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F/A-18 Hornet 3.0

F/A-18 Hornet 3.0 is Graphic Simulation Corp (GSC)'s first flight sim released on PC, and it is a very realistic and highly underrated sim. Jim Pedicord's review for CD Mag explains why die-hard armchair ... it is fun, interesting, and full of surprises. GSC has made a solid entrance into the world of PC simulators." If you like the game, check out the superior sequel F/A-18 Korea also on this site.

F/A-18 Korea

F/A-18 Korea is an ultra-realistic flight simulation that deserves much more notice than it received. The comprehensive review at GameSpot says it all about this game that rivals Falcon 3.0 in breadth ... vaunted F/A-18 Hornet under the most demanding operational conditions, but makes a convincing argument regarding the resolve and commitment of one of the most underrated gaming houses around."

F-14 Tomcat

F-14 Tomcat is a fun early flight-sim by Dynamix. Despite the name, the game is actually an arcade game with some simulation elements. This means that the game is much closer to, say, Apache Strike than ... of atmosphere. If you like arcade-ish sims such as Strike Commander, definintely give this one a try. Not much to speak of in terms of long-term play value, but it is a lot of fun while it lasts.

F15 Strike Eagle

Shoot enemies out of the sky.

F-15 Strike Eagle II

Follow-up to Sid Meier's legendary early flight sim F-15 Strike Eagle from 1985. For the sequel, he teamed up with Andy Hollis to create yet again an outstanding flight simulation that perfectly balances ... sound support and new weapons. This add-on is included in the download zip below. To install it, first install the game, then copy all files from the add-on archive over the old F15-II directory.

F-15 Strike Eagle III

Review 1: F-15 Strike Eagle III is the last and best in MicroProse's F-15 Strike Eagle series. In this outing, you will pilot the F-15 Strike Eagle in three theatres of operation: Iraq (Desert Storm ... goal. F-15 Strike Eagle 3 had awesome graphics when it was released, the F-15 is very detailed and realistic. A CD version was released later, including a new campaign based on the Gulf War events.

F-16 Fighting Falcon (a.k.a. iF-16 Fighting Falcon)

This is a Falcon flight sim from the same people who brought Hind and Apache Longbow into the world. The graphics engine from Hind was souped-up, and a later patch brought 3DFX support (which is much easier ... exerted on me, which was only restored with the weapons modelling. Launching laser guided bombs is very realistic and very, very difficult (if you pass over the target, you will lose the laser lock).

F-16: Combat Pilot

Digital Integration's first sim that was published by Electronic Arts still stands the test of time as an accurate simulation of F-16 Falcon (given the hardware limits of its time). Outstanding campaign ... (ground attack on bridges, factories etc.), Tankbuster (anti-tank), and Watchtower (reconnaissance). Once more, DI outdid themselves with a solid sim that would undergo a heavy remake a decade later.

F29 Retaliator

Review 1: Nice flightsim, landing is a bit tricky and starting might not work on first try either, but flying this baby is a real pleasure. Plenty of missions to fly, 2 different jets (you can also fly ... game for its time. This game delivered what its designer wanted to do: fast-paced, hi-tech action. Good enough to pick up when you feel nostalgic for the good old days of gaming during the Cold War.

Fading Footsteps

Fading Footsteps is a very little-known "wolf simulation" along similar lines as Sanctuary Wood's Wolf, but is a much inferior game (and therefore somewhat deserving of its obscurity status). ... how much better Wolf and Lion are, and why they remain the best games of their kind. Yet another missed opportunity in an intriguing and under-represented genre of "life simulation."

Falcon AT

Essentially Falcon 2 but somehow marketed differently, Falcon AT is the second release in Spectrum Holobyte's revolutionary hard-core flight sim Falcon series. Despite popular belief that Falcon 3.0 was ... simulation in every respect, and a must-have for every armchair pilot. Recommended! In 2001, G2 Interactive purchased copyrights to the entire Falcon series from Hasbro, current owner of MicroProse.

