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Chaos: Remake

A remake of my favourite game of all time and one that does the unthinkable - it improves on perfection. I'm not gonna talk in any great detail about Chaos, if you have no idea what the game is then I suggest that you read the review on this site and then come back to this page.

Anyway, that aside I should mention some of the other tweaks in this remake. The graphics have been tweaked from single to multi-colour sprites for example. It doesn't do anything for the game but I suppose that it's nice to look at :) The biggest change is that when setting up a game you can now give comoputer players different difficulty levels (in the original you set one level for all AI players). So if you liek you can play against 3 easy opponents and 4 hard as hell ones. It's a nice touch that while not making a huge difference to gameplay gives you that extra option should you want to use it.

Other than those few changes the game is very faithful to the original and is just as fun and absorbing. This version is my first choice when I want to play Chaos and if you are a fan of the first game then it is well worth downloading and trying it.

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