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Safe Opening Simulator

Definitely one of the most esoteric sims you'll ever find, Safe Opening Simulator, as the name implies, lets you try your hands at cracking safes from various European manufacturers. It's more like a Safecracking ... to cracking one safe randomly after another, without any real plot or overall goal. Still, it's a curious piece of software that you won't often find in reputable stores, much less anywhere else .

Sandbox of God

The Sandbox of God is a fun "god simulation" from Mr. Chubigans that is inspired by Grow, a fun on-line Flash game coded by Japanese group EYEZMAZE, although Mr. Chubigans curiously chose not ... after all :) Overall, fans of life sims or "God games" like Populous will find this game a unique, engaging, and clever puzzle/simulation game about the relationship of mankind and nature.

Sands of Fire

An excellent World War 2 tank simulation that went unnoticed by many, Sands of Fire puts you in control of the American tank unit that ranges from 1 to 6 tanks in the war efforts to halt the German advances. ... driving the tank and manning the guns at the same time. The AI is a little smarter than rocks, but the diverse missions, good training mode, and decent realism makes this a good game for newbies.


One of the best 3D tactical combat simulations, I really don't know why this game never made it into any Hall of Fame. In SEAL Team, you will assemble a 4-member SEAL team to carry out missions in the ... when nothing seems to be going on will doubtless turn trigger-happy gamers off, but those who crave realistic simulation of Vietnam War will be well-rewarded with a very deep and engaging game.

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue is a fun helicopter simulation offering a variety of mission type that is not commonly depicted in games: rescue operations. Billed ambitiously as "the greatest and most realistic ... unique at the time it came out, this game is recommended to fans of unconventional flight sims who don't mind the simplicity too much. CD-rip version; must be installed in C:\SAR directory.

Search for The Titanic

Search for the Titanic is a simulation of wreck-hunting game that offers plenty of realistic options. As in its spiritual descendant Sea Rogue, you are in command of a wreck hunting expedition. However, ... up anticipation, the actual dive is quite a letdown as it's nowhere near as detailed. A combination of pre-dive stages of this game and Sea Rogue's dive would have made an ideal wreck hunting game :)

Shadow President

Review 1: An intriguing-- if a bit too esoteric and confusing-- political simulation, this game lets you become the U.S. President who must maintain approval rating (ahh-- that penultimate goal of presidency ... in the DOS prompt. If you like games that challenge your mind without all blood and gore of other strategy games like StarCraft, this is the game for you! It is definitely worth a try. Download it!


Shuttle is a vastly underrated and undersold simulation, probably because it is a "hard" SCI-FI game with a steep learning curve. This is the perfect game for would-be astronauts. It's a very ... limited, but decent. This is a great game that has never really had a sequel (Microsoft Space Simulator lost itself in space), but one really needs to persist with it. Definitively recommended.

Sim Ant

Offering simulation in a world of ecology / nature, SimAnt: The Electronic Ant Colony (also known as SimAnt: Die elektronische Ameisen Kolonie) is an abandonware developed by Maxis Software, Inc. and published ... tunnels, find food, protect the queen, expand your territory, fight against many enemies, including the evil red ants ! The conquest of the whole garden and the house will make you victorious.

Sim City

Review 1: Being a mayor is not an easy job. Deciding on building new residental areas, industrial zones, commercial buildings, airports, entertainment for the citizens... All this has to be done along ... traffic jams, nuclear disaster or very high unemployment. The game was a big it and a lot of Sim games followed later on, though the second opus, sim city 2000, is seen as one of the best.

Sim City 2000

Review 1: What to say about this game. The best how-to-build-a-city simulator continues with this fabulous game genre. Build your own city. Review 2: SimCity 2000 is an amazing game, from whichever ... city come to life. The learning curve is pretty steep so if you're playing it for the first time, have patience. It will pay off in the end. I think I've made my point - 5 mark, without a doubt!

