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Destruction Derby 2

Extreme roads, fast cars - these are the main points in game Destruction Derby 2. The authors has learned from previous part and they simplified controllability and improved some things such as graphics and physics of cars. In game are two types of races. A destruction derby and racing. In destruction derby you can choose between practical race or total destruction. In practical race are cars damaging each others while in total destruction are all oponents focusing just on you and survive such race is almost impossible. By choosing a car you also choose a difficulty of race. If you choose slow car the race will be easier and vice versa. Playbility is easier and it shouldn't be a problem for nobody. A graphical aspect of the game is almost perfect. If you are fancy destructing nice cars here you have the opportunity.

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Destruction Derby 2 screenshotDestruction Derby 2 screenshotDestruction Derby 2 screenshot
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