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Review 1: A strange mix of strategy and city building game. Caesar puts You in role of a Roman province governor with many goals: build a province capital, fight the natives and, of course, try to get ... the Roman Empire. Overall this is a great strategy and empire building game and is a must for any fan of the genre. But even if you're not a 'fan' as such I would still recommend you give it a try.

Call to Arms

One of the first abstract wargames ever made, Call to Arms is unfortunately not among the best, although it is by no means a bad game. There are only 2 maps to choose from: Europe in 1942 and Scotland ... features, this isn't a game for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy Risk or even chess, give Call to Arms a try. It's a solid beer-and-pretzel board wargame for the computer that's worth a look.

Cameleon 98

Cameleon 98 is a fun board game from Jari Komppa, entered in 1998's "Disccover" game coding competition in Finland. The game deservedly became a finalist in the competition, and went on to win ... board should be generated (e.g. whether or not you want "equal spread" of the colors). All in all, a neat little game to help exercise your brain during those coffee breaks. Recommended!

Can't Stop

Can't Stop is an excellent freeware PC version of the Parker Brothers board game of the same name designed by Sid Sackson, legendary board game designer (Acquire, Domination, and dozens others). The game ... abstract strategy games, especially ones that are based on mathematical concepts, this computerized version thanks to George Crawshay (compiled by Bob Claster) is well worth your time. Recommended!

Capture The Flag

CGW's Chuck Miller said it all in his review of this tremendously popular shareware game: "Based on the traditional outdoor diversion by the same name, [Capture The Flag] pits the player against an ... Overall, it is evident that care was taken in the development of this product, its presentation being of commercial quality." Overall, this is one of the very best shareware games ever made.

Captured by Pirates!

Captured by Pirates! is a fun turn-based board game of ship-to-ship combat among pirates on the high seas for 1-4 players, any of which can be computer-controlled. Each player begins the game with a fleet ... diversion from other games you might be playing. And in many ways, the game is a precursor to ImagiSoft's better-known Redhook's Revenge, excellent shareware title that is still sold for cheap :)

Card Mania

Card Mania is a fun computerized version of Pokio and Quintoon, two coin-op card games that used to be somewhat popular in casinos and arcades both in the USA and Europe. Perhaps the best way to describe ... as a solitaire game or with friends. If you enjoy obscure card or casino games, check out this polished implementation of two coin-op card games that you probably cannot find anywhere else anymore.

Card Player's Paradise

One of QQP's last efforts after its buyout by American Laser Games, Card Players Paradise is a good collection of card games that are played in world class tournaments: Rummy 500, Pinochle, Bezique, and ... or in the more innovative "quest" mode-- in this case a hedge maze that you must navigate by winning various card games. The AI and player history is also up to par, as usual for QQP games.

Carrier Strike: South Pacific

Gary Grigsby's updated version of Carrier Force, it did not have the graphic capabilities of [SSG's] Carriers at War II, but it did have a campaign option. While I considered this to be a worthwhile option, ... not even bother booting this up, although he was fascinated with Carriers at War. In summary, I would recommend this to the grognard, while Carriers at War has more appeal to the MTV generation.

Casino Craps

Casino Craps is another solid entry in Villa Crespo's long line of casino games. As the name implies, the game lets you play a game of craps. Similar to Ruckus Roulette and Ruckus Poker, Casino Craps is ... rules of craps. Overall, this is definitely one of the better casino games for PC, released at the time when Villa Crespo was at the height of their craft. Highly recommended to casino fans.

Casino Games

Review 1: Casino Games is a very early casino game from IBM, coded entirely in BASIC. Albeit primitive graphics and gameplay (you can't expect much more from a 1982 title ;)), the game offers decent ... casino-game, where you can play different casino games. You can play Black Jack, Poker or give a swing to the one armed bandit; the slotmachine. Have fun, good thing these games aren't addictive

Casino Master

Casino Master is a boring, banal casino game from an unknown developer (if you know who made this game, please let us know). In this "no frills" game, you can play the five mainstay gambling ... that would set this apart from other, more popular, casino games on the market. I would advise you to avoid this disappointing old game, unless your goal is to own every casino game ever made.