Sim Farm

Review 1: This one is a valuable member of the still thriving "Sim" family, and it is fairly obvious at first sight. It features almost the same interface as the one seen in Simcity but with ... so the value of the livestock goes up with it and you will not have to wait as long until they are at a good price to sell. You may have to put out more food and water as they eat it or drink it.

SimCity Classic

Review 1: One of the rarest versions of Maxis' genre-defining SimCity series, Simcity Classic is a good Windows 3.1 version of the original game, ported by Azeroth. The review on MobyGames says it all ... want to immerse themselves in a multi-hour game might want to steer clear. All in all, SimCity is one of those games that deserves its reputation as a fun, innovative title that launched a genre.


Review 1: This more ambitious follow-up to SimCity lets you play God-- take charge of an entire planet from its birth to its death--10 billion years later. Guide life from its inception as single-celled ... Planet (also known as SimEarth: Der lebende Planet, Sim Earth), it's about educational, simulation and ecology / nature. It was done by Maxis Software, Inc. in 1990. Feel free to download and try it!

SimFarm for Windows

You own a plot of good farmland. Do you want a small family farm--or an agricultural profit center? Do you want to produce food for the local town--or feed the world's hungry masses? Do you use the latest ... game that's highly recommended. Growing tomatoes has never been this much fun :) and should be extracted to x:\disk1 and x:\disk2 respectively where x is your drive letter.


Possibly the dryest Sim- game Maxis ever made, SimHealth puts you in control of the U.S. health care system-- evidently Maxis felt that the heated debates during the 1996 presidential election would induce ... not "realistic") results of your decision. Want to cut insurance or increase family medicine practice? Here's your chance-- with the end goal of getting re-elected again when the time comes

SimIsle for Windows 95

My most favorite "Sim" game of all time aside from SimCity 2000, SimIsle is a fun and challenging tropical island simulation. You must manage the difficult balance between economic success and ... to beginners, and some cumbersome interface designs. Note: the download here is the rare Windows 95 version, which features a much faster game engine and interface than the clunky DOS version.

SimLife for Windows

Review 1: Maxis once again lets you play God-- but in contrast to SimEarth's macro-management, Simlife lets you design and manipulate the genes of plants and animals to see how they behave in a simulated ... even when it becomes frustratingly challenging. Failing is sometimes as much fun as succeeding. Give it a try and see how you would have done in the first seven days of the world's existence.


SimPark teaches the importance of ecological balance in visual and easy-to-grasp ways. For example, the player soon learns that if no flat-leafed flowers are planted, the park won't attract bees. And if ... managing its animal and plant population. Overall, it's a solid "lite" version of SimIsle that allows kids to have fun while learning just how delicate the balance of nature really is.


Yet another entry in Maxis' popular "Sim..." series, SimSafari is a fun game for kids that let you build your own park and camp area, populating them with animals of your choice. As befits a ... house will probably like building their own safari and seeing the animals run around and interact with the environment (as well as spectators). Recommended only for very young gamers in the house.

SimSheep 2

Simsheep 2 is a humorous 'virtual pet' simulation in the same vein as Tamagotchi or Creatures series. You are put in control of every facet of a sheep's life, from simple things like finding him food and ... by a non-programmer using Klik & Play application, the game is a laudable effort. If you enjoy virtual pet programs, Simsheep 2 will at least offer a few hours of engrossing and humorous fun.


Review 1: A cool little game by Japanese designer Yoot Saito was a big hit on the Macintosh but received only lukewarm response from the PC crowd. Although one can find many faults with the game's underlying ... it even more enjoyable. This game is not one that you will want to play everyday but it is great fun and if you hold on to it is a good game to come back to when you are bored of everything else.


Oldie shoot em-up by Cascade Games, in which you're up to the task to save mankind from a narcotic drug called "Sky". Simple arcade fun-- very similar to Titus' Offshore Warrior, but with smoother graphics and gameplay. Lack of variety, both in terms of terrain and enemy ships, makes the game quite repetitive. Good fun only for a few minutes if you want to reminisce about the good ol' arcade days :)

Snow Strike

One of the most obscure Epyx games ever made, Snow Strike is an okay arcade-oriented flight sim set in one of the more exotic theatres of operations: Columbia. Your mission is to pilot F-14 fighter on ... Overall, a great arcade-ish sim that does give some nods to simulation aspects, but not a whole lot. Hard-core flight sim fans should try something else, or play this during breaks from A.T.A.C.


