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Helicopter Simulator

This must have been high tech back in 1987. I like this part of the readme-file: 3-D Helicopter Simulator is obviously an extremely complex program and barely fits into a 256K machine. If you have 256K you will not be able to run the Helicopter Simulator while memory resident applications (such as Sidekick) are active or on a later version of DOS than 2.11.

Yeeeeaah! DOS 2.11! Who remembers THAT?! At least I don't - haven't met any program running on earlier versions of DOS than 3.3. Always remember this when you play this antiquity! You aren't only able to fly your helicopter (a Robinson R-22 or an Apache AH-64) against the computer - you can also play against a human opponent by directly linking your computers or (remember the date!) over a modem. They really tried a lot back then and the game isn't even bad. They were some years ahead of the rest of the gaming industry back then - you have to admit that. After today's standards this one isn't really something you would absolutely want to play. Graphic is flickering and everything - it's not that nice. But still - it IS playable and you can't say that about all of the simulations that are some years old. Let's at least honor the attempt.

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Helicopter Simulator screenshot
Helicopter Simulator screenshot

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