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One of the most "hyped" games in the history of PC gaming, Daikatana is an ambitious FPS, a brainchild of id Software legend John Romero that is more famous for suffering through innumerable ... encountered. Although fun and proficient at times, it also comes across as a sometimes lusterless simulation of better titles. Despite an abundance of ambition, time was not on ION's side."

Damage Incorporated

Damage Incorporated is a fun but little-known first-person shooter based on the Marathon 2 engine that Paranoid Productions licensed from Bungie. The brief description at MobyGames goes as follows: "...[Damage ... century games, check out Damage Incorporated. It is easy to get into, has plenty of levels and fun weapons to use, and has more than enough replayability to keep you coming back. Highly recommended.

Dan! Da! Dan!

Dan! Da! Dan! (yes, I'd like to know what this hard-to-spell title means, too) is a fun mix between puzzle and vertical shooter from OMEGA, the author of freeware classic Every Extend. A cool game that ... only be unlocked late in the game. Although it is neither as creative nor as addictive as Every Extend, DDD is still a fun and great-looking shooter that every SHMUP fan should enjoy. Recommended.

Dangerous Dave

Review 1: One of John Romero's earliest games before he became world-famous as one of id Software legends, Dangerous Dave is a fun platformer similar to Super Mario. You are Dangerous Dave, a little ... the way for id blockbusters. Review 2: Platform game with Dangerous Dave. Some later made sequel of the famous game! Enter the haunted mansion where you can play more levels of dangerous dave.

Dangerous Streets

One of the worst fighting games ever made-- and possibly the only game from obscure Italian company Micromania. First impression of the game isn't bad-- it's a 2D fighting game starring superhero-type ... the fact that it?s much more obscure (faded from store shelves much quicker). If you like fighting games, do yourself a favor and avoid this game at all costs... unless you?re a masochistic gamer :)

Darius Gaiden

Darius Gaiden is an excellent albeit 5-years-late Windows conversion of Taito?s 1994 hit arcade shoot 'em up of the same name. The plot is inconsequential, but anyway: your objective is to take back the ... and on the Saturn was that it showed exactly what more powerful hardware could do to both enhance the graphics and the game, and this game is a prime example of it!? Okay, so go play it already.

Dark Castle

Review 1: MobyGames says it all: "Dark Castle is a platform game that relies more on timing and careful planning than quick reflexes and shooting things. It's clever--a thinking man's platformer. ... game, but fun nonetheless. Review 3: You enter a darkcastle in which you can play different levels. Eliminate enemies and watch out for rats. There are 3 difficult levels to play the game.

Dark Century

Taito's Dark Century is a retro perspective on team deathmatch, offering you the chance to pit your team of tanks against another human or an AI opponent. Bots on your team are minutely configurable. Speed, ... play area, which is square, grey and flat. Along with the lack of missions, or any gameplay structure, the game's long term appeal is therefore limited. An interesting idea that doesn't quite work.

Dark Vengeance

Dark Vengeance is a decent action/adventure that tries to breath new life into the hybrid genre invented by Tomb Raider, but ultimately falls short of its ambitious goal due to awkward controls and some ... there are too many little bugs and quirks. If you are looking for a more sophisticated game than Tomb Raider but in the same vein, check out Interplay's superb Die by the Sword instead.


Darker is a very atmospheric spaceflight simulator that, ironically, pays too much attention to atmosphere at the expense of playability. You are the Delphi, one of two races on a curious planet where ... in. Unfortunately, most players will give up long before they see those new elements. Recommended, but only to the masochistic pilots and hotshots who scoff at the "hard" level of X-Wing.

Darklight Conflict

Darklight Conflict is an excellent space action game that offers impressive space physics despite the mindless nature of its gameplay. You play "the Human," a Navy pilot abducted by the Repton ... that "just-one-more- mission" quality. It could have been a real contender to the likes of X-Wing had it offer greater depth, but if you like space shooters, this is well worth your time.


Review 1: What can I say? Darkside is one of those games most people have never known and probably never will simply because the game isn't offering very good gameplay or anything else. While it does ... than Incentive's previous games as they are physical puzzles integrated into the 3D gameworld, and the landscape is much more diverse and hides many secrets. Highly recommended to all action buffs.

David Wolf: Secret Agent

Review 1: You play an undercover cop, going by the name of Wolf, David Wolf. The enemy force are trying to take out the White House in Washington D.C. and Wolf " O'Neal (his assosciate) are the ... me as a cheap ripoff from the well known James Bond, but when playing it, I got a little bit of sympathy for this one and although I'm not really advising you to download it, you could give it a try!

