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Arguably the first boxing games for PC to feature a first-person perspective (bouts in most other games were played from a side view), T.K.O. boasts great graphics for its time and realistic depiction ... swollen cheeks are not uncommon sights). It also has good blow-by-blow stats for each round. The only downside here is the curious omission of a career mode, so long-term play value is very limited.

Tactical Manager

Tactical Manager is a decent football simulation game from Talking Birds, who would later release the sequel Tactical Manager 2 into public domain. The game is long on the number of clubs and statistics, ... of your club, though, this is not the game for you. And in any case, the game has been far superceded by now-freeware Tactical Manager 2 (also on this site) and its sequel Tactical Manager 3.

Tactical Manager 2

Tactical Manager 2 is a solid soccer management game that was recently made freeware by its developer. Daniel Henriksen nicely sums up the pros and cons of this old game in his review: "...Although ... online-tournaments and fun to play over short periods of time. However, if the developers fix some of the things I've written about in this review, I'm a sure buyer ... or downloader."

Tag Team Wrestling

A decent conversion of the arcade game, Tag Team Wrestling, which itself was only an average game. Nothing really sets the game apart from other wrestling games, although it was one of the first. The controls ... pressing a button repeatedly. Your partner is also quite incompetent most of the time, so playing with a friend is much better. Overall, an average wrestling game that's nostalgic, but not much else.

Take Down Wrestling

A fun wrestling game that doesn't take itself too seriously, Take Down Wrestling features a good sense of humor, a wide variety of moves, and good controls. Gameplay is very fast: pick a tag-team of two ... graphics, Takedown Wrestling is a fun quick-and-dirty wrestling game perfect for anyone looking for a quick game with decent enemy AI-- and much better than OCEAN's abysmal WWF European Rampage.

Team Suzuki

Review 1: Team Suzuki is a decent motorcycle racing simulation by Gremlin. All objects in the game including bikes and drivers are polygons except your dashboard, which is bitmapped. They are smooth ... other old games). Review 2: Race game of the early 90s. One of the first vector graphics motor race games. The gameplay is smooth, though driving with the mouse is very hard. I prefer the keyboard.


Looking at game titles is one good way to tell the 'pioneers' in specific genres apart from the followers. So when a game is called simply Tennis, you can count on it being one of the oldest tennis games ... of a tennis match. All the rules are implemented, and the players are animated smoothly. It may not be as much fun as tennis games on the Atari 2600, but for a 1986 PC game, it is not bad at all.

Tennis Antics

Tennis Antics is a great tennis-like game developed by Pure Entertainment and distributed free of charge on the company's website. Losely based on tennis, Tennis Antics is more about collecting ... Whether or not you enjoy wacky sports games (the best examples of which are numerous dodgeball games from Japan) or tennis, you'll have a lot of fun with this quirky old game. Highly recommended.

Tennis Cup II

Review 1: Nice follow-up to Loriciel's tennis game Tennis Cup from 1990. Gameplay has been nicely improved in this one, so finally you can also produce good strokes and winners more often from the baseline, ... os obvious: Play tennis and win. The interface is nice; walk your player in the field to the different stuff you can do: demo, play actually tennis, go to the options, etc. The graphics are superb.

Tennis PC

First time I saw this game was when I had just gotten my Commodore 64. I found it to be a great game not only because it was my first tennis game but also because the game was fairly good looking as well ... the first tennis games on the PC looked like. It's not impressive but the game isn't too bad either although I can think of many other Tennis games I would rather play - all of them are newer though.

Terep 2 (a.k.a. Deformers)

Hands down one of the most fun and versatile off-road simulation games ever made, Terep 2 is a wonderful freeware racing game that is amazing on both gameplay and technical levels. Also known as Deformers, ... and plays great especially in two-player splitscreen mode. If you are a fan of off-road racing, it doesn't get much better than this little-known freeware old game. A must-have for racing fans!

Test Drive: Off-Road

Test Drive: Off-Road is a disappointing entry in Accolade's classic Test Drive series. Even a rocking soundtrack cannot save this marginal game from mediocrity. Greg Kasavin's review at GameSpot says it ... Off-Road sure beats paying through the nose for insurance and having to go through a car wash three times in a row." Fans of driving games would do well to stick to earlier Test Drive classics.

Tie Break Tennis '98

Tie Break Tennis '98 is a fun 3D tennis game that was unfortunately only marketed in Europe. The game combines both simulation and arcade elements into an excellent package, with a strong 3D engine to ... Break Tennis '98 is one of the rare modern-day tennis game that fans of the sport should take a look. It's not nearly as classic or versatile as 4D Sport Tennis, but it is a lot of fun nonetheless.