Fast Attack

One of the most obscure games Sierra published is Fast Attack, a highly underrated, but unfortunately very buggy, submarine simulation developed by Software Sorcery, a now-defunct company that consisted ... make you or break you, and you'll relish every minute of it." Note: The download here is already patched with version 1.01, which solves many of the crashing bugs mentioned in Subsim's review.

Fifty Mission Crush

"A tactical recreation of the bomber offensive against Germany during World War II. Realistic, but dull; superseded by B-17 Flying Fortress and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe in terms of graphics, game play, and historical detail. One's created character had to finish a tour, and if a mission ended in failure, the only recourse was to begin anew; there was no abort/restart."

Fighter Bomber (a.k.a. Strike Aces)

Review 1: Fighter Bomber (or Strike Aces in the US) is a fun but very challenging "recreational" flight-sim set in a bombing competition inspired by Gen. Curtis LeMay's training events. You ... and good enemy AI. Recommended! Review 2: Fly around with different fighterplanes. The controls of the game are excellent. The polygons are a bit crappy, but hey, what do you expect in those years.

Fighter Wing

A decent flight sim from GemSoft that offers good graphics but not much realism or long-term play value. From the description at MobyGames: "Fighter Wing is a flight simulator that instead of concentrating ... beyond the variety of aircrafts (most of which feel the same anyway). For a more polished and realistic execution of this multiple-aircraft-in-fictional-scenarios idea, try Evasive Action instead.

Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2

Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2 is a fun "light" chopper simulation from Core Design that is reminiscent of NovaLogic's Comanche series in many ways. Namely, it's a fast-paced action game that shouldn't ... Firehawk is a lot of fun for action gamers or casual flight sim fans who want a bit of realism thrown in, or die-hard armchair pilots who want an arcade-style sim for a change. Recommended!

First Expedition

First Expedition is an interesting and surprisingly complex (given its age) simulation of naval exploration that includes many realistic features such as weather and wind effects. Set in a fictional alternate ... sim enthusiasts. A great game, albeit with a very limited appeal. Recommended only if you're a mariner in real life or are really interested in a realistic simulation of historical sea navigation.

First Over Germany

"A tactical simulation of the Bomber Offensive against Germany during World War II, it was relatively detailed. However, gameplay became somewhat tedious." This would be the last flight sim in the series designed by John Gray that began with Fifty Mission Crush and B-24 Combat Simulator.

Fleet Starship Tactical Combat Simulator

Fleet Tactical Combat Simulator is an excellent shareware simulation by small developer Smoke and Mirrors Studios that offers a very detailed tactical combat engine that will please die-hard fans of Starfleet ... better off looking elsewhere. But for those of you who would enjoy a traditional turn-based strategy game with lots of flexibility, and value gameplay more than graphics, look no further."

Flight Assignment: A.T.P. (a.k.a. Airline Transport Pilot)

Flight Assignment: A.T.P. (short for Airline Transport Pilot) from SubLOGIC is a classic civil flight simulator that was a breakthrough in the genre in many ways. For starter, the game offers a very vast ... (Hawaii), MS-2 (Tahiti), and MS-4 (Japan). These scenario files can be used in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.12, 3.0, and 4.0, as well as subLOGIC's JET, Flight Assignment: ATP, and Thunder Chopper.

Flight Commander 2

"Flight Commander 2 is an excellent tactical level air combat simulation by Big Time Software, distributed by Avalon Hill. Unlike a flight simulator, FC2 uses a turn-based "board game" format, ... way to experiment with multiple aircraft tactics. Its inclusion of many planes that are simply not popular enough to warrant their own conventional flight sim is just a welcome bonus."

Flight Light

Flight Light by subLOGIC is a solid civilian flight simulator that isn't on par with the company's acclaimed ATP series in terms of realism, but achieves its goal of introducing newcomers to the world ... shortly after subLOGIC was acquired by Sierra. This version features 3 extra planes and scenery. Also, fans should check out Sierra's Pro Pilot-- probably the last game ever coded by subLOGIC team.

