


Little platform game. Do some levels.


Review 1: Jumpman is one of the best "ladder" games (e.g. climb various ladders to the exit) that were hugely popular in the early 1980s. Your goal is to collect all the bombs to advance through ... with the graphics, this is an older game, 19 years old at the date of this review - so expect great gameplay and disturbing graphics and sound ;) I'd definitely recommend getting a copy of this game.

Jumpman 2

Kind of Jumpjoe. With Adlib music :)

Jumpman Lives!

Review 1: Now - a TRUE classic! I remember playing this on an XT with a monochrome monitor in the firm where my mother worked when I was... huh! - pretty much younger! It's just an experience everyone ... its release, making the game one of the rarest Apogee titles. If you love the original, you will definitely love this excellent remake that was unfortunately unsanctioned by the copyright holder.

Jungle Hunt

One of the more obscure games by Atari, Jungle Hunt is a decent PC port of Taito's coin-op classic. The goal: swing from vine to vine and avoid boulders and crocodiles to save your fair maiden from the ... trustees of Edgar Rice Burroughs' estate, the people who own the rights to Tarzan, for copyright infringement for using Tarzan's likeness in Jungle King, their earlier game based on the same theme.

Jungle Strike

Review 1: The story starts off with an island being nuclear bombed, and the two men behind it are residing somewhere out in the jungle alongside the weapons. Your mission, search and capture the two ... I got it to run after praying 12 hours or so. Starting it a hundred times in succession or fiddling around with memory configurations might also help at times ;) The fun is well worth it, however.

K1 Tank

K1 Tank is an oldie but goodie first-person action game from South Korea. The game puts you behind the wheels of K1 tank, mainstay of South Korean army developed by Hyundai based on the design of the US ... number of enemy units and some variations in terrain. In addition to being probably the world's only game to star the K1 tank, this was also the first ever South Korean game to be exported to Taiwan.


Kaeon is a little SHMUP that was never finished, with only three short levels, so-so graphics and an extreme difficulty. It's a little pity though, because it had potentialities: five parallactic backgrounds ... to destroy before they succumb. Overall, Kaeon feels like an "embryo": if brought to the end of the development, the result could have been a nice game. Only for die-hard SHMUPS collectors.


Review 1: High atop a craggy cliff, guarded by an army of fierce warriors, stands the fortress of the evil warlord of Akuma. Deep in the darkest dungeon of the castle, Akuma gloats over his lovely captive, ... Overall, Karateka is one of the earliest side-scrolling fighting/action game that is a classic in the way it tells the story, and bodes well for Mechner's later classics. Highly recommended!


Kar-nage is a fun isometric car combat game from Fallen Angel Industries, indie developers of several excellent freeware titles using the Klik & Play application. The game is the first car combat game ... but the furious action makes this omission negligible. Overall, nonstop action, cool upgrades, and great soundtrack makes Kar-Nage one of the best Klik & Play games ever made. Highly recommended!


Karnov is another excellent arcade conversion by Quicksilver, this time casting you as rotund, fire-breathing Russian by the name of Karnov, who's on his quest to recover the lost treasure of Babylon from ... seem to dodge Karnov's fireballs with ease, those extra lives don't come cheap. If you are confident of your reflexes and have a lot of patience, though, you'll have a lot of fun with this game.


Katharsis is a decent modern shooter that offers excellent 3D background graphics (although not the ships themselves), and even a plot (!). The premise is quite cliché (i.e. defend the planet against the ... to be a fun shooter that deserves much more attention. It's neither as addictive nor well-designed as classics in the genre like Gradius, but it's still a lot of fun and pretty to look at to boot.

Ken's Labyrinth

A horrible 3D game from Ken Silverman, wonderboy creator of Build Engine, the groundbreaking engine behind 3D Realms' Duke Nukem 3D-- arguably the first game that posed a serious threat to id's DOOM as ... an Ken Silverman is like before all the brouhaha about Duke Nukem 3D. The game used to be sold as shareware by Epic, but Ken has recently released it as freeware on his website-- for better or worse.


Kick-Ups is a maddeningly addictive Flash game that is deceptively simple: your goal is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible by clicking the mouse on it. The game records your high scores, ... addictive sessions. Definitely one of the most addictive time wasters I've ever seen-and thanks to hungry penguin, one of our forum regulars, for his insidious plan to ruin everyone's productivity.

Killing Cloud

San Francisco in the 21st Century. The City by the Bay's famous fog has become an infamous lethal shroud. A permanent toxic mist that's choked half the population, and now cloaks the sinister doings of ... a good dose of strategy and adventure elements, Killing Cloud comes highly recommended. Be sure to download the manual, as it contains a well-illustrated comic book that sets the stage for the game.