Tie-Break is a fun top-down view tennis game by Starbyte. Quite addictive, and the only tennis game I know that uses a top-down view-- very unusual for its genre. There are many options in addition to ... ball's trajectory a bit difficult, although you'll eventually get used to it. Overall, a fun tennis game that fans should definitely take a look, not least because of its unusual view. Recommended!

Time Out Sports Baseball

A nice entry in Micro League's short-lived "Time Out Sports" series, designed to provide bite-sized sporting entertainment for short coffee breaks between your spreadsheet or word processing. ... ever made, offering a refreshing angle that unfortunately no modern developer has followed. If you like this game, check out TOS Basketball, a companion game that is also on this site. Recommended!

Time Out Sports Basketball

A nice entry in Micro League's short-lived "Time Out Sports" series, designed to provide bite-sized sporting entertainment for short coffee breaks between your spreadsheet or word processing. ... records your high scores. Overall, TOS Basketball is one of the most unique and innovative sports games ever made, offering a refreshing angle that unfortunately no modern developer has followed.

TOCA Touring Car Championship

TOCA Touring Car Championship is a great racing game from Codemasters that remains relatively unknown to many racing fans. A passionate and wonderfully comprehensive review at MobyGames says it all: "TOCA ... the HeadCam view and pack-racing. The real joy of TOCA Touring Car Championship lies in the driving itself. Too bad Codemasters almost ruins the mood with an annoying tournament structure."

Tom Landry Strategy Football

If there ever was a football game that every one could like then Tom Landry fits the bill. This easy to understand and play game incorporates nearly every aspect of true-life football in all of its glorious ... would have to rate this one 5 stars out of a possible 5. If you like strategy football they don't get any better than this one. And if you don't like strategy football then why are you reading this?

Tony La Russa Baseball II

Stormfront's underrated Tony La Russa series continues with Tony La Russa Baseball II, an astounding sequel that features numerous enhancements that makes a great game even better. The innovative "fly ... version of TLRB II that includes all 3 official add-ons: the Fantasy Draft, 1992 players' updated statistics, and stadiums add-on disk that feature 28 (!) new stadiums. Go ball!

Tony La Russa's Ultimate Baseball

The original in Stormfront Studios' popular baseball game series combines a high production value action game with a detailed and accurate statistical simulation. The result is Tony La Russa's Ultimate ... revolutionary game, or Hardball series in terms of unmatched action on the pitch, but it's definitely a must-have if you're looking for a game that excels in both the managing and playing aspects.


Its time to put on your swimsuit, drop a coin down the coin slot and take a trip down the roaring rivers in the pursuit of treasures, spare patches for your tubes, as well as soda cans and six packs to ... away from the arcade game technically, but gameplay is nearly the same. The major difference: Just one joystick - while the arcade game used two to control both arms of your Toob Dude individually.

Total Football Management (a.k.a. Bundesliga Manager 97)

Total Football Management (known as Bundesliga Manager 97 in Germany) is the sixth entry in Software 2000's long line of excellent football management games that started with The Manager in 1992. As with ... as popular or extensive as the venerable Championship Manager series (the club finances are in fact deeper and more realistic), but it is deep enough to deserve a permanent place on your hard drive.

Total Knockout Boxing

Total Knockout Boxing is an ambitious boxing game that uses the same cartoon style as the classic SNES game Super Punch-Out!, but falls flat on its face due to awkward controls, ridiculously easy gameplay, ... made), but there is no reason to try a sub-par game when there are classics like 4D Boxing around. Only worth a look as a graphically unusual game that could have breathed fresh air to the genre.

Total Soccer

Total Soccer is a fun Sensible Soccer-style football game that is quite a lot of fun, even if it doesn't introduce any new concepts that Sensible Soccer fans haven't seen before. One of the best things ... dance when someone scores a goal, for example). But once you see the little players dive for a header or pull a nice curving free kick, you will be having a great time with this excellent game.

Total Soccer 2000

"Get down to some really playable football" and "The world's most playable football game" are the key phrases to this 3D Sensible Soccer clone. Is it good? Yes and No. Yes because the ... enjoy it for a long while. I rate it 7/10. The starting 11 is there, but the tactics have some flaws coach Iridion didn't sorted out. IMHO could have been a legend on the market of soccer games.

Touchdown Football

Touchdown Football is an average American football game from Intermark that unfortunately was ignored by the vast majority of gamers. It's not surprising, though: the game doesn't really offer anything ... does include a lot of real statistics from actual NFL teams, but that's small consolation considering that you could be spending time with many better games and stay away from this marginal old game.

Touchdown Football (Imagic)

Not to be confused with a poor 1996 game of the same name, Touchdown Football is one of the first American football games ever released for the PC. Designed by Imagic and published by IBM in 1983, it is ... and some narration. Overall, a "pioneer" in every sense of the word, although if you want a truly classic and comprehensive all-text football game, check out XOR's NFL Challenge instead.

