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Casino Games

Review 1:

Casino Games is a very early casino game from IBM, coded entirely in BASIC. Albeit primitive graphics and gameplay (you can't expect much more from a 1982 title ;)), the game offers decent options and underlying (mostly random) mechanics that somewhat convey the excitement of losing big money in a real casino. There are three games to choose from: blackjack, slots, and poker, each of which can also be run as a separate game since it's coded in separate BASIC files (.bas extension). Worth a look as one of IBM's earliest games, although not a keeper by any means.

Review 2:

A little gwbasic casino-game, where you can play different casino games. You can play Black Jack, Poker or give a swing to the one armed bandit; the slotmachine. Have fun, good thing these games aren't addictive

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Casino Games screenshot
Casino Games screenshot

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