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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

In the rarefied world of BMX racing, Dave "Miracle Boy" Mirra is a living legend in the extreme sports community. It is fitting, therefore, that Acclaim's Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX successfully ... and has excellent replayability that will keep you coming back for more. Too bad Acclaim discontinued this PC version shortly after release in 2000, leaving only the console versions in the market.

David Leadbetter's Greens (a.k.a. MicroProse Golf)

Yet another diversification effort that was very underrated, Greens is MicroProse's answer to the question: How do you compete with legendary golf sims Links and Jack Nicklaus? MicroProse signed up one ... controls, bland graphics, and weak interface marred the otherwise excellent and innovative approach to golf games. Recommended, but outdated graphics and awkward controls may dissuade expert golfers.

Days of Thunder

Argonaut's entry in the racing genre using the Tom Cruise Days of Thunder movie licence. Here is your chance to become cocky Cole Trickle as you race around various circuits from the Daytona 500 to Phoenix. ... game. Too bad the movie license wasn't utilized to its full potential -- cut-scenes from the movie that follow the plot, for example, would have made the game a lot more interesting. Too bad.

DDM Soccer '96

DDM Soccer '96 is a nice shareware soccer game from Digital Dreams Multimedia, a Spanish shareware/budget games developer. Although it looks merely like a budget clone of Sensible's classic Sensible Soccer ... you can kick curved balls and other fancy shots. Overall, this little-known old game that was hardly marketed outside Italy is a nice arcade-style soccer game to add to your collection. Recommended!

Deadly Racer

A fun action racing game with excellent digitized graphics of cars and scenery, Deadly Racer makes up for what it lacks in realism and long-term play value with outstanding graphics and sound effects. ... Destruction Derby Be warned, though: the cars are not easily controlled, and the lack of on-screen map of the track can be disorienting for a while. Watch the yellow arrow to see where you're going!

Death Drome

Death Drome is a fun, although a bit simplistic, futuristic first-person action/sport game that deserves much more attention than it received. The plot, set in a far future, is nothing special: the year ... time. That is, until the repetitiveness of the gameplay kicks in and your attention wanders off to something more interesting, like Rocket Jockey. An above-average old game in all, but not a Top Dog.


Well, nothing much to say here, just run the game, and compete against computer or other players.


Dethkarz is an excellent futuristic racing game that rivals, if not exceeds, UBI Soft's better-known POD in the fun department. The game's name purposefully sounds like "Death Cars" to signal ... semi-realistic and furious action, and a good track selection make for a game that deserves much more credit - at least as much as POD if not more. Highly recommended, but with some caveats.

Diamond Dreams Baseball

In the days before complex computer simulations of baseball there was tabletop baseball, with each player assigned a card of probabilities. In the mid-1980s, Pursue the Pennant came along to challenge ... I highly recommend Diamond Dreams. If you want to enjoy yourself, opt for Out of the Park Baseball or Diamond Mind Baseball - accurate simulations that make baseball the fun it was meant to be.

Dolphin Boating Simulator

Dolphin Boating Simulator bills itself as "family boating simulator," and does a good job of being just that: a relaxing boating sim that doesn't sacrifice fun for realism's sake. Although the ... to please real-life sailors and helpful hints for novices, Dolphin Boating Simulator is a well-rounded sim that will provide hours of enjoyment... if the awful graphics doesn't get to you first G.

Dolphin Powerboating Simulator 3

Dolphin Powerboating Simulator III is the last and best game in an obscure line of sailing simulations developed and published by Dolphin Marine Systems as shareware in the early 1990s. The game, like ... novelty, but don't expect to enjoy it at any great length. If you are interested in a sailing game, Interstel's First Expedition is more interesting in my opinion, even if it doesn't look as good.

