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Delvion Star Interceptor

Delvion Star Interceptor is a great horizontal shooter game that manages to convey a good illusion of depth with 2D graphics. The premise is typical sci-fi fare, but the gameplay is a lot of fun, with well-designed ships that move much smoother than most SHMUPs at the time.

Make no mistake, though: this is no Gradius or any of the classics you know. It is, however, a fun game that is more difficult than your average shooter. Fortunately, you can select from 4 difficulty levels, and choose your ship from 3 available (with the usual tradeoffs, e.g. one ship is fast but weak, another tough but slow, etc.) Most levels are set in space, although there are some surprises and a good diversity: in the first level, for example, you face no enemies but must navigate through the asteroid field. There are few bonus items to collect, but there is a good range of weapons you can "buy" at the end of each level with points, which you gain by destroying enemy ships. There is also a 2-player mode, although both players must take turns instead of flying ships simultaneously. Strangely enough, the game offers no joystick support. All in all, a fun game that will please all SHMUP fans, even though it sets no new standard for the genre.

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Delvion Star Interceptor screenshot
Delvion Star Interceptor screenshot

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