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Jagged Alliance

Review 1: Not too many games of this kind were made: Laser Squad, X-Com, Jagged Alliance. Squad leading strategy games are one of the best type of strategies, but for some strange reasons game companies ... of game. If you ever wondered how X-COM can be made better, look no further. Note: The version here is only CD-rip, which lacks great voice acting that truly gives the mercs their own personalities.


Jang-gi is a competent, no-nonsense computer version of Chinese chess that plays a decent game without the frills of commercial titles. If you enjoy Chinese chess, this freeware game from Korea is well ... board, etc.), and doesn't provide any on-line hints or rules. Beginners to the game should take a look at a more complete commercial release such as Interplay's Battle Chess 2: Chinese Chess instead.

JellyFish Player 3.0

A breakthrough in backgammon games, JellyFish is a very strong backgammon program based on neural net algorithm that will challenge even the best backgammon experts. The official claims are lofty: "at ... absolute must-have. This download is the freeware version 3.0 of JellyFish Player that allows you to edit positions, although it does not include the hint or analysis functions of commercial version.

Joan of Arc: The Siege & The Sword

A great conversion of underrated Amiga game of the same name, Joan of Arc: The Siege & The Sword is a fun strategy game about one of the most intriguing historical personages who has rarely been depicted ... AI on the market or the best graphics, but with its unique historical setting and atmospheric gameplay, it's a very enjoyable game that comes recommended, especially to fans of Cinemaware classics.

Jones in the Fast Lane

"Jones in the Fast Lane" was released in 1991, even though it is an old game, it's an excellent game. I used to play it years ago as a kid and I loved every moment of it. It's a simple game of ... end it doesn't matter, the game is still just as fun. It could be a good game to teach kids how to save money, work towards goals and such. Or just a great game to play to have a great time! Enjoy!

Journey to The Center of The Earth

One of the most obscure strategy games ever made, Journey to The Center of The Earth is an interesting but frustratingly difficult adventure/strategy/action hybrid based on the celebrated novel of the ... game doesn't focus more on strategy aspects. As it stands, JTCE is a decent but difficult action/exploration game with some pretenses of strategy. Only action gamers will likely get through this one.


Slave and JubMoo ("catch the pig" in English) are two most popular parlor card games in Thailand. The games are similar in that each player's moves depend on the previous player's move, and both ... publicize two original and fun card games from my homeland. Note: Although the Help screen is in English, the games don't include rules of the card games, so make sure you download the manual below.

Jurassic War

Jurassic War is an interesting and above-average Warcraft clone from Poland that should have been more successful with more promotion and widespread distribution. The game is best described as Warcraft ... to look at, but if you can look beyond the drab palette, you will find an interesting and rather good game lurking underneath. This game comes recommended. Well worth a look for all strategy fans.


PC conversion - or better said - remake of the good old C64 classic of the same name by Ariolasoft. Well, the C64 game from 1984 was one of the first games of its kind followed by games like Die Fugger, ... be very high. Note: the original German game has been translated manually into English except some menu items. You can still download the German original below, as well as the German manual.


Review 1: "A tactical simulation of warfare on the Eastern Front, this game was CGW's Game of the Year in 1985. Multiple options, but marred by a lack of joystick input and amorphous stacking (virtually ... Highly Recommended! Review 2: Another famous one from SSI. Again it's World War II and you have to play a scenario. The good thing of those games are the possibilities you have in the game.


A decent puzzle game that is best described as Othello in 3D. In this board game variant, you and the computer player take turn placing Kengi (small aliens) on the game board. Each player scores by placing ... to the rule are quite opaque and make the game a bit frustrating-- it's difficult to tell where you can or cannot place the Kengis. Worth a look if you like Othello, but by no means a must-have.


Khalaan is a fun and unique strategy game set in a fictional Arab country. The game's exotic setting is blended into gameplay to great effect: you will have the opportunity to engage in swordfights, Saracen-style, ... are very simple and don't allow for subtle maneuvers such as espionage or alliance. Still, the game is worth a look due to its unique historical setting. But beward-- Lawrence of Arabia this is not.