Flight of The Intruder

Flight of the Intruder was yet another sim ahead of its time. This sim features things that we now just take for granted like multiplayer, mission planner, multi-flight missions (with ability to switch ... who enjoy the book (or movie) and in general people who enjoy good flight sim. Flight of the Intruder is a sim that belong to the Flight Sim Pantheon, along with names like Falcon 3.0 and Falcon 4.0.

Flight Unlimited 2

After revolutionizing the 3D dungeon romp genre with Ultima Underworld and its sequel, Looking Glass Technologies turned their attention to the genre that is the perfect match for their powerful physics ... to leave the United States and fly to foreign locales? In Flight Unlimited II the player really does get to experience the sheer joy of flight, and enjoy the journey...not just the destination."


One of the earliest shareware games (although you don't get extra gameplay features from registering), Flightmare lets you pilot a prop plane to fight off a band of vandals before they reach your city. ... must refuel from time to time with a blimp, watch your ammo, and finish the level before time limit runs out. If you like Sopwith, you'll find Flightmare a similarly captivating and addictive game.

Floor 13

Review 1: "What the hell are you thinking?! This is a democracy! We can't just let people who don't like us walk around without hassling them!" The above quote probably sums up your role in ... My apologies for this. Even with no music to show you, or any text files for this titles, I can still assure you it is a great game and can be pretty fun! Why not download it and give it a try eh?

Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer is one of the most original flight sims ever made, but was unfortunately never released because developer PostLinear went under shortly after finishing the game. Instead of the usual fly-the-modern-jet ... intro and cut-scenes are very well done. Note: Although a CD-rip version exists when the game was "leaked" to various warez groups, the full CD version was never seen-- until now, that is.

Formula One Grand Prix
Free Combat

Outstanding freeware gem by John Nyman that is not very (read: not at all) well-known. Free Combat is a cool top-down combat simulation with a great feature not seen in any other game: a realistic line ... and the manual is very thorough. Overall, an excellent effort that is much better than many commercial titles, and well worth a look by fans of Jagged Alliance and similar realistic combat games.

Free Enterpri$e (a.k.a. Free Enterprise)

Review 1: Free Enterpri$e is a unique business simulation that is largely unknown despite good reviews (Strategy Plus magazine calls it "a SimBoss kinda game"). It is essentially a "tactical-level" ... an average addictivity level, this makes a fine business simulation. An extra plus point is the reality level. There are so many options that you would almost think you are a real enterprise owner.

Frontier: First Encounters (aka Elite 3)

At the moment, Elite 3 is the last in the Elite series. Elite 4 is planned, but it doesn't seem like it will come out any time soon. Like in previous Elites, you take the role of a pilot trying to work ... even destroy yourself. Aside from that it's a good game, especially for those who like exploring and want to see how it would be like to travel through space. It also has a nice starting animation.

Galactic Empire

Galactic Empire and its sequel A.G.E. (= Advanced Galactic Empire) are early first-person space/adventure hybrid from Coktel Vision. Both games sports a fast 3D engine with beautiful graphics - as one ... Note: Neither game works well on Pentium II but run fine on 486 or slower computers, so be warned-- you will likely need to not only slow down utilities but also DOS savvy to see these early games.

Galapagos: Mendel's Escape

One of the most unique games ever made, Galapagos: Mendel's Escape is a fascinating artificial life simulation that combines intricate puzzles, fantastic Escher-like worlds, and advances in AI technology ... a must-play for anyone who is interested in artificial life and has enough patience (but then again, it is probably unlikely that impatient gamers would be interested in this field to begin with :)).


The first World War II submarine simulation ever made for the PC, GATO was a true pioneer in this niche genre, an ambitious sim that features a lot of realistic instruments and weapons. As the submarine ... When the first players encountered Gato, you can imagine they thought it was pretty significant. They had to start somewhere." True enough. Primitive, but honorable for the pioneer that it was.

