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Conflict in Vietnam

Review 1:

Conflict in Vietnam, Crusade in Europe, and Decision in The Desert are three outstanding wargames, collectively released as "Command Series," remain to this day some of the most well-balanced and fun wargames ever made. Designed by the powerhouse duo of Sid Meier and Ed Bever, all three games feature innovative real-time play, interesting realistic and hypothetical scenarios, and above all-- excellent computer AI that uses historically accurate strategies, and fun head-to-head mode. Covering the most famous wars in history from World War 2 to Vietnam, these classics belong in every wargamer's collection.

Review 2:

In this Vietnam-war game you can play several 'simulated' key battles. For it's time this was a very impressive simulation. It involves a weater-, day/night-, supplies-, etc,- simulations. Nice thing bout the game is that you can play against eachother on the same computer. turn-based of course ;-)

The game comes with nice CGA-graphics.

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