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Touchdown Football (Imagic)

Not to be confused with a poor 1996 game of the same name, Touchdown Football is one of the first American football games ever released for the PC. Designed by Imagic and published by IBM in 1983, it is a great game that remains surprisingly playable 20 years later. Given the technology in 1984, the range of options in the game is quite impressive. You can call the plays using various 'playbooks,' then see them in action on the pitch. Keyboard and joystick are supported, and there are even *digitized voices* throughout the game that enhance the atmosphere. This makes Touchdown Football one of the earliest uses of digitized voices in a PC game. These voices include the crowd cheers and jeers, referee's calls, and some narration. Overall, a "pioneer" in every sense of the word, although if you want a truly classic and comprehensive all-text football game, check out XOR's NFL Challenge instead.

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