David's Kong

Oh Donkey - what have they done to you? This obviously is a clone of the classic Donkey Kong. The objective is to free the woman that is being held prison by a monster monkey who's name in the original ... before you realized it had started. This game is obviously an amateur version and it might have run very well on XTs, however on today's computers it's not really... well, you know. Not a big hit.

Dawn Raiders

An okay top-down shooter from prolific Taiwanese developer SoftStar, Dawn Raiders takes place in a futuristic world where the Earth is rife with civil wars that broke out among warring clans. The game ... creative and very difficult to destroy. Overall, Dawn Raiders may not knock anyone's socks off, but it is worth a few hours if you want to relieve some stress from the last few levels of Silpheed.

Deadline (2004)

Deadline from Japan is a very cool polygon-based vertical shooter that lets you switch between 4 different weapons on the fly. The hefty size is more than made up for by excellent graphics and sound effects. ... (both flying and stationary), and fun gameplay make this game well worth a look. Joystick experts may be disappointed at the easier-than-average difficulty and relatively short length, though.

Death Rally
Death Squadron (a.k.a. Chopper Commando 2)

Death Squadron is a rare commercial ripoff of Mark Currie's 1990 freeware Chopper Commando 2, a fun oldie Sopwith-style 2D aerial bombing game for DOS. Gatecom pretty much took Currie's game, changed the ... quite the same charm or fun surprises (no flying cows here) as the original. If anyone has more info on how Chopper Commando 2 came to be this blatant ripoff with a name change, please let me know!

Death Sword

Review 1: This is one of the oldest fighting games ever. This is the predecessor of today's fighting games and it is still a nice game to play. You can make lots of moves and you need quick reflexes ... joke goes, so I wont bother). Great fun. Review 3: A barbarian fightgame. Kill your opponent by attacking him with different moves. The scenery is quite alright for this CGA graphics it displays..


This looked so promising, like what Conan should have been. A nicely drawn, well-storied game with lots of hacking and slashing. It didn't pan out in the end. The story works something like this. In some ... lot of dying in the same exact place. It's a nicely written intro, and it might even get better (it couldn't get worse). This is a REAL DOG, in a lot of ways. Avoid it if you can, please. I beg you.


Review 1: DeathTrack is an interesting racing game offering much more than just the regular racing game experience. Because there are many other ways to win the races than to be the fastest as you can ... You NEED to buy weapons, so that you can blast the other drivers off the track, and also defend yourself. Because the less drivers alive on the track, the less people that can fire a missile at you.

Deep Space

Deep Space: Operation Copernicus was the first 3D space shooter game I've played-- it has neither good plot nor long campaign games but it *does* offer many enemy types and diverse mission objective. This was the first game I played that includes *mouse support* that works rather well. Interestingly it was to be the only 3D shooter published by the makers of the famed Wizardry series.

Deer Avenger
Defcon 5 (Millennium)

Defcon 5 is a good first-person action game from Millennium that deserves much more attention than it received, although original Playstation version (published by Data East) did marginally better than ... and frantic, it is sometimes tedious to wander aimlessly through the base to look for a crucial object. Recommended if you like action, adventure, and strategy hybrids, but by no means a Top Dog.


Defender is Atari's excellent PC port of Williams' arcade hit - one of the most successful of all time designed by legendary Eugene Jarvis. Your mission, as captain of the "Defender" ship, is ... one of the timeless classics that is no less fun no matter how many times you have played it. A must-have. If you like this game, also check out the less-known sequel called Stargate on this site.

Defender of Grim (a.k.a. D.O.G.)

Defender of Grim (or D.O.G for short) is a fun and unique action game that is similar to Barrel Patrol but with much more variety and even a strategic element that is subtle, yet effective. As Defender ... freeware gem that is well worth a look for every fan of action games. If you feel the pace is too slow at the begining, give it some time - it ramps up quite quickly after the first 5 levels or so.

Defender of The Faith

Defender of The Faith is a unique action game based on the story of King David in the Bible. The game is broken into six platform-style levels, each based on an episode in David's life, with distinct objectives ... ones to boot), Defender of The Faith is worth a try. I found the game interesting enough to keep playing to see how the story will unfold next, but not without some teeth-gnashing along the way ;)

Delta V

A precursor of Bethesda's much later X-Car Experimental Racing, Delta V is an example of a game designed to take advantage of industry capabilities rather than being too concerned with presenting a satisfying, ... "extra" elements of upgrading your Trace fighter and earning credits help make it a bit more interesting, but not by much. Great graphics, poor gameplay-- not unlike many games today.