Double Dribble

Decent conversion of one of Konami's earliest hit arcade games. When Double Dribble made its debut on arcade machines in 1986, it was hailed as a revolutionary game in early competitive sports gaming. ... should look elsewhere, as Double Dribble has a complete lack of coaching options. Meanwhile, arcade fans looking for a few minutes of dribbling fun will have a blast with this nostalgic old game.

Dream Team: 3 on 3 Challenge

Another solid action sport game from Data East, Dream Team: 3 on 3 Challenge plays like a good remake of Electronic Arts' Jordan vs. Bird, except that the players you control are more generic, and the ... Overall, Dream Team is a very enjoyable game. It may not match TV Sports Basketball in terms of capturing the atmosphere of a live match, but it is a great choice for anyone looking for a quickie.

Earl Weaver Baseball

One of the best sports games ever made, Earl Weaver Baseball is a revolutionary baseball game that introduces numerous features that are far more advanced than most contemporary games, including multiple ... In short, EWB offers some of the best playability and features never seen since in a baseball game. If you have even a slight interest in baseball, Earl Weaver Baseball is simply a must-have.

Earl Weaver Baseball 2

One of the best baseball series ever made, Earl Weaver Baseball nevertheless was very short-lived-- only 2 were released in the span of 5 years. In every respect, both games are pioneers of the genre: ... EWB Support Page on the Web that contains many stats and utilities. Best of all, he is hard at work on I Got It Baseball, an unofficial EWB sequel that is based extensively on the same engine.

Eat My Dust

One of the most little-known games published by Sierra, Eat My Dust by Funnybone Interactive is a decent racing game for kids that in many ways merits its obscurity. Games Domain says it all in the review ... this is the only audience I can recommend this to." But even that younger audience is well advised to stick with Mario Kart on the console systems rather than play this inferior copy-cat.

Eishockey Manager

The ice-hockey counterpart to the popular soccer management game Bundesliga Manager Professional. It was done by the same people (KRON), and it shows as layout and design is very similar to the football ... few similar games, so every ice-hockey fan should get hold of this one. In Germany, ice-hockey is by far not as popular as football and so the game didn't spawn endless successors as Bundesliga did.

Empire Soccer

Review 1: Empire Soccer is an average football game (soccer for you US people) with a different approach than many other football games like Kick Off, Sensible Soccer and the FIFA series. Of course all ... in stead of the 'realistic' persons used in other soccer-games. You play with one of the international teams against the computer or your friend. You can control the ball very well, well programmed!

England Football Championship

One of the most poorly designed and poorly conceived footie games ever made, England Football Championship has very little to recommend, except for the ability to take control of the full England squad ... fan of the sport who must try every soccer game should even think about playing this Real Dog. Highly recommended-- that you never touch this game and play Dino Dini's classic Goal! instead :)

Espana: The Games '92

Espana: The Games '92 is a fun game based on the 1992 Summer Olympics Games at Barcelona, Spain (hence the name "Espana" in the title). Although it pales besides Epyx' more polished The Games: ... looking for a wide variety of events and decent simulation features. For sheer playability, though, Epyx' The Games: Summer Edition or Accolade's Summer Challenge are both superior to this old game.

European Champions

European Champions is a fairly mediocre soccer game developed by Audiogenic covering most of Europe's top leagues. The game features two display modes, which can be changed during gameplay: An overhead ... And a side view, as seen in most soccer arcade games. Technically pretty poor for 1994 and both in terms of gameplay and fun miles away from classics like Sensible Soccer or the early Kick Off games.

European Champions 1992

Conversion of Tecmo's arcade soccer game World Cup 1990, though the computer version has been licensed to the European Championship of 1992. It's a standard isometric view arcade style soccer game - easy, ... If you like the arcade game, you might find this one a bit nostalgic--- although not necessary fun at all. There are simply far too many better action-oriented soccer games to occupy your time with.

