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Kick-Ups is a maddeningly addictive Flash game that is deceptively simple: your goal is to keep the ball in the air for as long as possible by clicking the mouse on it. The game records your high scores, and ball physics are reasonably realistic (e.g. the ball bounces off four sides of the room, and the strength and location of your click (on the ball) determines the direction the ball will bounce, and how far it will go. That's it. Sounds too simple to be fun, right? Just try it out, though, and don't blame us if the next thing you know is that your coffee break is long gone and you've been playing Kick-Ups for hours straight just to get a better score. Although you can play it online, you can also download the game off-line for more addictive sessions. Definitely one of the most addictive time wasters I've ever seen-and thanks to hungry penguin, one of our forum regulars, for his insidious plan to ruin everyone's productivity.

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Kick-Ups screenshot
Kick-Ups screenshot

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