Kingdom at War

At first glance, Kingdoms at War looks like just another fantasy/medieval strategy game in the same vein as Warlords or Dominus. But spend some time with it, and you will discover a lot of nice little ... enough from the me-too crowd to be both refreshing and interesting. It's a fun, unassuming little game that may just surprise you with solid playability and smooth gameplay. A top game in my book.

Kingdoms of Germany

Kingdoms of Germany is a fun but somewhat "dry" wargame set in medieval Germany. From a short critique of the game by veteran wargame reviewer M.E. Brooks, "...Economics, diplomacy and military ... it's the same game on a new map. If you like Vikings, you will probably enjoy this "sequel" that should have been marketed as an "add-on" rather than a brand new game.


Review 1: Kingmaker is yet another strategy game from Avalon Hill although this one is taking place at a different time compared to their other strategy/war games. The game takes place in England where ... royal pretenders. Solid AI, original premise (you can "assign" lots of titles to your vassals, and abduct several heirs apparent), and excellent music despite simplistic battle interface.

King's Bounty

Review 1: Know Heroes of Might & Magic? Where they got the game engine from? Well here is your answer. King's Bounty is the first version with the famous game engine. You are a bounty hunter with ... few people know about HOMM's predecessor even when New World Computing included it with the first HOMM game. So here it is.... the true beginning of a classic fantasy conquer-thy-neighbor series :)

King's Table: Legend of Ragnarok

King's Table is an excellent computerized version an ancient Scandinavian board game of the same name. The arrangement of the pieces and differing objectives of the two sides set King's Table apart from ... unique powers. While the AI is none too bright, the unique gameplay and solid execution makes this a great old game. If you love esoteric board games, it doesn't get much more esoteric than this.

KKnD Xtreme

KKnD Xtreme is a great "expanded edition" of KKnD, one of the most underrated - and funny - real-time strategy games ever made. The official site explains why KKnD fans should get this version: ... than its sales figures would suggest. If you love RTS games with a campy sense of humor and don't mind graphical similarities to C&C, KKnD Xtreme is well worth your time. Highly recommended!

Klondike Moon (a.k.a. Luna Ticks)

Klondike Moon (later released as Luna Ticks in Australia only) is a lackluster real-time strategy game that features some innovative units, but poorer-than-average gameplay hampered by a cumbersome interface. ... discover nothing in the game that will keep you playing for moon after moon. For a great sci-fi business game, M.U.L.E. is still far more fun and engaging. Thumbs down for this very average old game.

Knight Exchange

Knight Exchange is a fun and quite unique board game based on concepts similar to chess. In this game, the board is a four by four grid. Twelve markers, each representing a chess knight, are placed on ... brainteasers and board games in general, Knight Exchange is well worth a look. The game isn't very complex or replayable, but it's a nice coffee break diversion that you'll enjoy while it lasts.

Knights of The Desert

"An operational simulation of Rommel's Desert Campaigns in North Africa during World War II, [Knight of the Desert] was one of the first games to offer multiple stacking in the same hex. Slow and ponderous, its re-creation of the African Campaign did not deliver its potential. Long a mainstay of board wargaming, [unit stacking was also] first implemented here, albeit in a clumsy fashion."

Krush, Kill & Destroy: Krossfire

Krush, Kill, 'n' Destroy: Krossfire (a.k.a. KKnD2 is a fun post-apocalyptic real-time strategy game from Australian developer Beam International. Similar to its 'prequels' KKnD and KKnD: Extreme, KKnD2 ... is not enough here to make the game shine. When all of the little features are boiled away, we yet have little more than another real-time strategy game pulled into the trap of trend chasing."

L.E.D. Wars

L.E.D. Wars is an above-average real-time strategy game that in the end plays like a low-cost alternative to Westwood's famous Command & Conquer series. The plot: in the 21st century cyberpunk world, ... game that introduces no new elements to the genre. Recommended only for anyone looking for a "poor's man version" of C&C, or a quick RTS that supports multiplayer in DirectPlay mode.

