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New Zealand Story, The

New Zealand is a peaceful place to live - if you're a kiwi, particularly in the Auckland zoo - Tiki is as happy as can be.

Trouble turns up in the guise of psychotic walrus who has an enormous appetite for fresh Kiwi and kidnaps Tiki and his relatives to stock the larder. The walrus hides his captives around the island in 20 hazardous locations and our hero escapes and sets about rescuing his buddies. Watch the feathers fly as Tiki escapes his plan, for the walrus has some very strange companions and their out for blood.

Graphicaly the game is not impressive at all - functional at best so this is not what draws me to the game. It's the gampley that keeps me coming back. The game features nice simple level design, interesting enemies (especialy the big boss creatures) and some nice touches such as the ability to fly around the level on a baloon. There are also many weapon power-ups to suppliment the default bow and arrow, these range from bombs to invulnerability pills. A simple, very very fun game that appeals to the big kid in me.

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