Delvion Star Interceptor

Delvion Star Interceptor is a great horizontal shooter game that manages to convey a good illusion of depth with 2D graphics. The premise is typical sci-fi fare, but the gameplay is a lot of fun, with ... of flying ships simultaneously. Strangely enough, the game offers no joystick support. All in all, a fun game that will please all SHMUP fans, even though it sets no new standard for the genre.

Demon Blue

Review 1: Demon Blue is a simple, average platformer from MicroValue, done in a cutesy cartoon style similar to Virgin's better-known Cool Spot. You are a blue demon, and your job is simply to make it ... deep beneath the surface of all the bad things about it. Just avoid it and play something else. There are so many good plat formers out there that there's no reason to stay with this lazy effort.

Demon Stalker

Review 1: Demon Stalker is a game with many similarities to Gauntlet. You can play the game either alone or together with another human player. You run around in some kind of dungeon and the main point ... a typical dungeon RPG where you control a party of 4 characters in search of treasures. Still, it's a solid cross between Gauntlet and Bard's Tale that allows 2 players to play together. Recommended.

Desert Strike: Return to The Gulf

Pretty cool conversion of Electronic Arts' Mega Drive action hit Desert Strike, the first game in their "Strike"-games series. An isometric-view heli-shooter, not bad at all - just leave out ... overflow" problem when trying to start the game. If you're one of these unlucky ones, just execute the game a couple of times in succession. It usually works for me after the 10th or so try ;)

Destruction Carnival

One of the best games ever made with Maxis' Klik & Play game creation system, Destruction Carnival is an excellent kill-everything-in-sight mayhem that fans of arcade hits Smash TV will be familiar ... game-- a rarity in games of its kind, not to mention amateur ones. And if you think Klik & Play games can't be good, this is one game that will definitely change your mind. Highly recommended!

Destruction Derby

It's one hell of a good idea, this game! You might have seen a destruction derby or a destruction race in your life, but to the ones who haven't, I'll explain the idea. There are a few ways of driving, ... gives it the extra kick. The commentary reminds me a bit of Monstertruck Madness, however, this is an all different type of game though... I recommend this one, especially if you've never played it!

Destruction Derby 2

Extreme roads, fast cars - these are the main points in game Destruction Derby 2. The authors has learned from previous part and they simplified controllability and improved some things such as graphics ... and vice versa. Playbility is easier and it shouldn't be a problem for nobody. A graphical aspect of the game is almost perfect. If you are fancy destructing nice cars here you have the opportunity.

Destruction Desire

Destruction Desire is another excellent 2D one-on-one fighting game from Japan, created with Enterbrain's popular Fighter Maker application that unfortunately is not available in English. In contrast to ... plays like a well-coded "lite" version of Guilty Gear X. If you like 2D fighter games, check out this very nice addition to our growing repertoire of freeware beat 'em ups from Japan.

Detective Bogey

Detective Bogey is a below-average platformer from Loudness Multimedia that more or less deserves its unknown status. The clicheed plot: as Detective Bogey, you must rescue the beautiful Pandora from the ... how similar each level is to each other. Not recommended at all, unless you really like the animated series, or are one of those die-hard platformer fans who want to play every platfrormer ever made.


Devastator is a neat little first person space shooting game included in the August 1984 issue of Compute! magazine. The premise: a menacing alien ship named Devastator has deployed several ships sent ... little game that is more notable for its historical significance as one of the earliest PC games distributed with a magazine. The game was created for Compute Magazine in 1984 by David R. Arnold.

Diamonds 3D

Diamonds 3D is a fun 3D Breakout clone. In this game, the ball comes right at you in three-dimensional playing field. Your goal is still the same: hit the ball with your paddle to clear all the bricks ... the scaling of size as it bounces back and forth between the wall and your paddle. If you enjoy Breakout or Arkanoid, this Windows game provides a nice diversion during coffee breaks. Recommended!

Dick Tracy

Review 1: A much inferior adaptation of the hit Disney screen by Disney's own Dick Tracy: Crime Solving Adventure, Titus' Dick Tracy is wooden, shallow, awkward, tedious, and generally devoid of much ... :) Review 2: In this adventure game you are the famous detective Dick Tracy which has to track down criminals and solve several cases. Some of the suspects will cooperate and others will shoot.

Die Hard

Review 1: Die Hard is a fun first-person shooter from Dynamix that broke new grounds in several ways, although they apparently not enough to attract most gamers' attention. The game is based on the hit ... and you gonna take care. The game is quite nice for its time, with a real 3D-ish engine. Walk around the building and do your thing. The graphics are very good as is the motion of your character..