Casino Tournament of Champions

Casino Tournament of Champions is yet another game in Capstone's long line of casino products which began with Trump Castle in 1990. Like the Trump Castle games, CTC boasts all your favorite casino games ... not the brightest spot in Capstone's flagship genre, CTC will appeal only to casino game collectors who want to play it only for completeness' sake. Play Lucky's Casino or Beat the House instead.


Perhaps the first truly accessible strategy game about the Middle Ages, Castles is a classic from Interplay that offers many hours of addictive gameplay. As a prominent English noble living in the 12th ... anyone who wants a fun, not overly complex game set in the Middle Ages. Castles requires more strategic muscle than Defender of the Crown, yet is not as sophisticated as Machiavelli The Prince.

Castles 2: Siege and Conquest

Review 1: The game Castles 2: Siege and Conquest takes place after the death of France's King Charles in the year 1311. Normally, the king's heir would take his throne, but King Charles didn't have an ... of its creation was a leading example of the progress made in Artificial Intelligence. It still retains its charms - even in the face of the advanced and dramatic games that are descended from it.


One of the most original but underrated strategy games of all time, Cavewars is a refreshing fantasy wargame that adds the Z-axis to the traditional two-dimension game map, adding a whole new dimension ... strategy to win, With unique and compelling gameplay, tough AI, random maps, and the variety of monsters and spells you can research make Cavewars one of my most favorite fantasy strategy games.

Celtic Tales: Balor of Evil Eye

Balor of the Evil Eye is an excellent strategy sleeper that never received sufficient publicity because KOEI abandoned the PC market at the time for console products. Which is very unfortunate, because ... options and surprising random events. Unique subject matter, deep gameplay, and high replayability makes Balor a much-overlooked old game, and arguably KOEI's last great strategy game for the PC.

Centurion: Defender of Rome

Review 1: Veni, vidi, vici! Julius Cesar That's what You have to do - conquer the "Old world". You start with one legion in Rome (whose people are very restless in the beginning). The game ... land battles which remained the most enjoyable element of the game for quite some time. It's the best game ever made! I highly recommend downloading it immediately! You'll be satisfied and impressed!

Civil War

Civil War is a below-average BASICA game distributed only among IPCO members. Due to limitations of the BASIC language and early 1980 hardware, the game amounts to little more than a quirky piece of PC ... depend on the choices you make. The battles used in the game are actual battles from the war, and the computer will compare the results of the choices you made to the actual historical results."

Civil War Generals 2

Review 1: Civil War Generals 2 is a superb sequel to Impressions' 1996 Robert E. Lee: Civil War General. The game features beautiful artwork by Mort K?nstler, addictive gameplay, excellent multiplayer ... The final word on Civil War Generals 2? If you're a wargame or Civil War enthusiast looking for an extensive list of scenarios to keep you occupied for a while, this is definitely the game for you.

Civil War, The

"Based on the Victory Games boardgame of the same title, this product covered the American Civil War (1861-1865). It showed how one can take a highly playable boardgame and turn it into an unplayable ... of Losers". Caveat emptor. Besides disappearing corps, the program had an annoying tendency to overwrite hard drives. My personal choice for "WORST COMPUTER GAME OF ALL TIME". "

Civil War, The (Empire)

The Civil War is an ambitious US Civil War game from Greenius, published by Empire Interactive in 1996 and later in 1997 (with improvements and engine upgrade, marketed under the name of Master Player's ... consolation. The best news is that Steven Green has made the game open source, so hopefully we will be able to play a 100% bug-free, upgraded version of this ambitious title sometime in the future.


