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One of the best platformers you'll ever come across, N is a great freeware game from Metanet that boasts excellent real-world physics - something we don't normally see in 2D sidescrollers. The plot: as ... yours truly) who got far too frustrated with the first release. If you are looking for a charming, innovative, and very challenging platformers, look no further than this modern-day classic.

N.Y. Warriors (a.k.a. New York Warriors)

N.Y. Warriors is a fun top-down shooter that recalls Quicksilver's Heavy Barrel, although it is much less well-known. If you've played Konami / Data East / CAPCOM arcade games, you already know the drill: ... even with keyboard (although joystick is still the best method). Fans of Cabal and similar commando-type shooters should really enjoy this one, although don't expect it to be a groundbreaking title.


A cute freeware game created to promote Real Media, Nanuk is a charming Frogger clone with a simple idea and gameplay: guide Nanuk the eskimo kid to the other side of the river, where he is reunited with ... remains the same no matter how many times Nanuk crosses the river. But attractive graphics and cute gameplay makes it a fun way to spend a few minutes relaxing during a short break at the office.

Narco Police

Review 1: Narco Police is an early version of the quite popular action genre there is today. Of course not with very good graphics and it doesn't get near a game like Wolfenstein 3D. Even though the ... planets, arresting gangsters hidden in deep underground hideouts. Lot of futuristic weapons and items, including a cool scanner you are equipped with make this a fun game despite repetitive mazes.


Marginally above-average "realistic" military action game in the style of MicroProse's venerable Airborne Ranger, except not even half as fun. Your role, from MobyGames' description, is to: "...[take] ... arcade action with some realistic twists (no power-ups, lives, or other stuff like that)." Fun for a short while, but repetitiveness and simplistic gameplay make for very little replay value.


Review 1: Nebulus places you in role of a high-tec frog working for a Destruction company. Your goal - get to the top of a tower and clear the way so it can be razed down. Strange idea, isn't it? To ... but as usualy you get used to them :) It's a fun game and takes an original approach to that whole side-scrolling genre. I'm not good with games that make me rush against time, but give it a shot.

Nelda Nockbladder's Anatomy Lesson

One of the strangest games you'll ever play, freeware or otherwise, Nelda Nockbladder's Anatomy Lesson is a fun action game with a unique blend of puzzle elements: you first have to figure out what to ... shareware games (i.e. those you need to register to "unlock" the rest of the game). And interestingly enough, the designer's name is Scott Miller, same name as the founder of Apogee ;)

NemesisCrisis: Operation Gallant Thunder

NemesisCrisis: Operation Gallant Thunder is another excellent freeware shooter from Japan. The game is similar to Rebel Assault, except with detailed polygonal 3D instead of photo-realistic digitized graphics. ... seems more difficult than average - newbies be warned. All in all, an excellent space combat shooter that should please everyone who is a fan of the genre, even if new levels look like the last one.

Neo Hunter

Neo Hunter is an ambitious cyberpunk action/puzzle hybrid that unfortunately is bogged down by repetitive action gameplay and far too difficult puzzles. At first glance, the game's combination of futuristic ... comic book games and don't mind frustrating puzzles and repetitive action, Neo Hunter is worth a look. Otherwise, stay clear of this old game that is long on atmosphere, but very short on gameplay.

Nerves of Steel

One of the worst FPS games ever made, Nerves of Steel is Merit Studio's failed attempt to resurrect its reputation after the appalling Fortress of Dr. Radiaki. First, the trite plot: from a super- secret ... I even put this Real Dog on the site is because not too many people know there exists a sequel to Dr. Radiaki that is even worse than that horrendous game. Dung, indeed. Stay away as far as you can.


One of the best action/puzzle hybrids ever made for the Amiga, Hewson's Netherworld translates onto the PC screen quite well, with minor losses (the wonderful Amiga music is gone, for instance) but with ... are scattered around the level. The clock is your opponent as well as the various demons and mines. Shooting the demon's bubbles reveals good and bad bonuses, so choose wisely what you pick up."

Neverending Story II, The

The Neverending Story II is a very poor action game based on the not much better (and quite bizarre) movie of the same name. The concept is simple: you're Bastian, and are called forth once again by the ... Boring gameplay, indecipherable plot. But at least the music stands out as a decent cover of the Klaus Doldinger/Giorgio Moroder classic. Not recommended at all, unless you're a big fan of the movie.

