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Dim is a fun little platform/puzzle hybrid that is a collaborative effort of two Game Maker coders. You play a lab mutant who has to find the exit in each level. What sets this game apart from other 2D action games is your ability to "change dimension": you can press Z at any time to switch to a "dark" dimension, where the environment around you looks similar, but not quite. For example, the gate that bars your way in the normal dimension may be nonexistent in the dark dimension. This means you need to switch back and forth constantly to bypass obstacles. On higher levels, you have to deal with switches, menacing creatures, and other impediments such as sharp spikes, moving platforms, and more. You can "slam" your head to destroy thin surfaces that are in the way - by jumping very high and pressing the down arrow. You jump high by pressing the up arrow twice - very handy to scale tall cliffs.

The game is very long and challenging, much more so than most puzzle/action hybrids I have come across. There are over 30 levels in all, and along the way you can collect coins (which are often hidden in secret places) to unlock extras in the game. These extras include concept art and other goodies that illustrate how hard the designers worked on this game. If you love minimalist-style games like Seiklus that will make you scratch your head for hours, Dim comes highly recommended.

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Dim screenshot

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