Review 1: For those of you that don't know, civilization is a turn-based strategy game, created by Sid Meier's and published by Micro Prose. And although I would be the first to admit I am not exactly ... spawned and I'm currently enjoying Civilization 4: Warlords but they were all thanks to this game. Few strategies come close to Sid Meier's masterpiece and those that do, usually have it to thank.

Civilization 2

Review 1: After the disappointing example set by X-COM 2, many gamers expected Civilization II to be nothing more than Sid Meier's original game with a few new graphics tacked on. Others were worried ... a time when so many airhead games with motion-picture visuals are hitting the streets, newcomers and veterans alike will welcome Civ II's imagination, depth, and fun. Civilization II is a must-have.


When Sid Meier's masterpiece Civilization was first released in 1991, it seemed to be the ideal pioneer of multi-player gaming. At that time, though, on-line gaming was still in its infancy, and so the ... compatibility. After you install the patch and connect to a multiplayer game for the first time, you will feel the same captivating magic that made Civilization one of the best games ever made.

Clash of Steel

Review 1: Clash Of Steel is yet another strategy wargame from Strategic Simulations Inc. Clash Of Steel takes place during the second world war. The overall interface is very simple and the game is therefore ... that Storm Across Europe should have been and wasn't. Although the graphics are dated, in effect, they were not the attraction of this program, and it still offers great play value today."

Clash of Steel: Future Edition

Review 1: Clash Of Steel: Future Edition is actually just as it sounds - a future edition of the original Clash Of Steel. This game is yet another strategy wargame from Strategic Simulations Inc. Clash ... Marketing gimmicks and poor planning notwithstanding, this still remains one of SSI's overlooked classic World War II wargames, with competent AI, many interesting scenarios, and attractive graphics.

Close Combat

Games Domain's strategy/war editor Tim Chown says it all in his comprehensive review of this excellent start to Atomic Games' real-time squad combat series, set in World War II: "The game runs best ... many hours. There is a question mark over replay value, [but if] you have a Pentium running Windows 95 then Close Combat is a good showcase strategy game for your machine." Highly recommended!

Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far

Review 1: Considered by many wargamers to be the best in the series, Close Combat 2 is a classic real-time tactical-level wargame from Atomic Games, makers of the renowned V for Victory games. Adrenaline ... a glut of sci-fi games either on the market or in the pipeline. Fantasy is possible, too, but we're not finished exploring Earth's history. It's fascinating. I couldn't make this stuff up."

Clue Master Detective

A decent, but dull, computerized version of a popular Parker Brothers board game of the same name, Clue Master Detective is based on the Master Detective version of Clue that was first released in England. ... challenging. As it stands, Clue Master Detective is recommended only to die-hard fans of the boardgame who want to while away some time while they wait for friends to play the next boardgame session.

Cohort (a.k.a. Fighting for Rome)

In veteran wargamer M. Evan Brooks' words, "a clumsy interface coupled with mediocre graphics shows why British products are generally not ready for the American market." Still, Cohort is one ... from previous titles. Perhaps realizing that the ancient Roman setting is something worth exploring further, Impressions later released Cohort II, a much superior product that superseded this title.

Cohort II (a.k.a. Fighting for Rome)

Cohort II is a significant upgrade of Impressions' earlier Cohort. Aside from an upgrade of graphics (to VGA this time) and gameplay, this version is part of an interlocking game system module with Caesar, ... as if you are commanding a squad of World War II units than ancient Romans. Recommended for anyone who wants to delve into Caesar battles in more detail, but definitely not as a stand-alone product.


Review 1: From the creators of Civilization, comes Colonization! A lot like Civ, but with some differences. First of all, it covers just one period of time (from the discovery of the New World in 1492. ... passage, you can quickly find your colonies moving inland. Colonization is rightly a classic of the genre, and more than a decade after its release improved graphics haven't produced a superior.