New Order

Decent ripoff of Epic Megagames/Electronic Arts' underrated shooter Fire Fight, done by a "warez" group. Fire Fight players will immediately recognize the ships, explosions, and even tiny graphical ... or free-form shooters in general, New Order is worth a look. Otherwise, steer way clear of this unofficial sequel-- it's smooth, mindless, and fun for a while. No real long-term play value, though.

New Zealand Story, The

New Zealand is a peaceful place to live - if you're a kiwi, particularly in the Auckland zoo - Tiki is as happy as can be. Trouble turns up in the guise of psychotic walrus who has an enormous appetite ... baloon. There are also many weapon power-ups to suppliment the default bow and arrow, these range from bombs to invulnerability pills. A simple, very very fun game that appeals to the big kid in me.

Nicky Boom

Nicky Boom and Nicky Boom 2 are two average platformers from Microïds, one of the oldest French companies in the business. Similar to WizKid or Soccer Kid, here you control a little kid as he makes his ... the palette too dark for some reason), the enemies unchallenging, and the level designs boring and repetitive. Not recommended at all... especially if you have played the far superior Amiga versions.

Nicky Boom 2

Nicky Boom and Nicky Boom 2 are two average platformers from Microïds, one of the oldest French companies in the business. Similar to WizKid or Soccer Kid, here you control a little kid as he makes his ... the palette too dark for some reason), the enemies unchallenging, and the level designs boring and repetitive. Not recommended at all... especially if you have played the far superior Amiga versions.

Night Breed: The Action Game

Review 1: Based on the movie of the same name, Night Breed: Action game is the first of the planned Night Breed trilogy which was never completed due to bad sale rates. You play as Boone, the main character ... use of the license than OCEAN's earlier efforts. Not a Top Dog by any means, but one of the better action/adventure from OCEAN you'll likely find. Recommended, especially to fans of the movie.

Night Breed: The Interactive Movie

Review 1: The second and the last of the Night Breed Trilogy (the third one was never made), Night Breed: The Interactive Movie is an action game with some elements of an adventure. Pretty dumb game ... poorly. Disappointing sales of this game convinced OCEAN to abandon the idea of making a third game for the series, which was slated to be all-adventure game. Unfortunate, but nobody will miss it.

Night Hunter

You're a vampire this time, you have to walk through levels and kill people.

Night Mission Pinball

One of the very few games from subLOGIC that are not flight simulators, Night Mission Pinball is a surprisingly playable, realistic, and highly customizable pinball game. Set with the backdrop of an airport ... This version adds numerous improvements, including EGA graphics, high scores table, and a better physics model. It's no small wonder that such a fun game could be packed in less than 50KB of space.

Night Raid

Review 1: Night Raid is a fun variation of the classic Parachute Drop game of yore in which, manning artillery, you must shoot all enemies that drop from parachutes before they get close enough to you. ... of the planes to enter your base. Of course you also can devastate the planes which are flying from the right to the left or vice versa. The graphics are very ok, though the gameplay is a bit slow.

Nightmare Creatures

Nightmare Creatures is a great horror action/adventure game in the same vein as Resident Evil, but with much more emphasis on action than puzzles. Aside from some annoying quirks, such as the lack of proper ... and that adrenaline time limit keeps this one out of the awards category, but I do hope that people will still give it a try. For atmosphere, gameplay, and eye candy, this one is hard to beat."

Nightmare on Elmstreet

In this exciting action game based on the hit movie, you must find evil Freddy's house before he finds you, and enter it to rescue your friends. Freddy strangely disappears after you enter the house, but you must contend with the various nightmarish creatures. A fast, fun, but very short game if you're a good action gamer.


Nikujin is a fun ninja-style freeware platformer from Ikiki, the lone Japanese designer who brought us Teppoman, among other cool 2D side-scrolling games. Nikujin retains the same minimalistic approach ... This means that while Nikujin will appeal to all action fans, it could probably be finished only by a handful of expert gamers. Highly recommended, but not for those who are easily frustrated.


Review 1: Don't you love it when you look through your harddisk and find a long forgotten gem? Ninja is one of those games I used to play back on my C64. The concept is simple - you move from one room ... live without great graphics this one is a good choice. Review 2: Karateka wannabe: platform game that's not as good, but still fun for a while. There's really not much else I can say about this :)

Ninja Gaiden 2: Dark Sword of Chaos

A much better conversion of arcade hit than the original Ninja Gaiden for PC, Ninja Gaiden 2 opens with a great musical theme accompanying a cinematic scene. You learn that Jaquio, the evil crimelord you ... improved graphics and interface, many hidden surprises (including bonus levels), and a great storyline, Ninja Gaiden 2 comes very close to the arcade and Nintendo classic in the addiction quotient.

