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Review 1:

Don't you love it when you look through your harddisk and find a long forgotten gem? Ninja is one of those games I used to play back on my C64. The concept is simple - you move from one room to another, defeat other fighters by punching, hitting and jumping and collect idols. On the first floor you have to fight one enemy per room, on second floor two etc. - that's really doable and the difficulty is not too high. The animations are a bit fast, but the game itself runs fine on modern computers.

The story behind the game is that the evil tyrant Akuma and his minions have stolen 7 mystic idols from the village of Tamboo Machi - you have to get them back. Nice little fighting game that does without overly complicated key/joystick combinations to achieve special moves. If you can live without great graphics this one is a good choice.

Review 2:

Karateka wannabe: platform game that's not as good, but still fun for a while. There's really not much else I can say about this :)

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Ninja screenshot

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