European Superleague

European Superleague is an obscure and underrated soccer management game (SMG for short) from German developer CDS, released only in Europe. You can manage one of eight European teams on one of three difficulty ... Superleague may not be one of the best SMGs ever made, but it certainly belongs in the top 25% of sport management games - and certainly deserves much more attention than it received. Recommended.


Eurosoccer is a subpar football game from Flair. The game lets you manage one of Europe's best clubs in either friendly match or a tournament mode. A comprehensive list of teams and players aside, there ... at all in the game, and even volleying the ball is very hard to execute with the cumbersome interface and imprecise controls - good luck pulling off fancy shots like the bicycle kick. One to avoid.

Extreme Warfare Revenge

Extreme Warfare Revenge is an outstanding 'wrestling promoter sim' from Adam Ryland. This is not yet another arcade wrestling game where you watch guys in skimpy clothes duke it out on the stage: this ... Day!" Suffice it to say that if all sport management games were as good as this underrated wrestling promoter sim, sports fans will never have a reason to complain again. Highly recommended.

Extreme-G 2

Extreme-G 2 (better known as XG2) is an excellent - and very good looking - sequel of Extreme-G, a futuristic racer for Nintendo 64 that was very successful, but unfortunately never ported to PC. Excerpts ... option in the game (unlike the Nintendo 64 version) - but if you are a fan of Tron fan or pretty racing games in general, there is a lot of fun to be had in this solo-player game. Highly recommended!

F1 Manager 2000

F1 Manager 2000 from Intelligent Games is a decent F1 manager game that unfortunately was too bug-riddled in the first release to pose any real challenge to the superb Grand Prix Manager 2 game from Edcom/MicroProse. ... this game just doesn't have nearly as many options and features, especially on the circuit. Worth a look to F1 fans, but don't expect another classic that can top Edcom/MicroProse's masterpieces.

F1 Manager Professional

Review 1: F1 Manager Professional is an excellent, comprehensive, and highly underrated F1 manager game by German developer Software 2000. The game lets you control every aspect of F1 team management, ... and colorful! At its finest, this game is a challenge and fun one, at that. Any sports or business simulation fanatic is going to love F1 Management Professional. I highly recommend downloading it!

F1 World Championship Edition

F1 World Championship Edition is an updated version of Lankhor's Vroom, a highly underrated F1 racing simulation, first released in 1991 in Europe. The game features all 16 circuits on the FIA calendar, ... delivers a similar adrenaline rush and wonderful feeling of speed, despite its simple graphics, with fluid animation and intuitive controls. Recommended for fans of arcade-style racers everywhere.

Face Off

Review 1: The breakthrough of hockey games. The idea of having a new, zoomed screen when shooting at the goal is fantastic! What am I talking about? Download Face Off and see it for yourself. A classical ... it was copied from a real ice hockey game and the field lines and stuff are realistic as hell. All by all I am very enthousiastic about this game and I most certainly recommend downloading this one!

Fast Break

A cutting-edge basketball game in 1987, Fast Break was touted by Accolade as "the first 3-on-3, full-court basketball game that lets you select and run both the offense and defense." Indeed, the game offers a lot more options than its peers, and each individual player has unique talents and strengths. You can even design your own offensive plays in this game.

Fatal Fumes

Fatal Fumes is a fun shareware racing game that should delight everyone who likes miniature racing games. The review at Games Domain says it all: "Fatal Fumes is a top-down racing game along the ... them you'll find a fun little game that, for our older members of the audience, is a trip back to a simpler era of computer gaming. If that's not your bag, then you'd best look elsewhere."

Ferrari Formula One

Ferrari Formula One is a decent F1 racing game from Rick Koenig and EA that offers a good feel for the event - but pales beside Accolade's Grand Prix games in terms of realism and options. As description ... An average racing game that doesn't have anything to set it apart from other, better games. It is also probably too easy for racing sim fans who love the challenge of MicroProse's World Circuit.

