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Judge Dredd Pinball

Judge Dredd Pinball is the first entry in the "Pinball Arcade" series, made by UK-based Pin-Ball Games Limited. The concept was promising: license a real-life pinball table and try to recreate the gameplay experience as faithfully as possible for home computers. Unfortunately, the execution leaves much to be desired. Anyone familiar with the superb Pro Pinball series will be severely disappointed with this game. Despite having the license to recreate one of William's best pinball tables, Pin-Ball Games decided to create a "completely new and original game" based loosely on the license. The result is a marginally above-average pinball game with so-so physics and repetitive combos.

On the upside, the graphics is excellent. There are neat lighting and other special effects, and the table looks very detailed in high resolution SVGA. Worth a look for pinball fans, but without the fun gameplay of Williams' original table to keep it on your hard drive.

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Judge Dredd Pinball screenshot
Judge Dredd Pinball screenshot

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