Ninja Rabbits

Review 1: I do not know if the makers of this game were trying to copy Usagi Yojimbo, but if they did they screwed it up big time. A scrolling action game with a ninja rabbit in the main role is not ... the bad guys and save the girl. You can choose wether you want to talk to someone or not. And killing a civilivian may have bad impact on you. The levels are nice designed with much variety inside.

No Exit

No Exit is an oldie beat'em up by French developer Tomahawk (later Coktel Vision). While it doesn't offer much long-term play value, it's still quite an interesting karate game that stands out from other ... the game to the marginal old game status. If you're serious about fighting games, pass this one by. Only fans of Coktel's unique and wonderfully weird sense of humor and graphics should try No Exit.

No Gravity

No Gravity is a cool 3D space shooter from Realtech VR. Formerly a commercial game, the source code and later the data files were released into the public domain in 2005. Similar to Wing Commander, you ... than adequate, the controls easy to use, and the action is nonstop, with plenty of enemy types. If you like space combat games, No Gravity is definitely a neat game that is well worth a play-through.

No Respect

No Respect is a fun 3D action game from Appeal, published by OCEAN. In the game, you play a mercenary who flies a futuristic hovercraft-style vehicle in a fight against other mercenaries. Your goal is ... or Fury 3, you will probably also like this action game-that's disguised as a sport game. Well worth a look especially as a beginning of the path Appeal embarked before creating the classic Outcast.

Noggin Knockers 1

Noggin Knockers 1 and its sequel are "teasers" of sorts to Bloodlust Software's better and more controversial Time Slaughter. They are funny but gruesome parody of classic arcade game Pong, in ... by knocking balls a la Ping Pong. Except that here you have various gruesome objects instead of balls, and equally gruesome players. Either game pokes fun at itself, so don't take it too seriously.

Noggin Knockers 2

Noggin Knockers 1 and its sequel are "teasers" of sorts to Bloodlust Software's better and more controversial Time Slaughter. They are funny but gruesome parody of classic arcade game Pong, in ... by knocking balls a la Ping Pong. Except that here you have various gruesome objects instead of balls, and equally gruesome players. Either game pokes fun at itself, so don't take it too seriously.


RRootage and Noiz2sa are two unique and addictive vertical shooters that breath fresh air into the crowded, clone-proned genre of arcade shooters. What sets both games apart from other shooters are two ... have been nice is the option to switch the action to horizontal mode, but as it stands they are already very fun, addictive, and slick shooters that fans of the genre should definitely take a look.

Nomltest FS

Nomltest FS is one of the best Space Invaders clone you'll ever play, although you won't think it likely from looking at the screenshot. Although the graphics are nothing special (with "ripped" ... game saves your replays, making it easy for SHMUP masters to boast their achievements publicly ;) All in all, a wonderful game that definitely belongs in every SHMUP fan's collection. Recommended!

North & South

I remember playing this game at my friend's Amiga 500 and it was everybody's favorite. Play as either South or North and beat the other one. The screen above shows the battle of two Southern armies and ... grassland, river (be careful not to loose your troops in water), canyon... Beware of Indian raids and Mexican riots, hold railroads and try to control the only port in the game - North Carolina.


Notrium is yet another excellent release from Ville Mönkkönen, Finnish programmer best known for The Forge and Bikez II, as well as several other superb freeware gems. In his own words: "Notrium is ... much). All in all, Notrium provides at least a few hours of enjoyment to action fans who want something more than brainless gorefests - and may even give you enough reason to replay once in a while.

Nova 9

Review 1: Stellar 7 and its better sequel Nova 9 are two fun 3D action old games that combine furious action with resource management similar to the classic Spectre. Drive futuristic hovercrafts in missions ... and free the planets of the evil Gir Draxon. This is a sequel from Stellar 7. The in between graphics are stunning. The gameplay itself is vectorgraphic-based, so don't expect a lot in those times.


One of the most unique and fun platformers I have ever come across, Obake is a fun Japanese platformer that plays like what Messiah would probably be without the third dimension, religious/sci-fi overtones, ... beat this game in a few sittings, enjoying every minute of it. If you are looking for a crisp-looking, smoothly animated, anime-style platformer that is unique to boot, check out this freeware game.