One of the most obscure political sims ever made, Solidarnosc is an intriguing strategy game based on the workers' movement of the same name between 1956 and 1981 that brought about the establishment of ... the few games in town, with a solid engine and a uniquely interesting gameplay that can hold its own against bigger hits like Virgin's Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator. Highly recommended!

Solo Flight

Ever fancy yourself a flying postman? If yes, then I might have a game for you. Meet Solo Flight, the very first flight sim from MicroProse and the genius designer Sid Meier. In this little game, you fly ... Why didn't I say today's gameplay as well? Simply because for a civilian flight sim, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Solo Flight's gameplay. A flying postman is no bad idea at all.


Review 1: Two of the best-loved "cult classics" of all time, Sopwith and its much-improved successor, Sopwith 2 are classic CGA games that gave birth to the genre of flying-planes-to-destroy-stuff. ... have done with more levels. But if you are interested in way old games, and want to see the work of the forefathers, then check out Sopwith, and also Sopwith 2 which can also be found on this site.

Sopwith 2

Review 1: Two of the best-loved "cult classics" of all time, Sopwith and its much-improved successor, Sopwith 2 are classic CGA games that gave birth to the genre of flying-planes-to-destroy-stuff. ... go crazy after a while. Why couldn't the cows make cool noises though dangit? :( If you play this and you like it, then have a play with the original Sopwith. Its very similar and also a lot of fun.

Space MAX

Manage the build-up and operation of a space station in this management/business simulation. Space MAX is one of the more interesting games of this genre, which flooded the German market in the late 80's ... version, and the never-before-seen English version that was finished, but never released. Just run the appropriate .BAT file to start either the English or German version. The manual is German only.

Space Rogue

Review 1: While on a routine trade mission, a space wessel Princess Blue received a distress signal. Your captain decides to take a look and sends you to the deserted vessel to inspect the situation. ... that this is the first game Paul Neurath designed for Origin before he founded Looking Glass Studios-- the first seed of a fertile relationship that would lead to the phenomenal Ultima Underworld.


Review 1: Speedhaste one a very well done racing game. Great graphics, easy controls, well done tracks without errors and good competition. This is the short description of the game but since the game ... CCs make Speed Haste too easy to beat for most experienced drivers, but if you have friends to play against, it's a blast. Recommended for multiplayer mode, and anyone who likes easy racing games.

Spitfire Ace

One of the earliest flight sims by MicroProse, Spitfire Ace was designed by Sid Meier for the Atari and converted to PC version by R. Donald Awalt. The game depicts aerial combat over Europe in World War ... kind dampens the long-term play value. Overall, a solid early sim that is worth a try for fans of World War II simulation or Sid Meier himself, if only for some nostalgic moments that will soon pass.

SSN-21 Seawolf

In general, naval battles unfold in a slower pace than other land or air battles. Two fleets might be searching for each other (or eyeing each other) for days before a final, fiery confrontation take place. ... Attack Sub sim, why not just go out and buy Jane's 688i? It has much better graphics, much better system simulation and much better gameplay. To top it off, it's now available at rock bottom prices!

Stalin's Dilemma

Many oldtime wargamers will surely remember Ed Bever,designer of many classic wargames such as Command Series (with Sid Meier) for MicroProse and No Greater Glory for SSI. After a long hiatus from commercial ... games. Here's hoping that Dr. Bever will some day release an updated version for us to enjoy. In the meantime, make sure to send your comments to Dr. Bever at the e-mail address listed in the game.

StarGlider 2

StarGlider 2 is an incredible successor to the classic space sim StarGlider, sporting significant improvements over its predecessor. This time you can travel between planets, fight space pirates, trade ... of depth in diplomacy, adventure, and economics that Elite does, but its spaceflight model and sheer addictiveness are second to none. If you are a space sim fan, StarGlider 2 is simply a must-have.