FIFA International Soccer

Not a bad game, certainly not a bad game. Compared to the latest FIFA games, it's not much if you look at the graphics, at the gameplay or the sounds. But it sure is a nice game to play! It's in the World ... this would be nice in your collection, but you will find yourself playing the newest games more than this one, I'm sure! This game won't work in Windows! Run config.exe to set the sound settings!

FIFA Soccer 96

FIFA always kept trying to reach soccer number ones. Unfortunatelly episodes 94 and 95 weren't belonging to this category. In that time thanks to great playbility dominated Sensible Soccer (the elder certainly ... on the top of that was whole system rebuilt into 32 bit depth. The game is greatly designed even what concerns the playbility. All those centres and long balls are great. Sound reaches top qualities.

Fight of The Sumo-Hoppers, The

Perhaps the world's only sumo computer game, The Fight of the Sumo-Hoppers is an original and strangely appealing fighting game where you try to to beat your opponent in the sumo tradition: force him outside ... where gameplay shines through simple graphics. Because the game is so unassuming in its elegant simplicity, it may take a while before you realize how deep -- and realistic-- the game really is.

Final Assault (a.k.a. Chamonix Challenge)

The first hiking game ever made for the PC and also one of the most ambitious, Final Assault (a.k.a. Chamonix Challenge, older European release) attempts to simulate the experience of hiking Western Europe's ... Overall, Chamonix Challenge is a good attempt at tackling a difficult, complex sport. It may not stand the test of time very well, but it's well worth a look if you're interesting in hiking.

Final Soccer Challenge

Review 1: Hah, what an incredible game! It is called Soccer, but all it has in common with the world's most popular sport is the ball and the goals. I could even say that this is an arcade, not a sports ... imagine that many people will enjoy this if they are playing against another human player. Both the graphics and sound are decent as well although nothing like the FIFA series from Electronic Arts.

Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer

A very small CGA soccer game. You play, as the title already mentioned, 5 vs. 5 on a small football field. Your opponent's playmode can be set in 3 different difficulties.

Football Fanatic

One of the best (if not THE best) shareware soccer simulations ever made, Football Fanatic rivals the venerable Championship Manager in the sheer number of options in the game, if not in snazzy graphics. ... 1998, although sadly the official site is no longer maintained, and Thunderbear's website no longer mentions the game. If you are a fan of soccer simulations, Football Fanatic is simply a must-have.

Football Glory

Football Glory is an interesting Sensible Soccer clone that falls far short of that classic due to insipid gameplay and poor controls. The game offers many options, from World cup to European championships ... Sensible Software threatend court action over copyright, Football Glory was never further developed. Note: In 1998 Croteam released Football Glory as freeware, to cheers of soccer fans worldwide.

Football Limited (a.k.a. Bundesliga Manager Hattrick)

One of the rarest football games ever made, Football Limited by Software 2000 (released as Bundesliga Manager Hattrick in Germany) deserves to be much better known. Daniel Henriksen at Soccer Games Homepage ... serious and 'just' want to have fun. Because of the graphics and sounds, I doubt a lot of you would really consider playing this game, but search and try; Perhaps you'll get lucky." Recommended!

Football Manager 2

Football Manager 2 is a great sequel to Football Manager 1, one of the world's first soccer management classics on the Spectrum computer. Originally released by Kevin Toms on his own Addictive label (later ... ruthless logic (the game offers 10-- count them-- difficulty levels to choose from), making it a challenge for players of all skill levels. If you like soccer management games, this is a must-have.

Football Manager 3

Final entry in Addictive Games' highly underrated series of soccer simulation that began in 1983 on the Spectrum computer, Football Manager 3 is a disappointing game compared to Football Manager 2. It ... presentation. As it stands, though, Football Manager 3 still packs enough punch to keep your interest for a few hours?until you get bored and go play On The Ball or Championship Manager instead ;)

Football Manager Remake

Definitely one of the most famous Spectrum games ever made, Football Manager is arguably the game that single-handedly invented the whole SMG genre -- soccer simulation games that simulate focus on the ... and uninteresting. But for the rest of us, this excellent fanmade remake is a great way to reminisce about the good old days of gaming -- with a truly classic game that launched a new genre.