Gearhead Garage

One of the most obscure car-related games ever made, Gearhead Garage is an interesting 'game' that is actually less interesting than it sounds. Like the semi-popular toy line it was based on, the goal ... with cars such as Bronco and Escort, you might find Gearhead Garage fun enough to play all the way to the end. The rest of us would do well to stick to the simple-yet-fun Car Builder instead.

Gene Pool

Gene Pool is a very cool artificial life simulation from Jeffrey Ventrella, designer of Darwin Pond which was reviewed earlier on this site. The blurb on the designer's official game page says it all: ... The program offers dozens of options, attractive graphics, and is based on realistic enough science that geneticists can appreciate. Highly recommended for anyone with a slight interest in genetics.

Gettysburg for Windows

Veteran wargame reviewer M. Evan Brooks sums it up succinctly in his synopsis of this marginal game: "Released to tie-in with the four-hour Turner movie, this simulation was a workmanlike albeit simplistic ... of the program. The CD version offered clips from the movie, and the product was an excellent tutorial for educational purposes if not for gameplaying. In fact, as gameplay goes, it didn't."


G-Force is a solid flight-sim revolving around the MiG russian jets, similar to MiG 29. As you boot the game up, you will see a map with targets of the area such as airfields, buildings and military installations. ... copy the sound card driver from one of the directories in the game, and copy it to the main directory of where you installed it. More help is given to you when this sound card setup screen appears.

Girlfriend Construction Set

Girlfriend Construction Set is an interesting early "girlfriend simulation" program that isn't realistic (I doubt we could ever be able to simulate human relationship realistically in a game ... with GCS, even though real-life relationships are far more interesting and multi-faceted than any computer program. Don't pin your hopes on this thing, but it should help elicit a chuckle or two :)

Global Dilemma: Guns or Butter, The

In The Global Dilemma, your task is to manage the "global dilemma" --the conflicting needs of the military and industry-- by allocating the production of various commodities (e.g. using the iron ... the game is much more "realistic" than games like Civilization in which resources are unlimited). The computer AI on hard level is also one of the best for its time. Highly recommended.


The only simulation of its kind released outside medical circles, G-Netix is an excellent and extremely comprehensive simulation of genetic engineering. The program is more of a simulated lab/software ... is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, G-Netix is an outstanding program that succeeds in what it sets out to do: offer a realistic, extensive virtual genetic engineering lab. Highly recommended.

Gold of the Americas

Review 1: Colonization of the New World. Choose between one of the colonial empires (England, France, Spain or Holland) explore the unknown lands, colonize, fight the natives, conquer enemy colonies... ... and addictive. Perfect for fans of SSI's No Greater Glory, and SSG fans in general. SSG's famous AI does not disappoint-- it is one of the best AIs you'll find in this type of game, bar none.

Golden Oldies Volume 1 (a.k.a. Eliza, Life, Adventure, Pong)

Description at MobyGames says it all about this quirky piece of software gaming history - made back when Software Toolworks was still called "Software Library" :) "Probably the first retro-collection ... but they are good enough to give you a good sense of nostalgia... and a peek of how gaming looked in 1984 :) Recommended if you collect oldies, but probably won't be of interest to a casual gamer.

Grand Prix 2

If LucasArts are the masters of adventure games, and EA Sports are the best when sports are concerned, then Microprose is definitely the BEST company that deals with any Formula 1 title! After a highly ... used to control the car). Wheel gives you much more control and the game is a LOT easier that way. GP 2 is a game that I would recommend to everyone. Even if you're not F1 fan you will like the game.

Grand Prix 500 2

Review 1: I may like a lot of old racing games, but this one is definitely one of them. The game lets you play a one or two player game; single race, practice or championship on all the tracks that existed ... some nice options. Review 4: This is a nice motorcycle game in which you can practise, race and even race a championship on 12 different tracks. Gameplay is ok, You just must get the hang of it.