La Grande Armee

Shareware simulation of Napoleonic era, set during the period of the First Empire. Similar to SDJ's other wargames, La Grande Armee was designed to be played with friends only-- no computer opponent is ... Datasoft's lackluster Borodino 1812 which is still much better than this game). Not worth a try at all, unless you are curious to know what kinds of options a human-player-only game could offer.

Laser Chess

Laser Chess is an excellent Java fanmade version of a fun chess variant of the same name that first appeared on the Atari ST in the April 1987 issue of Compute! magazine as winner of a programming contest. ... Chess will keep you glued to the screen with challenging gameplay and very interesting rules. The rules take some getting used to, but the game is well worth the learning curve. Highly recommended!

Laser Squad

Review 1: Long before any of the X-Com games was made, Krisalis created Laser squad - turn based, squad strategy game (it was made for C-64 and Spectrum computers, and later for PCs). Equip Your soldiers ... Curiously enough, Laser Squad also features a great 2-player option that is missing in X-COM games-- co-operating with your friend to win a scenario is much more fun than letting the AI handle it.


Laserwars is an interesting game of strategy-based battle game. As the game's descriptions put it: "Luck may be involved depending on the options that are set. The game is played on a square grid. ... and place mirrors effectively. Definitely a fun twist on the familiar gameplay of Deflektor, Laserwars comes highly recommended as one of the most original two-player games you will come across.

Last Call

One of the most unique and in my opinion underrated strategy games ever made, Last Call is a fun game that puts you in a bartender's shoes. Your goal is to earn as much tips as possible from customers. ... lots of laughs, fun gameplay, and even knowledge of drinks you can use in the real world to impress friends. Although most magazines call it "average," this game is a top game in my book.

Learn to Play Bridge

Learn to Play Bridge is a solid Windows-based tutorial that teaches the basics of bridge to beginners withwell-designed presentations and clear instructions. Although it's not a "game" in a sense ... more. Overall, LTPB is an excellent -- and free-- bridge tutorial that beginners to the game will find immensely useful, and intermediate players will find more than interesting. Highly recommended!

Legal Crime

Legal Crime is a great Internet-only real-time strategy game from Byte Enchancters that died an early death, despite a very novel premise and well-designed game engine. Adrenaline Vault's review says it ... and the gameplay is nearly unlimited. So take my advice -- grab your fedora and that violin case. Lefty says there might be trouble at the joint tonight, and the boss don't want no messups."


An ambitious game that chronicles the life of Napoleon Bonaparte from his days as army commander to the ruler of empire, L'Empereur is a solid strategy game that simplifies many of RTK's statistics and ... diplomatic commands to fit the era. In an interesting twist to the by-now-familiar RTK engine, a set of new commands will replace the old once Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of France.


Leong is a decent one-player board game from Robert Roberds of BSX International. As you would expect from a shareware developer that is famous for original games, Leong is yet another invention by Mr. ... actually marketed as "shareware" but since the registered version is identical to the shareware one (except for the absence of "nag screen"), I have labelled it abandonware here.

Liberation Army

Liberation Army is a unique and compelling blend of real-time strategy, tactical planning, and shoot 'em up from Japan. Your objective as an army commander is to defeat the computer-controlled opponent ... well worth your time. Originally released in Japanese only, the text has been translated into English by the translation group AGTP, so you can download the patched version plus English manual here.

Liberty or Death

Review 1: Another strategy game from KOEI which is very similar to KOEI's other strategy games. In Liberty or Death you are in control of either the American or British in the US revolution. Like with ... morale, and so on. Although most commands will be familiar to longtime KOEI fans, the addition of budget allocation and requests for support from political figures add a welcome level of challenge.

Lin Wu's Challenge

Lin Wu Challenge is a lackluster Mahjongg game from Lasersoft, a German developer. Like numerous other solitaire Mahjongg games, your goal is to remove 2 matching tiles at a time to clear the pile. The ... dull, as it doesn't have nearly as many options as Activision's Shanghai, and the graphics is below par. Worth a look only if you collect Mahjongg games. There are many better games on the market.