Starship Tactical Combat Simulator

War Encounter and Starship Tactical Combat Simulator are two excellent fanmade space combat games set in the Star Trek universe. STCS is more of a tactical simulation while War Encounter an action game ... sport crisp, clear graphics that make it easy to tell different races' ships apart from each other. Whether you are an action gamer or space commander, take your pick from this pair of fun old games.

Stock Market: The Game

Stock Market: The Game is a substantial update of Earl Long's earlier Black Monday 1987 stock sim published by Keypunch. Although on the surface it looks like nothing more than a cosmetic update, it is ... as a quick game among friends, or between you and computer players. Good as a quick fix, but if you are looking for a realistic, accurate simulation of the market, play Wall $treet Raider instead.

Stocks & Bonds

Stocks & Bonds is an excellent PC port of 3M/Avalon Hill's board game of the same name that remains to this day one of the best tabletop stock market simulations ever made. Starting with $5,000 in ... enough to keep me interested for a while, at least. And fans of the board game classics will be delighted with this rare PC version. Recommended if you enjoy stock market simulations in general.

Stocks & Shares

Stocks & Shares is a fun and free bite-sized stock market simulation - meaning that a complete game won't take you more than a few minutes to complete. The realism can't be compared with true simulations ... Warren Buffett overnight, but you will at least gain some insights into the relationship between financial markets and world/industry/company events - while having fun besides. Highly recommended!

Street Rod

Review 1: One of my favorite racing sims. You start with a $700 and no car, so get one, prepare it for races and earn money. Buy better cars, race opponents, get more money...and defeat The King. Some ... of ega/vga/cga/hercules/tandy graphics for graphics and adlib or normal for sound options, the only thing that could have been better about the game is maybe some good aussie cars, perhaps a Monaro!

Street Rod 2

Review 1: Much like the first part, but harder. MUCH harder. If You really enjoy hard games then this is the right one for You. Still the same - buy a car, earn money, buy better car and defeat the final ... normal for sound options, the only thing that could have been better about the game is maybe some good aussie cars, perhaps a Monaro! Copy Protection: Click ok when copy protection question comes up.

Strike Commander

Review 1: Every once in a while there is a game coming out that sets standards. A game going to the maximum of the possibilities - and then it just pushes them a bit higher. Chris Roberts managed to ... Commander on the DOS system. A action, simulation game, created by ORIGIN Systems, Inc. and distributed by ORIGIN Systems, Inc.. If you like flight, download, install and enjoy Strike Commander!

Strike Fleet

Probably the most obscure game LucasFilm (now Lucasarts) ever released, Strike Fleet is a surprisingly good modern-day naval simulation, especially in light of their expertise in adventure games. It's ... easy to switch stations and order most commands with a keystroke. Overall, this is an innovative but little-known real-time naval simulation that isn't the most realistic, but is highly playable.

Strike Force Harrier

A decent flight sim by Mirrorsoft featuring the Harrier jet, released at the time when the fighter was hailed as hero of the just-over Falklands war. Strike Force Harrier simulates the world's only vertical ... Overall, Strike Force Harrier is a fun "light" sim that is too simple for veteran pilots, but more sophisticated for joystick jockeys. Worth a look, although the replayability is quite low.


Striker is a fun freeware clone of Atari's Defender. As helicopter pilot, your mission is to navigate various tunnels in order to complete five missions of increasing difficulty. As you fly the helicopter ... are over all too soon, and there is no random element to enhance the limited play value. But if you like Sopwith and similar games, you will have fun with this game while it lasts. Recommended!

Stunt Car Racer

Review 1: I'll start out by saying that cliché line, don't let the graphics fool you. This is a very good arcade racer with great controls, average sound but horrible graphics. To help you get a better ... in front of you make you forget there's only three colors on your screen. As soon as your car hits the ground you feel the urge to step on the gas and make that one-polygon opponent eat your dust.

