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Ultimate NFL Coaches Club Football

This game was made by MicroProse in 1994. And don't worry if you don't know anything about the sport. This game will teach you all there is to know.

NFL Coaches Club Football is an extremelly realistic game, that will teach you how to manage an American football team. It also comes equipped with lots of real simulation for the football fanatics, like my self, to enjoy.

NFL Coaches Club Football gives you the option of seeing the game in a fully-rotating isometric view. The game also uses many real NFL players, and leaves you to make all the manager decisions. However, if you like, you can control key players when they are close enough to the ball. The game it is very brutal, so you should avoid tackles as much as possible, meaning you'll need to make sure that your players have the strenght to make good passes. The game also gives you the option to change the rooster as you like, and design players of your own to use your team's strengths to exploit your opponent's weaknesses. NFLCC Football also simulates many variables that the game a big touch of excitement and makes the opponent's moves unpredictable.

In this game you'll be playing against other NFL teams. And this gives you the chance to beat the NFL coaches at their own game. The true 3-D graphics let you watch the action from any camera angle.

I challenge you to try to play this game. Do you think that you can lead your team through the 1993 NFL Season until the final match in the Super Bowl? Track the stats of every NFL player through the season, and you can even view stats and highlights of every game played in the league. To get any closer to the NFL, you'd have to be drafted! This game contains the real player names and numbers from the season of 1993.

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