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Cobra Gunship

Games Domain says it all about Cobra Gunship, an addictive side-scrolling shareware shooter developed by Elysium Digital, a small company who stopped making games after this one: "[Cobra Gunship] ... and secondary weapons. Engines and armor are pretty self-explanatory--upgrading you engine makes you go faster and more maneuverable, and upgrading you armor gives you more "health" energy.


Cocoron for the NES console is one of the most original and quirky games you'll ever come across. The game was released only in Japan, but thanks to fan group Magic Destiny, we can now play the game with ... a much more replayable game than other NES platformers. If you like unique, replayable platformers and can stomach the cutesy graphics and wacky sense of humor, check out this charming old game.

Codename: Gordon

One of the best fangames I have ever come across, Codename: Gordon is a great-looking, addictive 2D side-scrolling platformer set in Valve's famous Half-Life universe. One testament of how good the game ... no longer pick them up), there is no denying Codename: Gordon is a superb fanmade game that does justice to the Half-Life name. Just be wary of the steep system requirements. Two thumbs up, way up!

Color Attack

Color Attack is a Space Invaders clone with an interesting puzzle twist. Before each new level, the game tells you how many alien ships ("Objects") of each color must be destroyed, as well as ... of earlier Webfoot classics due to somewhat repetitive gameplay, but the unique puzzle twists should at least hold your interest for a few minutes, if not hours. Recommended, but not a Top Dog.


Review 1: I really wish more games had been made about this great and interesting historical period. In Colorado you play the game as an Indian and you have to survive in the wilderness by fighting animals, ... are actually really good. The game is not that old when compared to others I've played nonetheless I was still pleasantly surprised. It's your typical adventure game! Definitely give it a shot.


Combatribes is one of the most underrated SNES games from Technos, most famous for their Kunio-kun series and Double Dragon games. Similar to other 2D side-scrolling beat 'em ups, the plot is quite negligible: ... Overall, Combatribes is a superb beat 'em up game that has sadly been overlooked by many. If you enjoy beat 'em ups, you will definitely enjoy this old game and wish it would last a little longer.

Comet Busters!

Comet Busters! is a very fun Asteroids clone for one to four players. From the succinct description at MobyGames: "...You must blast all the comet chunks to advance to the next level. But there are ... MIDI music, [or] even make it random." With neat special abilities, very innovative tournament mode, and smooth gameplay, Comet Busters takes the basic idea of Asteroid to a whole new level.

Comix Zone

Review 1: A "nice" beat'em up game from know, the games in which you have a character and must blast out of existance everything that this case even something that does ... game offers multiple paths (via different panels you can go to) so that the replay value is somewhat high. With innovative concepts, smooth controls, and vibrant graphics, Comix Zone is a must-have.

Command Adventures: STARSHIP

Command Adventures: STARSHIP is a decent space combat action game that plays similar to Accolade's classic Star Control 2, but without the intricacies of any storyline to get in your way ;) Well, okay, ... and shallow for my taste for lack of strategic overlay. But if you like action games with minor elements of strategy and an excellent ship design interface, Command Adventures may fit the bill.

Commander Keen
Commander Keen 2
Commander Keen 3
Commander Keen 4
Commander Keen 5
Commander Keen 6
Commander Keen 7: Keen Dreams

Review 1: I don't think I've ever seen a worse conversion of a legendary C64 game to PC. While I was still playing games on my old Commodore 64 (RIP), I really enjoyed both Commando and it's successor, ... have been much, much better. The poor CGA graphics doesn't help, either (and there are already many other games during that period that utilized CGA more effectively, e.g. Tau Ceti and Alley Cat).

Commando (2004)

Commando is a superb side-scrolling platformer from Fallen Angel Industries, one of the best freeware making groups. The excellent review at Totalklik mirrors my thoughts almost exactly: "Commando ... works on. Gunner 3 has been toppled from it's throne. Don't be surprised to see new platform shooters in development over the coming months. Frankly, I can't wait to see what the future holds."

Commando Enhanced

Commando Enhanced is an excellent remake of Commando, Data East's classic shoot 'em up. The game is in turn a remake of Commando 32K, a smaller remake created for the Mekka 32k competition. Similar to ... items. The controls are intuitive, and the gameplay is very fluid. If you like the original or military shooters in general, you will no doubt enjoy this top-notch remake of a timeless classic.

