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FIFA International Soccer

Not a bad game, certainly not a bad game. Compared to the latest FIFA games, it's not much if you look at the graphics, at the gameplay or the sounds. But it sure is a nice game to play! It's in the World Cup '94, pick a team and lead them to that Cup! The best team (of course) being the EA Allstars, but it's kind of realistic. The best team will certainly have bigger chances of winning. But the game is very hard to play, passing is not really well done, so I would recommend to only use the shoot button during the whole game. That makes it very hard to play! I must say, this game has its charms and it's fun to play, but I can see why Die-Hard soccer gamers prefer the latest FIFA series over this one! Download it to see where it all started, but if you like soccer games, this would be nice in your collection, but you will find yourself playing the newest games more than this one, I'm sure!

This game won't work in Windows! Run config.exe to set the sound settings!

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