Tour 91

Tour 91 is a fun bicycle racing game from underrated Spanish developer Topo Soft. While it will never be considered the most realistic cycling game on the market-- or even the most fun-- it does offer ... key on the keyboard, making this a much shallower game than it could be. A decent game, but only with a limited appeal to joystick jocks who are either very dexterous, or are very patient.

Track Attack

Probably the most obscure game that MicroProse published, Track Attack is a fun arcade-style futuristic racing game in the same vein as WipeOut or CyberRace. Released only in a few European countries, ... but the gameplay more than makes up for it. If you love games like POD and WipeOut, this obscure game from ARC/MicroProse will entertain you for hours on end, especially in multiplayer mode.

Tracksuit Manager 2

Tracksuit Manager 2 is a decent soccer management game (SMG) from Alternative Software. While the prequel Tracksuit Manager was one of the best SMGs at the time of its release, this sequel unfortunately ... when all is said and done, Tracksuit Manager 2 looks too amateurish and shallow compared to top SMGs of the same period. No wonder we never see the third entry in this marginally underrated series.

Turbo Cup

Oldie arcade-style racing game by Loriciel. Features four different tracks to race on. Very nice for its time with good smooth graphics - for CGA standards. Similar to Broderbund's SuperBike Challenge, but with less emphasis on realism and longevity. Smooth graphics and intuitive controls make this one of Loriciel's best classic games. Highly recommended, especially to fans of arcade-oriented racing games.

Turbo Champions

A fun arcade racing game that features great animations of cars and a good variety of courses, Turbo Champions' only weak points are the subpar handling of cars (i.e. cars seem to have too much "inertia" ... It's not Outrun, but it isn't bad, either. Extra features include a course designer feature that in conjunction with Deluxe Paint II enables the enthusiast to produce and race on his own courses.

Turbo Sliders

A freeware racing gem which deserves recognition and playing, Turbo Sliders offers a solid netplay code, and with a built-in server list, finding a race or setting up your own is not that difficult. Racing ... if you're a fan of the ole Super Sprint, you can consider them retro. It's again the playability that counts, and this definitely includes the very well implemented netplay. It's simply so much fun.


A very basic game, but fun nonetheless. Your standard racing game, in spanky 80's colours. The aim is to reach the end as fast and as safely as you can. You are given a time limit, and have to reach the ... that there are no brakes? Don't you worry, to run this baby you need to hold down the shift full-time, and when you let go of it, it slows down very fast. It's a great game to play, and a lot of fun.

TV Sports Football

Cinemaware started its TV Sports series with this excellent simulation of American football, designed by none other than Patrick Cook (later of Dynamix's Front Page Sports Football fame). All NFL pro teams ... stats. The bottom line is that this is arguably the best American football game ever made until Cook's own Front Page Sports Football. Anyone who likes American football will simply love this game.

TV Sports: Baseball

Review 1: One of the best baseball games I have played on the Amiga. Too bad that the PC version isn't that good. You can control all the best teams from the top league with accurate players statistics ... without hands-on control. Overall, TV Sports Baseball is a disappointing entry in the TV Sports series, and sportsmen and Cinemaware fans would be well advised to play Micro League Baseball instead.

TV Sports: Basketball

Review 1: TV Sports: Basketball used to be the best basketball game until EA Sports launched it's NBA Live series (1995). Select a team and try to win the ring. There are many features in this game that ... is different and no two teams play alike. Some teams are better than others, although for some reason the Cinemaware team is always one of the best. If you are a fan of basketball, this is a keeper.

TV Sports: Boxing

Review 1: Cinemaware's TV Sports series is well known. TVS Boxing puts you in role of a boxer and his manager/coach in the same time. You can practice, arrange training matches and fight for champion ... of atmosphere that is Cinemaware's hallmark, great control interface, and a wide variety of opponents that truly use different boxing styles, TV Sports Boxing is a must play for every boxing fan.

Twisted Metal 2

The second in the Twisted Metal series of car combat games, and the last to be developed by SingleTrac, Twisted Metal 2 is considered by most of its fans to be the pinnacle of the series. Combat takes ... teams. With excellent levels, furious action, and unrealistic but fun physics, Twisted Metal 2 is definitely worth a look for anyone who enjoys games like Quarantine, Death Drome, or Rocket Jockey.

UEFA Euro 96 England

UEFO Euro 96 England (Euro 96 for short) is a fun and quite unknown football game from Gremlin. Although based on its Actua Soccer engine, Euro 96 is slightly worse than most in the series, perhaps due ... as Actua Soccer 3, arguably the best game of the series. Worth a look for football fans, but not the best of an underrated series since it has been surpassed by Actua Soccer 3 in almost every aspect.

