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Super Star Trek

One of the best-loved earliest computer games, Super Star Trek is a cult mainframe classic spacecraft simulation played by countless college students in mid to late 1970s. Celebrated for its emphasis on authentic-sounding spacecraft commands rather than reflexes, as well as numerous Star Trek references, the game garners a huge following and inspires countless remakes and clones to this day.

The goal in the game is quite simple. Basically, you pilot the Enterprise around space, killing Klingons and refueling your ship when necessary. You issue commands by typing them into a parser-like interface and watch the results. This new DOS version of the game is coded by Tom Almy, who fixed many bugs in the original version and added some new features, such as modifying the "dock" command to give a report if a base is under attack, upgraded the deathray weapon, added the (very cool) Deep Space Probe, and tweaked the code so that Romulans and regular Klingons could move in advanced games. This version also allows enemy ships to ram into the Enterprise, although I have yet to see it in my games (probably because I never really allowed any ship to get that close ;)). If you like spacecraft command sims that boasts countless hours of gameplay despite nonexistent (well, it has ASCII) graphics, Super Star Trek remains to this day one of the best ever created. With numerous bug fixes and new additions, this 2002 freeware version is the one to play. Best of all: the game is not only free, but its source code can also be downloaded free of charge on the official site.

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