Grand Prix Cycles

This is pretty much the same as Grand prix circuit, only this time You're a motorcycle driver. Compete in either 125, 250 or 500 ccm and become a world champion.

Great Naval Battles 1

Great Naval Battles 1 and 2 were detailed simulation of World War naval operations that, in M. Evan. Brooks' words, are "historically detailed and recommended to the aficionado of the period. While ... to stretch in order to adequately cover the air operations, and since the system was ostensibly for surface warfare adherents, the entire direction of the design seemed to become suspect."

Great Naval Battles 3

Great Naval Battles 1 and 2 were detailed simulation of World War naval operations that, in M. Evan. Brooks' words, are "historically detailed and recommended to the aficionado of the period. While ... to stretch in order to adequately cover the air operations, and since the system was ostensibly for surface warfare adherents, the entire direction of the design seemed to become suspect."

Great Naval Battles 4

A disappointing fourth entry in SSI's Great Naval Battles series. M. Evan Brooks, veteran wargame reviewer, says it all in his capsule review of the game: "The series returned to the European Theater ... turnip. A modified interface coupled with air operations and numerous bugs and semi-complete patches led to unnecessary frustration. If it could have only been left to rest in peace ..." Ouch ;)

Great Naval Battles 5

Great Naval Battles V: Demise of the Dreadnoughts: 1914-18 is the final entry in SSI's long line of good World War sea battle simulations. The game is essentially the same as GNB 4, but with WWI ships ... competent AI that fixed many of the bugs in the earlier games, GNB5 is a worthy end to one of SSI's most underrated series. If you enjoy naval simulations or World War games in general, check it out.

Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, The

The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt is the third and last game in Magnavox' elaborate "Master Strategy" series for the Odyssey, which are complicated epics that incorporated board game elements ... but I'm pretty sure that this is also the first electronic game that lets you buy and sell stock options. Overall, a fun game to this day, and not a bad end to the "Master Strategy" series.

Grey Wolf: Hunter of the North Atlantic

The submarine sim experts at says it all in a very thorough review about this marginally average, little-known WWII U-boat submarine sim: "The package containing the Grey Wolf - Hunter ... you are a naval/subsim connoisseur--if you want to have the experience of playing every sim possible in your resume-- Grey Wolf is an affordable candidate. But watch out, you may have fun too!"


Review 1: Ok, well - looking at this from a moral point... erm... I have to admit that some scenes are really not nice and I am not a big fan of brutal games. But this one is a good example for a game ... the boat, shoot grenades or with a gun against the enemies. This game rocks. At the beginning of the game you can also practise the 3 abilities. Graphics are ok, the sound is some what of the same.

Gunship 2000

Review 1: The successor to Gunship, it really isn't as recent as the name suggests, but rather a 1993 implementation of the Gunship concept. You get some VGA graphics, which are much better than those ... to make yourself sound really hard (e.g. the "Fighting Viagra's" or something similar). In summery though: "Loads of fun to be had with your enormous chopper!!" - Recommended!

Halloween Spirit Board

Halloween Spirit Board is a cool "electronic toy" from the folks behind The Chronicles of Jaruu Tenk, a neat screen saver that I also reviewed on this site. The premise is that you can talk to ... "screen entertainment" - spend some time with it, and the 'intelligence' of the ghosts may surprise you after a while. Definitely more fun than watching the screensaver. Highly recommended!


One of the best space trading/adventure games I have ever come across, The Software Refinery's highly underrated Hardwar is arguably the truest spiritual successor to Ian Bell/David Braben's Elite. A lengthy ... this sort of game.. go and [get it] now! This is by far the best game of its type since the original Elite and beats all pseudo-clones and Elite- successors (Frontier etc.) into the ground."

