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Chess Partner

One of the earliest CGA freeware chess programs, Chess Partner by Scott Murray is an excellent chess game that surprisingly stands the test of time rather well - even 20 years after the initial release. Although it naturally lacks the pizzazz of modern chess games, Chess Partner still offers plenty of play value for a 1983 game. There are over 10 difficulty levels to choose from, with a competent AI behind higher levels. Pieces are presented in primitive but adequate CGA graphics, and you move by typing in standard chess notations (e.g. "E2-E4"). There is also a built-in timer that makes the game more exciting (well, not directly - but when you realize you are spending 10 minutes per move, you'd feel the pressure to hurry up :)) Chess fans and game collectors alike will enjoy this blast from the past that proves, once again, that good games never die. Highly recommended!

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Chess Partner screenshot
Chess Partner screenshot

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