Colossus is an excellent Java clone of Avalon Hill's classic Titan boardgame that has long been out of print. The concept of Titan is similar to the likes of Fantasy General and Archon: it's a turn-based ... The manual download here includes the original rules of Titan board game in PDF format, as well as Badlands scenario. Since it's a Java game, you will need Java 2 Runtime Library to run the game.


Combots is a below-average BASICA game distributed only among IPCO members. Due to limitations of the BASIC language and early 1980 hardware, the game amounts to little more than a quirky piece of PC nostalgia. ... combot keeps performing these actions and you have to hope when it fires your opponent happens to be in the way at the time!) At the end of the time limit, whichever combot has more hits wins."

Complete Chess System

Complete Chess System (CCS) is an excellent "hardcore" chess program from Oxford Softworks that sold reasonably well in UK but is literally unknown elsewhere. In addition to running on one of ... Chessmaster may be intimidated by CCS. But for a real, no-nonsense game of chess with all the frills, including a great database of historical games, CCS is simply a must-have. Highly recommended!

Computer Acquire

Computer Acquire is a faithful translation of AH's famous boardgame of the same name. In this game of oligopoly, up to 6 players, any of which can be computer-controlled, compete to build a hotel chain ... the value of that stock increases." If you love business sims, you will enjoy this excellent ASCII classic that is very faithful to the board game, with a tremendous replay value and good AI.

Computer Circus Maximus

This classic early Avalon Hill game mirrors the board game very well. Take control of a Roman chariot and try to win races and gain glory in ancient Rome. There is a lot of strategy in this game and it ... the graphics are early color ASCII. For a simulation of the board game and for lovers of anything Roman I highly recommend it. For others, this game may seem tedious with little reward in playing.

Computer Diplomacy

"A faithful rendition of the classic boardgame, its graphics and computer intelligence were probably never state-of-the-art, the AI was learning disabled and multi-player options were clumsy. Yet its faithfulness to its predecessor made this a keeper for its time. "By the way, it is a *much* better version of the game than the much-hyped 1999 MicroProse remake.

Conflict in Vietnam

Review 1: Conflict in Vietnam, Crusade in Europe, and Decision in The Desert are three outstanding wargames, collectively released as "Command Series," remain to this day some of the most well-balanced ... day/night-, supplies-, etc,- simulations. Nice thing bout the game is that you can play against eachother on the same computer. turn-based of course ;-) The game comes with nice CGA-graphics.

Conflict: Korea

Based on the engine of Conflict: Middle East, this is, in M. Evan Brooks' words, "A simulation of the Korean War (1950-51) and a hypothetical invasion (1995). Detailed and accurate; but while the ... the initial year. Granted that the later years were totally different types of warfare, the lack of historical completeness was disappointing. The interface was noteworthy for its awkwardness."

Conflict: Middle East

"A serious simulation of the 1973 Yom Kippur War and a future Arab-Israeli War, this product was very detailed. Mouse implementation is is much easier than the designer's last design (Red Lightning), but it still required much time and thought. Recommended for the serious aficionado."

Conquered Kingdoms

This is an excellent fantasy strategy game that could very well have influenced SSG in their design of acclaimed Warlords series. Control fantastic creatures, each with different strengths and abilities, ... entire known world. Both compaign and single scenario modes are replete with well-designed maps and competent AI. QQP's hallmark player history is of course also present in this overlooked classic.

Conqueror AD 1086

Yet another game that proves beyond all doubt how great graphics does not automatically make a good game. Ostentatiously a spiritual successor to Cinemaware's Defender of The Crown, Conqueror AD 1086 offers ... into the storyline. When all is said and done, Conqueror A.D. 1086 fails to hold together, and that's a shame. Stay away from this game if you can help it, and go play Defender of the Crown instead.

Conquest of Japan (a.k.a. Samurai: Way of The Warrior)

Conquest of Japan is a pseudo-historical game set in 16th century Japan. As a Daimyo (i.e. ruler) of a state, your goal is to conquer your opponenent's state to claim ownership of the entire island of ... Overall, anyone looking for an authentic historical Japanese game would do well to play Sword of The Samurai or even Electronic Arts' recent Shogun: Total War instead, and leave this conquest alone.