Harley Davidson: Road to Sturges

One of the very few Harley Davidson licensees, Road to Sturges is a fun and atmospheric bike game where you travel from city to city with your gang looking for fun and profit on the way to Sturges, your ... Despite repetitive scenery and easy gameplay, the game does offer several hours of entertainment, especially when you engage in highway duels with other gangs. It's not Street Rod, but it's not bad.

Harrier Combat Simulator

Harrier Combat Simulator is a thoroughly average Harrier flight sim that doesn't come even close to giving Harrier Jump Jet a run for its money. A revised version of Mirrorsoft's 1986 High Roller, the ... laws are all but absent-and the relatively old age isn't even a good excuse given how reasonably realistic early sims like Falcon and F-15 Strike Eagle are. Thumbs down for this old game.

Helicopter Simulator

This must have been high tech back in 1987. I like this part of the readme-file: 3-D Helicopter Simulator is obviously an extremely complex program and barely fits into a 256K machine. If you have 256K ... Graphic is flickering and everything - it's not that nice. But still - it IS playable and you can't say that about all of the simulations that are some years old. Let's at least honor the attempt.

Hellcat Ace

One of the earliest flight sim classics from MicroProse, Hellcat Ace was designed by Sid Meier for Atari and converted to PC by R. Donald Awalt. Digital Antic stores David Plotkin's excellent review of ... National Guard Wing). While the graphics could be improved, the playability of the game is not harmed by this, and I recommend it to those of you with dreams of glory and the big blue yonder."

Heroes of The 357th

Heroes of The 357th casts you as one of the pilots of this famous American Fighter unit in Europe during WWII. Based in England, you fly a variety of mission against occupied Europe. You fly exclusively ... the flight model of Heroes puts me off. I really cannot recommend this game. If you want to play WWII flight sim of yesteryear, I'd suggest you hunt for a copy of Dynamix's Ace over Europe instead.

High Seas

A very early (1987!) Age of Sail simulation, High Seas emphasizes joystick maneuverability at the expense of realism and playability. Although the game deserves notice for being one of the first to offer ... to say the least, and its age really isn't a good excuse for the poor quality at all, in light of early classics e.g. Ancient Art of War at Sea which were made even earlier than this old game.

High Seas Trader

Review 1: Remember Pirates? Well, High Seas Trader is a bit like the Microprose classic but more oriented to trade and less to action. It will take You a lot of time to beat some of the game's parts ... a *trading* game and not a sprawling, swashbuckling adventure that Pirates! is. Trading in High Seas Trader is based on a reasonable economic model, and the 3D perspective when sailing is enjoyable.


The successor to Apache Longbow, this ranks on my list as one of the best games ever. Ditching the ever popular Apache, one finds him/herself at the control of the gunship-transport hybrid Mil Mi-24 Hind, ... killed). I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who likes serious sims, as it is really original and there nothing quite like it, with the exception of the Blackhawk missions in Longbow 2.

HR2: The Simulator

One of the more obscure games from Japanese developer Artdink, HR2 is a unique and interesting tower building simulator that shares a similar goal as Maxis' SimTower, but with a completely different emphasis. ... a realistic simulation or a unique programming exercise. Recommended, but only to a niche audience. Note: In-game menus and text are in English, but text in the help section is all in Japanese.

Hunt for The Red October

Not to be confused with action-oriented game of the same name by Grandslam, Mindscape's Hunt for The Red October is a submarine simulation set in the same period, also based on Tom Clancy's classic political ... Overall, an average submarine sim -- if even that -- that armchair commanders would do well to avoid. A definite thumbs down for this one, although it's not horrendous enough for a Real Dog tag.

Hunter's Law

Hunter's Law is a unique and fun "simulation/adventure" that plays like what Wolf would have played like, had it been released in 1992. You play two characters in the game: one, a scientist stationed ... factoids. I had a lot of fun with the game, but not without wishing that it would have more variety. The unique gameplay makes this old game well worth a look, although it's not a Top Dog in my book.

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