Obliterator is a fun early side-scrolling platformer from Psygnosis that is notable for being the first Psygnosis game to include music (although the PC speakers, naturally, pale in comparison to Commodore ... unusual icon-controlled control system works well, but gameplay is quite repetitive, and doesn?t rise above the typical shoot-everything-in-sight fare that action fans have seen all too many times.

Obliterator (freeware)

Obliterator is a fine, small and free 360 degree space shooter, with aim no more glorious than achieving a score as high as possible. Luckily, Obliterator plays well and fun indeed. By shooting multiple ... vacuum every now and then. Playability and clever enemy design make Obliterator an adrenaline rush to enjoy every now and then. And don't forget to read the documentation, as it is quite witty. :)

Ocean Mix

Ocean Mix comes with probably the longest loading time I've ever seen for such a small game. While this isn't a good start, the rest makes up for this. The game is a "score-attack" shooter: you ... around :P To add one more point to his score, there's a great background music - repetitive, yes, but never boring and always keeping the rythm. Recommended for every few-minutes break you can get ;)

Ocular Ink

Ocular Ink is hands down one of the most fun and unique freeware games I've played in the past few years. Just reading the official storyline will already give you a clue as to how wacky this game is: ... gameplay is enhanced by a neat plot, cool enemy bosses (the cowboy eyeball is my favorite), and varied landscapes. Sometimes you also get help in the form of friendly eyeballs who join in the fray.


O-DEN2000 is a fun, unassuming horizontal shooter from the designer of Akuji the Demon. Like in his better-known platformer, this game sports crisp graphics, smooth animations, and fluid gameplay that ... of charm and staying power even in this age of frenzy over the latest 3D extravaganzas. If it is retro, 8-bit era fun you long for, O-DEN2000 is one of the best reasons to relive the experience.


Small jump-and-shoot-game with offroad car.

Oh! Hajiki

Oh! Hajiki is a fun little roll-the-ball game that is reminiscent of Marble Madness and Macintosh classic Crystal Quest. The objective is simple: knock out all the balls on the board except your own to ... more knocks to kill, and more colorful boards. It may not have the ingenious level design of Marble Madness, but Oh Hajiki! has enough simplistic charm to provide many sessions of coffee-break fun.


Ochakumi is a neat little arcade-style game from Japan that plays like an office version of Pac-Man. In the game, you play a cute anime-style secretary who has to collect various items that appear at random. ... touch, look no further than Ochakumi. It is fun, addictive, and a testament to the fact that even anachronistic and heavily-used game concepts like Pac-Man can be fun if the right twist is applied.


Ojamajo and Kakutuku are two excellent 2D fighting games coded by ASCII's Fighter Maker application. The games feature a good number of characters and moves, very fluid animations, and a well-balanced ... computer opponents that can defend themselves as well as attack. If you enjoy one-on-one fighting games, both games rank as some of the best releases from the freeware community. Recommended!

Oliver & Company

A fairly mediocre jump'n run based on Disney's movie of the same name, which is in turn based on Charles Dickens' classic Oliver Twist. In this Dalmation 101 wannabe, you play Oliver, a cat who is enjoying ... so the game quickly becomes repetitive. Not as bad as Beethoven's 2nd, but not much better either. Steer clear of this marginal old game unless you simply must play every Coktel game ever made :)

Olmangzolmang Paradise

Olmangzolmang Paradise is a neat little shooter from Korea. "Olmangzolmang" means "SD" - stumpy-head style anime, so the game is basically a cute anime shooter featuring SD version ... pseudo-3D playing field and different characters. The game degenerates into repetitiveness beyond the first few levels, though. Worth a try, but not the highlight of this underrated Korean company.

One Must Fall (Beta version)

One Must Fall is an early beta version of the excellent fighting game One Must Fall: 2097. Interestingly, it is remarkedly different from the released version, it was originally developed as a side-scrolling ... the absence of "2097" in the working title. Even at this early stage, the fluid animation and excellent fight controls are apparent. A good beta version that is surprisingly playable.

One Must Fall 2097

Review 1: One Must Fall 2097 is, in some ways, your typical fighting game. There's a punch button, a kick button, and an 8-way joystick. You can play as 8 different pilots piloting 8 different robots ... upgrades to your mech can be had for a price, and the ability to improve your own character, RPG-style, is a nice touch. Now I'm *not* an action gamer, but this game did keep me hooked for hours.