Conquest of The New World: Deluxe Edition

Review 1: Conquest of the New World: Deluxe Edition is a much-improved update to Interplay's highly underrated game of colonizing the American continent. GameSpot's T. Liam McDonald posted an excellent ... The gameworld is represented in an isometric point of view. Combat is a mini-game taking place on a battlefield where victory can be achieved by killing enemy troops or capturing the enemy's flag.


Review 1: Constructor is a fun, tongue-in-cheek business simulation in the same style as MicroProse's early classic Pizza Tycoon. Essentially, Constructor takes the empire building and resource management ... game is easy to learn and a very fun to play. This game can and will keep you occupied for hours on end so lets download Constructor now, get some food and drinks and have many hours of fun.

Corporate Pursuit

Corporate Pursuit is an average business simulation that tries to simulate the IT industry, but does not quite succeed due to dubious economic/pricing engine, and balan gameplay. Your role is Marketing ... Overall, Corporate Pursuit is a game that is not bad, but pales in comparison to classics in the genre such as Capitalism Plus and Enterpreneur. Worth a look only if you collect this kind of games.

Covert Action

Have you ever wanted to work for the CIA? Infiltrate the KGB? Black-mailpeople into becoming double agents? If you answered yes to any of the preceding then Covert Action is a game for you. Combining ... world holds its breath. Do you have what it takes to save it? There is a 3-4 minutes wait the first time you break into any building in the game-- just *wait* and the game should continue properly.

Crazy Cows

Review 1: This freeware game by Spanish software company Runt time puts You in role of one of two cow herds - gray and brown cows. Select Your side and crush the other one. Very funny, to be honest. ... neither sophisticated nor epic, but the humor (calling Action Points ?MUs? instead of ?APs? for example) gives the game plenty of unique charm that will keep you entertained for a while. Recommended!

Crime Fighter

Review 1: Definitely the best gangster game I've ever played and one of the best shareware games ever, Crime Fighter is a game for up to 4 players where the objective is to commit as many crimes as possible ... and this is a big help. It also helps that you can't really die no matter how many times you are shot - you can only get arrested. This game can be very addicting once you really get into the game.

Crusade in Europe

Conflict in Vietnam, Crusade in Europe, and Decision in The Desert are three outstanding wargames, collectively released as "Command Series," remain to this day some of the most well-balanced ... Another nice feature is the ability to play using either tradtional boardgame symbols or unit icons. Both sides (Allied and Axis) can be played, and two players can play head-to-head in hotseat mode.

Crush, Crumble & Chomp!

One of the most original and influential games ever made, Epyx' Crush, Crumble & Chomp!. The description in the manual is enough to tell you why this game is special: "[the game] gives you a chance ... is that the first versions of the game, for Apple II and Atari, were copyrighted "Automated Simulations," which was the first name of the company that would shortly later become Epyx.

Cubic Tic Tac Toe

A solid 3D version of Tic Tac Toe, Cubic features a strong AI, 2-player mode, and a lot of "extras" that suggest high production value, such as complete on-line rules, difficulty levels, and ... what all good puzzle games do: presents an enjoyable diversion with simple rules that are hard to master. Perfect to while away a few minutes at a time when you're stumped at some bigger puzzlers.

Cyber Empire (a.k.a. Steel Empire)

Review 1: Better known as Steel Empire in Europe, which sold better than its US incarnation, Cyber Empire is a fun sci-fi strategy game that combines furious tactical combat and grand strategic planning ... put in upgrades for you robot. Then you will be deployed on the terrain and have to kill the other cyberrobot. On the terrain you can build houses etc, just as in Dune 2. This game is turned based.