Killing Time

Killing Time is a fun FPS that deserves much more attention than it received in the market. This interesting DOOM clone puts you on a journey in search for answers as to what happened one summer evening ... a newbie-friendly gameplay that isn't too overwhemingly difficult, Killing Time is well worth a look for FPS fans, especially anyone who likes Alone in the Dark or more recent Cliff Barker's Undying.

King of Chicago

Review 1: King of Chicago is one of Cinemaware's best-loved games, and for good reason: it oozes a ton of atmosphere, and is simply a blast to play. Set in the roaring twenties, you play Pinky, a two-bit ... are very difficult) may turn some off. Recommended! Review 2: Chicago 1931; Al Capone is jailed. And you want to take his place. Sort strategy game where you want to go to the top of the mafia.

Kingpin: Life of Crime

Kingpin is a great FPS from Xatrix/Interplay that remains largely underrated - mostly because of numerous bugs in the first release that were finally fixed. Although it is not a "classic" in ... force of it. If you've got a beefy system, or are a big first person shooter fanatic, then run out and get Kingpin today. Otherwise you might want to wait and see how the patch improves things."

King's Valley

King's Valley is a fun platform/maze game from Konami, released for the MSX computer and many other 8-bit console systems - except the PC - in 1985. The game plays like a more updated version of Montezuma's ... another winner from Konami that will keep you entertained. Recommended! Note: the game was never made for PC. This download is the MSX version recompiled to work in DOS with no emulator required.

Knight Force

The "forgotten" Titus game, Knight Force remains today a very rare find-- even the original Amiga release is hard to come by. (Until now, that is ;)) The reasons for its obscurity is somewhat ... knight power. The game's strongest point is the graphics, which is much richer and more detailed than most platformers at the time. New York City and the final mystical level in particular are very


Review 1: No, this is not PC version of a famous Amiga game based on Children's TV series (that one was never made for PC, by the way). This Knightmare is the recompiled DOS version of the Konami game ... if you like the MSX series, but otherwise it's nothing special. Review 2: With lots of action in lots of levels, with lots of enemies and lots of weapons, this game is one of my favorite classics.

Krazy Ivan

Giant mech battle games are all the rage these days. From Mech Warrior to Krazy Ivan, there?s nothing like climbing into a giant robot and kicking some metal butt. After all, Ripley sure seemed to be having ... mode is easily beat in just a few hours, but the two-player mode, which supports the link cable, can be very entertaining. In the end, Krazy Ivan is a good, solid game. It?s just a little too short.

Krusty's Super Funhouse

Krusty's Super Funhouse is a short, introductory-level platform game starring Bart's hero Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons cartoons. Vibrant graphics and imaginative level design, unfortunately, aren't ... attention for very long. Worth a try for diehard fans of the TV series, but everyone would be better off playing Konami's earlier The Simpsons and The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness instead.

Krypton Egg: Ultimate Breakout

Review 1: Described as the "best Breakout game in the world" by the French magazine PC Loisirs when it first came out, Krypton Egg is an excellent shareware Breakout game that boasts crisp ... zany animations, cool monsters, and excellent gameplay. Review 2: Very good brick game. Nice sounds, music and graphics. But hey what did you expect? It's from 1994. Not as old as Arkanoid.

Kurukuru UFO

Another fun action freeware game from Japan, Kurukuru UFO lets you pilot a flying saucer around the arena. In contrast to a typical shooter, you cannot control the firing direction of your saucer: in this ... fun gameplay that introduces some new features into the genre, Kurukuru UFO is another addictive shooter from Japan that fans of innovative shooters should definitely take a look. Highly recommended.

Kururu Kuzushi

Kururu Kuzushi is a unique Breakout clone that takes the action to 360-degrees by putting blocks in the middle of the field, and adding another paddle to the arena. You move the mouse to rotate both paddles ... and there are even some nice sound effects to round off a well-designed package. If you like Breakout or Arkanoid games, you will no doubt enjoy this underrated freeware gem from Japan. Recommended!


This download includes 15 fun mini-games starring cute Japanese cat *kutar* (asterisks are phonetically correct), created by Giga-Rensya, a promising Japanese freeware site. Although the games are in Japanese, ... and highly recommended for all fans of anime / manga games. They are simple and fast, which make them ideal for that 3-minute coffee break when you're in the middle of something more serious.

Kwik Snax

Fans of Spectrum computers would recall that Codemasters' Dizzy series were some of the best games ever made for that computer. Created by a quirky pair of designers who call themselves The Oliver Twins, ... complete. Oh well, at least the straightforward gobble-up-fruit gameplay of Fast Food is enhanced somewhat by icy floors and movable blocks. Recommended only for die-hard Dizzy or Pac-Man fans only.

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