Line in The Sand

"A faithful adaptation of GDW's boardgame, this simulation was not an accurate representation of the Gulf War. More akin to a static line World War I battle, it did not prevent it from being entertaining, ... flashpoints between Israel and the Arab nations were more interesting with their diplomatic and military options; however, the graphics were "utilitarian" (to put it charitably)."

Liquid War

Liquid War is a very unique and addictive wargame designed for multiplayer. The game's real-time nature and complete lack of conventional units may make it look more like a psychedelic action game than ... and you can use your own maps to play. Overall, Liquid War is a fun, stimulating, and truly original abstract wargame that you'll enjoy playing for hours on end, especially against friends.

LOA2D (a.k.a. Lines of Action 2D)

LOA2D is a great computer version of Lines of Action, a fun but little-known abstract board game invented by Claude Soucie and described in the book "A Gamut of Games" by legendary board game ... old checkers board and pieces and get someone to play it with you, though - the thrill of beating a real player is always greater than beating a computer play, no matter how competent it may be ;)

Lords of Conquest

A classic wargame, Lords of Conquest is an abstract simulation that is easy to learn and play. The game is based on a little-known board wargame of the same name, and fortunately is a big improvement over ... make Lords of Conquest is a must have for all fans of turn-based abstract wargames, and one of the games dying for a facelift. Too bad later conversions to 16-bit systems were mediocre at best.

Lords of Magic: Special Edition

Review 1: One of the best strategy games ever made, Lords of Magic: Special Edition is an excellent fantasy strategy game that, much more so than G.O.D.'s overhyped Age of Wonder, deserves to be considered ... of battle. The storyline at times is slightly vague and actually requires reading. Lords of Magic is a wonderful choice for serious fantasy gamers. I highly recommend downloading this exciting game.

Lords of The Realm

David Lester's masterpiece and definitely THE game that finally brought Impressions into the spotlight, Lords of The Realms is a great medieval strategy game that strikes a great balance between combat ... charming, addictive strategy game. Highly recommended, especially to anyone who's interested in medieval history, and fans of Defender of The Crown who want more substance and accuracy in the game.

Lords of The Realm 2

Review 1: One of the most underrated strategy games of all time, Impressions' Lords of the Realm II is in my opinion the best game designed by David Lester, prolific designer and founder of Impressions. ... but is infinitely better than its successor. This is a game that a real time strategy or military minded person should not be without. It is a great game for both newcomers and more skilled players.

Lords of the Realm 2: Siege Pack

Review 1: An excellent expansion pack to one of the best medieval strategy games ever made, Siege Pack adds a lot of new scenarios and options to Impression's classic Lords of the Realm II. Read our ... take to build them. A close to full 1500 man army will take two turns to build them all. The battles are also fun but you don't have to take the field. Overall this is a great game and worth a try.

Lost Admiral, The

The Lost Admiral was the first game QQP released, in 1991, and remains one of its best. This strategic navy wargame features excellent resource system, numerous units to choose from, competent AI, and ... and quick play offers never-ending challenges." A must have in every wargamer's collection! Too bad Lost Admiral II, which was essentially finished, was never released after QQP went under.

Lucky's Casino

Probably the least known game from QQP (famous for wargames such as The Perfect General and The Lost Admiral), Lucky's Casino is an excellent casino simulation strong enough to give Beat the House a run ... program. With the highest number of options and variants I have seen yet in a casino game, Lucky's Casino is a must-have for casino fans or any gambler who isn't willing to risk real money yet ;)


Ludo is an excellent computer version of an Indian board game of the same name, which is also known as Parcheesi or Pachisi. In this game in which luck and skill are equally important, up to 4 players ... team mode. If you are interested in Oriental board games, or just any board game that uses die throws, this PC version of Ludo will keep you entertained for many games. Highly recommended!

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