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Ford Simulator 3

Ford Simulator 3 is the third entry in SoftAd/Ford's excellent promotional game series that saw a new game released every year from 1989 to roughly 1994 to showcase new Ford car models that debuted during the year. In contrast to the 4-color CGA palette of the first two games in the series, Ford Simulator 3 features crisp hi-res EGA graphics, more car models, and a reasonably realistic driving simulation.

Similar to all other games in the series, Ford Simulator 3 has three major components. First and foremost, you get to browse Ford's current showcase. This being year 1992, the new models are Ford Mustang, Explorer, and its brethren. The second component lets you explore the specs of each model in greater detail, though the price range is unfortunately not included ;) The last, and best, component lets you test drive any of the featured model in a surprisingly entertaining 3D simulation. Similar to Accolade's popular Test Drive games, you can get stopped by a police for speeding, hit various roadblocks, but not while enjoying the scenery. Realism is reasonable, as cars with manual gear do handle differently from cars with automatic gear. Overall, Ford Simulator 3 may not be very replayable, but it is a very nice, unassuming driving simulation that is recommended for anyone who likes relaxing driving—and Ford cars, of course.

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Ford Simulator 3 screenshot
Ford Simulator 3 screenshot

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