Football Masters 98

Football Masters 98 is a bad but very detailed soccer management simulation that is one of the disappointing 'missed opportunities.' Games Domain says it all very critically in their review: "Football ... for about half a season, I found myself not caring one bit about what happens during a match." The bottom line: avoid this average game and stick to Ultimate Soccer Manager or other classics.

Ford Simulator 3

Ford Simulator 3 is the third entry in SoftAd/Ford's excellent promotional game series that saw a new game released every year from 1989 to roughly 1994 to showcase new Ford car models that debuted during ... gear. Overall, Ford Simulator 3 may not be very replayable, but it is a very nice, unassuming driving simulation that is recommended for anyone who likes relaxing driving—and Ford cars, of course.

Ford Simulator 5

Ford Simulator 5 has to be one of the silliest games I have ever played. In my opinion, it is one the weakest attempts at public endorsement I have ever seen. In a rare move in 1989, Ford Motor company ... is also annoying. I'm surprised Ford didn't realise that its not really the right message to send about their cars. Ford Simulator 5 is a mediocre game, but it could have been much, much more.

Formula Dé

Formula Dé is an excellent fanmade PC version of a great tabletop F1 racing game from EuroGames. Coded in Java, the game looks and plays even better than FormulaPC, an older (2002) freeware title reviewed ... You can even replace cars in the game by your own designs - even tanks (!) can be downloaded from the official site :) If you have played Formula Dé before, this fanmade Java game is a must-have.

Freeride Earth

Freeride Earth is an excellent, albeit very limited, 3D snowboarding game from a French outfit GraphitX, who is looking for publisher for their games. First released in 1999, the current version (3.0) ... your previous best times is an appealing one. With pleasant 3D graphics, an easy interface, and relaxing gameplay, Freeride Earth is a great time-waster that is perfect for those short coffee breaks.

Front Page Sports Baseball Pro

The people who brought us FPS: Football Pro, one of the best football games ever made, has done it again with baseball. Unfortunately though, Front Page Sports: Baseball Pro never achieved the same level ... though, FPS: Baseball Pro is one of the very best baseball simulations ever made. Anyone looking for furious action on the pitch should look elsewhere, but for armchair manager, this is a must-have.

Front Page Sports: Football

One of the best sports games ever made, period, Front Page Sports Football is the first game in Dynamix' long-running and popular Front Page Sports games series. With its stunning graphics, realistic replays, ... all there is. The scary thing is, with each reincarnation (there have been four now), this game just keeps getting better and better. If you are an American football fan, this is simply a must-have.

Front Page Sports: Football Pro '95

Front Page Sports: Football Pro '95 is the definitive version of Dynamix' excellent FPS: Football series - at least until Internet play included with the FPS: Football Pro '97 version. All the great features ... It may not exactly fit the 'old game' label, but it is one of the rare gems that can't be praised too highly. A must-have. Note: The disk version for download here includes 3,000 stock plays.

Fuzzy's World of Miniature Space Golf

Undoubtedly one of the best, if not THE best, minigolf games ever, Fuzzy's World is set in a wacky space setting, where courses are scattered on various planets. The courses are presented in excellent isometric view, a welcome change from the typical top-down view of other minigolf games, and there are many undulations and other obstacles that will stump you but will glue you to the screen nonetheless :)


F-Zero is a great remake of the classic Super Nintendo game of the same name by Nintendo. The game looks and plays remarkably similar to the original game, down to the details of each track and the way ... the original, you'll find F-Zero a great game that will give you a glimpse of Nintendo's prowess as a game developer - all without the need to find the game ROM or an emulator to run it. Recommended!

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