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Tennis PC

First time I saw this game was when I had just gotten my Commodore 64. I found it to be a great game not only because it was my first tennis game but also because the game was fairly good looking as well as easy to control. The speed could be a bit slow but you were used to that when you had a Commodore 64 which was a great gaming computer but not very good when it had to actual work.

Of course the graphics are not impressive at all in this CGA PC version but the game has kept its original graphics and only the colours are different. You can play against either the computer or another human player (if you can manage to divide the keyboard up correctly since the predefined controls can't be changed and the setup is not very well made). Tennis PC doesn't offer anything special other than the regular single match selection but for some reason I like this simplicity.

First of all - unless you have a very old (read: slow) computer you won't be able to Tennis PC at all since it will simply be too fast and a program like Moslo won't help you much. If you have this you should be able to enjoy looking at how one of the first tennis games on the PC looked like. It's not impressive but the game isn't too bad either although I can think of many other Tennis games I would rather play - all of them are newer though.

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Tennis PC screenshot
Tennis PC screenshot

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