Die Hard 2: Die Harder

Review 1: Die Hard 2: Die Harder is an okay shooter from Grandslam based on the hit movie of the same name. The game is essentially 3D target practice: you shoot the baddies from a first-person perspective, ... crosshair with mouse, keyboard or joystick across the screen and shoot the terrorists. The game is set in an airport and has some different stages/levels in the airport where the action takes part..

Die Slave

Die Slave is yet another excellent freeware shooter from Japan's rapidly growing freeware development scene. Similar to Vsys Gaiden and Amanagi, this horizontal shooter features full 3D graphics for everything ... the enemies are in the midst of dozens of laser rays from my ship's guns. If you enjoy shooters in general, Die Slave will keep you occupied until the next Raiden comes along. Highly recommended!

Dif-1 Laser Tank

Dif-1 Laser Tank is a fun tank game that looks and plays like an adaptation of arcade game TARG. The goal is simple: wipe out enemy tanks in each level and try to get the best score. There are blocks that ... entertaining little game that's worth a look. Beware of the later levels, though-- the game gets difficult VERY quickly (after level 3 or so), so arcade beginners may want to look elsewhere.

Dif-2 Mirage Thunder

Dif-2 Mirage Thunder is a fun shooter from Taiwanese developer Softstar that will surprise veteran shooter fans with some novel twists to the shoot-everything-that-moves gameplay done to perfection in ... are also more interesting than the norm, with retractable appendages, clones that must be killed first, and the like. Overall, a fun shooter that's not Raiden, but is enjoyable in its own right.

Dig Dug

Review 1: Dig Dug is a very old arcade game with a similar look as the younger and more popular Boulderdash game. The actual gameplay is not quite the same as you don't have to collect anything in order ... can toast you if you're not careful. Like other arcade classics, the game is easy to learn but hard to master ? and highly addictive. A must-have, but not as timeless a classic as Windmill?s Digger.

Dig It!

Pixel Painter's last game, released on CD-ROM, is an ingenious platform game that sports many creative features that always set Pixel Painters' games apart from other shareware developers. In this case, ... mark to dig to the next level. Smooth animations and cool power-ups (e.g. jetpacks that allow you to fly) wrap up this forgotten old game and a fitting masterpiece to Pixel's short career.


Review 1: Undoubtedly the most successful game from Windmill Software, Digger is a timeless action classic that combines the best elements of Atari's Dig Dug and Mr. Do. MobyGames says it all about this ... that much about the game, except that it created a worldwide Digger phenomenon. People loved it; it is a classic indeed! Those dim orange, gold, red and green colours, the beeping and classy sounds!


Dim is a fun little platform/puzzle hybrid that is a collaborative effort of two Game Maker coders. You play a lab mutant who has to find the exit in each level. What sets this game apart from other 2D ... other goodies that illustrate how hard the designers worked on this game. If you love minimalist-style games like Seiklus that will make you scratch your head for hours, Dim comes highly recommended.

Dino Wars

Review 1: Dino Wars - a game like Archon... with the exception of being good. ;) Seriously, the mixture of strategy and fighting elements works out well here. It might take a while to get used to fighting ... the egg. Each piece's legal moves are similar to Chess, while the terrain effects and obstacles hark back to SSI's classic Archon. Overall, it's more derivative than innovative, but fun nonetheless.

Dinosaur Balls (a.k.a. Pang)

Dinosaur Balls (better known as Pang outside Asia) and Super Bubble Mania are fun, cute arcade-style games that boast identical gameplay despite being made years apart by two different companies. In both ... -- you will soon find yourself running away from dozens of tiny balloons that bounce wildly across the screen. Fun, but I find Pea Shootin' Pete more varied and manageable than these two old games.


Review 1: Bizare action/arcade hybrid game where you play a futuristic sport kind of game, featuring a (you guessed it) glowing disc, two players and a pool of water, presumably infested with cholera, ... to try to knock your opponent of the platforms. Other ways to win is to hit the platforms with your disc, after a couple of hits the platform will disappear and the opponent has less movement space.

DJ Puff

Review 1: DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers is an okay cartoony platformer from Codemasters that doesn't really hold up well against other titles once the initial novelty wears off. The plot: you are a disco-loving ... are okay. You can see the enemies and it's all pretty and colourful. I found it a little bit lame, but we can't be expecting too much from the older games. The sound is ok too :), I give it a pass.

DN News Delivery

A straightforward Paperboy clone, designed by E-Game for Dagens Nyheter (aka DN), Sweden's premier newspaper. From the in-game description: "Help the news delivery boy to deliver the newspapers to ... down the up key, and slower by doing the same to the down key." An average Paperboy clone-- nothing more, nothing less. Good graphics and flawless controls make this one quite enjoyable, though.

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