Stunt Island

One of the most unique and underrated simulations ever, Disney's classic game lets you perform wild aerial stunts in planes that range from a biplane to a duck (yes, a duck). You can enter into stunt competition ... complete control over camera placement, props, etc. Best of all, you can save the finished films using the enclosed program MAKEONE.EXE and others without the game can view them. Highly recommended.


Review 1: Stunts would have to be one of the best Abandonware racing games around, it has fantasic gameplay and some amusing racing opponents. There were a few different cars to choose from and they ... he proves beyond all doubt that Stunts 1.1 (the version on this site) is superior. Also, here's a neat undocumented feature in the game: press SHIFT+F1 to access terrain pieces in the track editor.

Su-25 Stormovik

Every once in a while, some designers seem to have the gut to do something different. Exceptional technical achievements aside (Falcon series and Flanker come to mind), in the flight sim world this either ... Flanker series from SSI (Flanker 2.5? Flanker Attack?). Note though, that if you have anything better than a Pentium, you have to use Moslo to play this game. Otherwise, you won't be able to takeoff!

Sub Battle Simulator

Epyx' Sub Battle Simulator is an early submarine sim that was quite sophisticated for its time. Included were the usual world war II theatres, and plenty of features which have been borrowed numerous times ... range to plan an attack, whereas if you had been running in real time, you could have easily made the attack. But overall, Sub Battle shined." Definitely one of the first really good sub sims.

Sub Culture

Sub Culture is THE best underwater simulation game I have ever played, bar none (well, except for Archimedean Dynasty perhaps). In the spirit of mercenary games e.g. Privateer, Sub Culture is an open-ended ... as you navigate to the waypoints and just taking in the amazing surroundings. For the rest of us, however, and even for reflex-impaired people like me, Sub Culture is a must have. Highly recommended!

Subwar 2050

This is another sadly forgotten classic-- similar to its descendant-in-spirit Sub Culture, Subwar 2050 casts you as a young submarine pilot who work for a global conglomerate in the earth's far future. ... to seek-and-destroy. The graphics is way ahead of its time, and the physics of undersea combat is well-implemented. The expansion disk adds 2 additional campaigns, new terrain, and many more enemies.

Super EF 2000 (a.k.a. Super EuroFighter 2000)

Super EF 2000 is the last game made by Digital Image Design (DID), one of the most venerable flight sim companies before it was bought out in 1997. The game is the excellent graphical upgrade of DID's ... based on your performance. In every respect, Super EF 2000 is a must-have for every serious flight sim fan. It's a sadly forgotten old game, and will keep armchair pilots happy for months on end.

Super Huey

Review 1: I can't say Super Huey is one of the most advanced flight simulation games ever made. When you start the game you have four choices - Flight Instruction, Explore, Rescue and Combat. Rather ... 12 percent, stated Cosmi Corporation President and CEO George Johnson. Super Huey was one of the few games in the eighties to actually capture a loyal audience and achieve worldwide name recognition.

Super Huey II

Review 1: The sequel to COSMI's helicopter sim Super Huey is based on exactly the same engine, although it offers more varied and interesting missions. Instead of pure-vanilla explore, rescue and combat ... of better sims on the market. Review 2: This is the continuation of Super Huey. It looks pretty the same as the first one, wich was very popular and famous, but this one has more options/scenarios.

Super Star Trek

One of the best-loved earliest computer games, Super Star Trek is a cult mainframe classic spacecraft simulation played by countless college students in mid to late 1970s. Celebrated for its emphasis on ... bug fixes and new additions, this 2002 freeware version is the one to play. Best of all: the game is not only free, but its source code can also be downloaded free of charge on the official site.


Some Striker clone.

Super-VGA Harrier

Another excellent, groundbreaking flight sim from Simis. Basically a huge graphical update over AV8B Harrier Assault, released months earlier. Apparently Simis put "Super-VGA" in the name to ... to get this classic sim running under Windows 98, unfortunately it doesn't seem happy with 3D video cards. If you have an older conmputer with an S3 graphics card you should be able to run it."

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