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DJ Puff

Review 1:

DJ Puff's Volcantic Capers is an okay cartoony platformer from Codemasters that doesn't really hold up well against other titles once the initial novelty wears off. The plot: you are a disco-loving dragon called DJ Puff (probably inspired by a certain Peter, Paul & Mary song). In an attempt to take over the world, some nasty guy has stolen all of your CDs and stashed them all over the volcanic islands of Hawaii. Your task of course is to get them all back.

Gameplay is standard platform fare with really nothing new to speak of. In each level, you must collect a certain number of CDs required to pass to the next one. Your attacks mostly include various fire-breathing tricks, but you can also toss bombs by collecting power-ups.

DJ Puff is better than its earlier counterpart, CJ In The USA, a game starring you as a cartoon elephant and uses the exact same engine. Mainly it's only because DJ Puff has more colorful graphics and better music. The levels all start to look the same after a while, and there is no new surprise in store at all: just collect the CDs, level after level. The game is worth a try for anyone who likes Codemasters' cartoon-style games, if only for a few minutes.

Review 2:

The game contains lots of hidden rooms and traps and you really have to just dodge everything and get as far through it as you can.

Review 3:

All your CD's have been stolen and stashed all over Hawaii. It's your task to go and find them, and get them back! For some unknown reason, stealing your CD's will assist the badass in taking over the world. Hey, I just played the game; I wouldn't know the logic behind it!

You can do what dragons to best and breathe fire at the enemies, singing them real nice like. You do this while running around the levels and collecting CD's. You have to get a certain number of CD's to progress to the next level. Generally DJ Puff is a lot like most platform games, and you can pretty much predict what to do.

The graphics are okay. You can see the enemies and it's all pretty and colourful. I found it a little bit lame, but we can't be expecting too much from the older games. The sound is ok too :), I give it a pass.

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