Cyber Chess

Cyber Chess is a decent clone of Interplay's Battle Chess, although with far inferior graphics and animations, even if it was released a few years later. The pieces are cast as sci-fi kings, queens, and ... history that keeps track of your games. Overall, a nice low-budget title that does nothing better than commercial chess releases... although not much worse, either, except for the lack of options.

Cytron Masters

Designer extraordinaire Dani (nee Dan) Bunten's third game for SSI is Cytron Masters, a fun futuristic 2-player strategy game that not only pushes the Apple II's hardware to its limits, but also is one ... classic Dani Bunten game that may not stand the test of time as well as M.U.L.E., but is still an amazing feat of programming in its own right. Too bad a PC version of this was never released.

Champion of The Raj

Champion of the Raj is a unique strategy game that depicts the competition among the British, Maharajas, Monguls, and Gurkhas to claim India in the 1800s for their own. The accumulate-resources-to-raise-army ... Competent AI and pleasant graphics and animation round off this old game that should appeal to fans of KOEI's Oriental strategy games, as well as anyone looking for a unique premise in strategy game.

Championship Backgammon

Championship Backgammon from Spinnaker is an excellent early backgammon computer game - probably the first to offer a competent AI (a computer player named "Max") which is strong enough to challenge ... a decade later, and stands the test of time surprisingly well. A long forgotten relic in the history of backgammon games, Championship Backgammon deserves a spot in every backgammon player's library.

Chaos Overlords

Chaos Overlords is an excellent board-game style game with a novel premise: lead your gang to victory in a post-apocalyptic city. The game is structured like a card game, with different cards representing ... static pictures, and if you set the victory goals too high, the middle portion of the game gets boring quickly as it degenerates into a game of protecting-my-turfs hide-and-seek. Highly recommended!

Chaos: Remake

A remake of my favourite game of all time and one that does the unthinkable - it improves on perfection. I'm not gonna talk in any great detail about Chaos, if you have no idea what the game is then I ... to the original and is just as fun and absorbing. This version is my first choice when I want to play Chaos and if you are a fan of the first game then it is well worth downloading and trying it.

Charge of The Light Brigade

Charge of the Light Brigade is Impressions' recreation of one of the most idiotic military "battles" ever fought: the Crimean War of 1854 - 56 between Turkey and Russia, which led to a famous ... interface soon make any strategy you plan completely unnecessary. The bottom line: read Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem instead, or watch the movie of the same name that sent Erroll Flynn to stardom.

Chart Wars
Checkers for Windows 95

I do not think that further explanation is necessary for this game. It is just the game checkers with a few options.

Chess Maniac 5 Billion and One

One of the best parody games ever, Chess Maniac 5 Billion and One, endorsed by the National Lampoon), took the classic Battle Chess idea of animated chess pieces one step further with parodies of pop culture, ... HAL commentator (from 2001), to Star Wars and beyond. Unfortunately the AI doesn't live up to the game's funny bells and whistles, so those looking for a competent opponent should look elsewhere :)

Chess Partner

One of the earliest CGA freeware chess programs, Chess Partner by Scott Murray is an excellent chess game that surprisingly stands the test of time rather well - even 20 years after the initial release. ... per move, you'd feel the pressure to hurry up :)) Chess fans and game collectors alike will enjoy this blast from the past that proves, once again, that good games never die. Highly recommended!

Chinese Chess Master

Chinese Chess Master is an excellent straightforward chinese chess program that has all the features one could hope for in this type of game, from options to rewind or fast forward moves, save game in ... decrease time limit in mid-game. Overall, a polished small gem that's worth a play by all chinese chess enthusiasts. The lack of tutorial or hints mode, however, may discourage newbies from trying.


Choice is a great freeware PC version of an excellent dice game designed by Sid Sackson, of Acquire fame, first included in his A Gamut of Games book and later released as a board game by Hexagames. This ... like most other Sid Sackson games, makes Choice a fun game to play against friends, or even by yourself against the computer. If you enjoy abstract strategy games, Choice is well worth checking out.

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