UEFA Champions League 1996/97

UEFA Champions League 1996/97 is the first soccer game licensed by UEFA. Released to coincide with UEFA's 1997 Euro Cup, this 3D soccer game from Krisalis is a fun, highly underrated game that was slightly ... can take part in the Cup, with up to 4 people playing simultaneously. All in all, UCL is well worth the time for any soccer fan, even if its coaching element is sub-standard. Highly recommended.

UEFA Champions League 1998/99

Second in the UEFA Champions League line, UEFA Champions League 1998/99 is the second soccer game licensed by UEFA. It's essentially 1996/97 version, improved with new graphics and some coaching options. ... can take part in the Cup, with up to 4 people playing simultaneously. All in all, UCL is well worth the time for any soccer fan, even if its coaching element is sub-standard. Highly recommended.

Ultimate NFL Coaches Club Football

This game was made by MicroProse in 1994. And don't worry if you don't know anything about the sport. This game will teach you all there is to know. NFL Coaches Club Football is an extremelly realistic ... view stats and highlights of every game played in the league. To get any closer to the NFL, you'd have to be drafted! This game contains the real player names and numbers from the season of 1993.

Ultimate Soccer Manager

Review 1: Ultimate Soccer Manager is pretty similar to Premier Manager games. It is more focused on getting the best players and winning the titles by owning the most expensive team in the world. The ... sim that is recommended only to casual fans who don't mind "unrealistic" games. Die-hard fans should stick with Championship Manager or similar titles rather than tinker with this old game.

Ultimate Soccer Manager 2

A much better game than it's predecessor, Ultimate Soccer Manager, and not much worse that it's sequel and "grand finale" USM98, USM2 the perfect example of a second "volume" in a trilogy: ... rig matches, bung teams and betting on the outcome of your matches. There isn't much more to say about the game, except it is no more, no less what you would expect from a game in the USM franchise.

Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99

One of the most underrated soccer simulation series of all time is back, and this time is arguably a better game than venerable Championship Manager 2. USM 98 contains data for the 7 biggest Euroepean ... outdated, I highly recommend Mega Update pack: the most comprehensive update of game roster for 2000/2001 season play. The 600KB file contains literally thousands of transfers, newcomers, and more.

Unnecessary Roughness

First in a long series of American football games that ends with '96 version, Unnecessary Roughness, released in 1993, is an ambitious football game that unfortunately suffers from an SVGA engine that ... and fun, with emphasis on delivering furious gridiron action. Luckily, the series gets more recognition with each new release, with the 1996 version being the last and best. Highly recommended!

Unnecessary Roughness '96

Unnecessary Roughness '96 is the final - and definitely best - entry in Accolade's underrated series of American football games that began in 1993. From game description at MobyGames: "Updates in ... its wheels with its football line. They'd better watch out - Accolade may tackle them from behind, recover the ball, and return it for a touchdown. Definitely a battle to watch in 1996."

Virtual Pool

Nice pool game where you use your mouse to aim and shoot. Gameplay is very good and fast! You can go round the table with some mouse moves which makes the game very good to play.

Virtual Stratton

Virtual Stratton is an excellent freeware snowboarding game created to promote the town of Stratton in Vermont, USA. For once, the official blurb is not hyperbole: "Stratton provided the mountain ... at, especially if you have a 3D card. Definitely recommended, and be sure to check out Soul Ride, the commercial snowboarding game from Slingshot based on the same engine if you want more action.

Virtual U

Review 1: Virtual U is one of the most unique games and I don't think any other game has ever taken the challenge to make a simulation of run to run an university. There really is a difference between ... about how universities are run, though, Virtual U fits the bill. Formerly commercial title, version 2.0 of the game has been made freeware, thanks to the support of the Alfred T. Sloan Foundation.

Volleyball Simulator

Old but good volleyball game by Time Warp. There are not that many other computer volleyball games I remember, except the great Beach Volley by OCEAN for the Amiga and Kings of the Beach by Electronic ... even includes a tactics editor-- something quite rare for its time. Overall, probably not the best volleyball game ever made (well, if there were any more...), but a decent fix for fans of the sport.

Volvo S40 Racing

More of a "mini-game" than a real game, Volvo S40 Racing is a promotional title developed by Digital Illusions using the Motorhead. The game was commissioned by Swedish carmaker Volvo to promote ... relatively unknown promotional game is well worth your time - and will give you much more gameplay than a typical promotional freebies. Highly recommended, but just be aware it's not a full game.

VR Soccer 96

VR Soccer '96 is a good first entry in Gremlin/Interplay's short-lived "VR Sport" series, launched in 1996 to challenge EA Sports in the lucrative market of sport simulations. The game boasts ... games or don't mind the lack of challenge, check out this old game. Otherwise, there are more superior games on the market including the FIFA series and our HOBF inductee SEGA Worldwide Soccer.

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