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Killing Cloud

San Francisco in the 21st Century. The City by the Bay's famous fog has become an infamous lethal shroud. A permanent toxic mist that's choked half the population, and now cloaks the sinister doings of a fanatical crime crime syndicate, The Black Angels. You, you're the grittiest hard nosed cop ever to wear an SFPD uniform. And your assignment: descend into the poisonous mist in your XB500 hoverbike, capture the villainous ringleaders, and solve the mystery of the Cloud that kills. Before San Francisco gasps its last breath.

So begins Killing Cloud, one of the most underrated cyberpunk action adventures ever made. The game is played in an attractive 3D perspective from the back of your hoverbike, with the ability to switch your viewpoint to six different views. Your task is clear: navigate the XB500 through an urban obstacle course, dogfighting with the enemy, and capturing renegade robots and members of The Black Angels. Killing Cloud, however, is not your run-of-the-mill shooter. You should try to arrest the Black Angels rather than kill them, because you can interrogate them and use the info you glean to hunt down their accomplices and intercept enemy attacks. In the Briefing Room you'll get your assignments, check the crime file, and plant rocket propelled nets and mobile holding pens around the city. You can outfit your craft with various weapons, as well as reserve fuel tanks and life support suits. With attractive graphics, furious action, and a good dose of strategy and adventure elements, Killing Cloud comes highly recommended. Be sure to download the manual, as it contains a well-illustrated comic book that sets the stage for the game.

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Killing Cloud screenshot
Killing Cloud screenshot

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