Onslaught is an okay platform game from Hewson that is not as original as their masterpiece Nebulus. Essentially, your character must battle his way through sideways scrolling screens of attacking hordes ... slaughtered the 500th enemy sprite, it can all seem a little repetitive, and as such is really only suitable for a quick play now and again. Play it for the experience, but don't expect a classic.

Operation Body Count

Another extremely bad, extremely cheesy game from Capstone, the "nadir of computer entertainment." Terrorists have taken control of the UN building in New York, and you are part of the assault ... as a rock-- that you hardly need to bother with it. Add poor graphics, boring level, stir-- et voila, another Capstone Real Dog. Stay away from this one, lest you think I didn't warn you ;)

Operation Carnage

Operation Carnage is a fun top-down shooter that rivals Team 17's classic Alien Breed in addictiveness and sheer fun. The plot-- if you are interested in such superfluous "fodder"-- is nothing ... if you like Alien Breed or classic shareware game CyberDogs, you'll find Operation Carnage a lot of fun. It doesn't advance the genre in any way, but why fix something that isn't broken? Recommended!

Operation Wolf

Review 1: Operation Wolf is definitely one of the most famous computer games of all times! But if you're new to computer gaming then you may have never heard of it. Your goal is to shoot and kill everything ... fun, but after the third level or so it gets slightly repetitive. However, if you want a game that is easy to get into and involves lots of frantic shooting, this very well may be the one for you.

Orbital Sniper

Orbital Sniper is a great freeware coffee break game from Finland with a simple premise: shoot potential assassins from a bird's eye view to protect VIPs. The plot was basically devised only to explain ... score at the end, as well as assessment on how you performed. If you enjoy mindless yet addictive action games to occupy coffee breaks at work, Orbital Sniper is well worth a shot - no pun intended.

Ore No Ryori 2

Ore No Ryori 2 is a superb sequel to a great PC remake of a Sony Playstation game that was a huge hit in Japan but never made it across the continent. As manager-cum-chef of a restaurant, your job is to ... to be a logical extension of Sony's game. Don't let the amateurish graphics fool you - this is one of the most original and addictive freeware games you'll ever come across. Highly recommended.

Ork Attack

Wunda Flossy and Ork Attack are two quality entries in One Switch Competition. (Actually, Ork Attack was not finished in time for the competition, but it was the author's intent to enter). Wunda Flossy ... spanning 4 levels, a bonus minigame between levels, 2 bosses, and a lot of blood. Both games are well-designed coffee-sized games that are perfect diversions between more serious gaming sessions.


A great platform game that was more successful on the Amiga, Oscar casts you in the role of Oscar, a cutesy chipmunk whose task is to find little clones of himself in various movie backdrops. Gameplay ... to that scene. With attractive graphics, great soundtrack, fluid controls, diverse levels, and the difficulty level that is just right, Oscar is a great platform game that deserves a second chance.


The second and one of the last releases from Freeform Interactive, a promising freeware developing arm of, one of the best freeware sites that folded in mid-2001. Rocket Download has the skinny ... use combinations, it's hard to move diagonally when being attacked. It may take a couple of missions before you have full mastery of your bot." Highly recommended for mech and action fans alike.

Outer Ridge

Outer Ridge is a sadly overlooked Asteroids clone that was released as shareware in 1995. Games Domain has the rundown on this old game: "While it's not Terminal Velocity, or Lemmings 3-D, it's certainly ... alone make this one worth checking out. If you have any trouble running the game, try booting up with HIMEM/EMM386 rather than QEMM. Outer Ridge is definitely one of the best Asteroids fans :)


Outwars is a fun, innovative 3D shooter/strategy hybrid from SingleTrac that feels like Looking Glass' Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri, except with a more stereotypical plot (think Starship Troopers) ... keep you trying until you "get it right." If you enjoy Terra Nova, you'll most likely enjoy this old game that isn't nearly as good, but comes close to that classic. Highly recommended.

Over Horizon

Over Horizon from developer HOT-B is one of the most underrated shoot 'em ups on the NES console. Reminiscent of R-Type in many ways, Over Horizon introduces many neat features to the crowded genre, such ... graphics, especially the bosses, are good, the music is excellent, the control is near-perfect, and the game has some innovative challenges. The only thing missing is a tougher second quest."

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