Congo Bongo

Congo Bongo is an extremely faithful port of Atari's famous jump-n-run platform arcade game, which in itself is a blatant ripoff of Donkey Kong, presented in Zaxxon-style isometric perspective. When the ... makes it very difficult to gauge distances between objects, so any illusion of 3D is almost nil. Still, it is one of SEGA's better arcade conversions, and well worth a look for fans of the original.


Connaone is a fun freeware action game based on Korean cartoon of the same name. You are Connaone, a rowdy, tough youngster who has been jailed for countless misdemeanors and petty theft charges. Your ... and a unique sense of humor, Connaone is a great fanmade game that more people should know about -- and given the game's limited distribution, that practically means everyone outside Korea ;)


Yet another successful European game that failed to make a splash in the U.S., this game is a 3D tank simulation that is simply a lot of fun to play. With more emphasis on "action" than on "simulation," the game oftens puts you in the midst of furious firefights. The polygonal landscape looks good for its time, too.


From Windmill Software, prolific developer of arcade clones comes Conquest, a nice twist on classic Joust. Trixter said it all in his review at MobyGames: "The Good: Conquesthas oversized graphics, ... that isn't as harsh as the original Joust, Conquest fits the bill." Yet another solid entry from Windmill that unfortunately did not get as much attention as Digger, Windmill's most famous game.


A good PC conversion of Konami's hit arcade game of the same name, Contra is a Vietnam war platform game that features Rambo-style one-man commando against seeming the entire planet's enemy population, ... slightly easy... but that shouldn't turn veterans away. No, not from a game whose name is still going strong in various console-based games, although only one more PC conversion (Super C) was made.

Cool Croc Twins

Cool Croc Twins is a cute little platformer that has never heard of the wonders of gravity. ;) The two crocodile stars of this game, Punk and Funk, have a big problem. Their girlfriend, Daisy Crocette ... gets very repetitive very quickly. Overall, this is a decent conversion of the Amiga and C64 old game, although it won't hold your interest for more than a few levels once the novelty wears off.

Cool Spot

Review 1: Cool Spot is a fun, colorful platform game featuring the 7-up mascot as the hero. The game's objective is fairly simple: you have to collect enough number of bonuses throughout each level in ... him from turning into a totally Uncoolspot. I can't really say too much, as I didn't get very far. I did enjoy the levels I played, and apparently it's a great game. So download it and have a play.

Cool World

Review 1: Not much to say about this game, as it been added per request from the forum. Made right after the movie kicked-in (and the movie really could not live up to success of Who Framed...), the ... scratch or you hate time limits, stay away from this game. When all is said and done, Silent Software/Disney's game based on Who Framed Roger Rabbit is better and more varied than this rare old game.


Review 1: Corporation is an interesting first-person action/RPG cyberpunk game that is largely overlooked. The plot is typical cyberpunk setting: in the 21st century, the Universal Cybernetics Corporation ... of years, and while the walls were not ray cast, but solid fill polygons, it was still one of the earliest simulations to tackle a human viewpoint with complete, 360 degree freedom of movement.

Corridor 7: Alien Invasion

Capstone once again rose (sank?) to their notoriety as one of the worst game developers in history with this awful Wolfenstein 3D clone. Even id Software's celebrated Wolf 3D engine can't save Corridor ... to shoot ugly, heavily pixellated aliens over and over again. A Real Dog, without any redeeming quality that makes it worth your while. Really NOT recommended, unless you are masochistic, that is ;)

Cosmic Crusader

Ah... the memories. Cosmic Crusader was the very FIRST IBM PC game I played. It was one of the pre-loaded software on our brand new 8088 IBM -- running at a whopping 8Mhz :) The game itself is nothing ... and the other 2 are utter crap :) Whatever the reason, though, I simply can't find fault with this hugely underrated shooter. Be prepared for a long trip down memory lane when you play this one :)

Cougar Force

One of Tomahawk / Coktel's few action games, Cougar Force is a decent platform game starring you as member of Cougar Force, an elite commando team. Your mission is to penetrate the criminal's fortress ... seem to avoid your fire. Bland weapons and repetitive enemies make the game boring quite fast, although those who persevere will be rewarded with some nice plot and gameplay twists near the end.


Cowhunter is a silly shooting gallery game that offers a no-frills shooting action? with cows as targets. There are three modes of play, none of which is particularly captivating, but all of which should ... shooting galleries go, Cowhunter is not bad at all. If nothing else, its sense of humor and funny cow antics will elicit at least a few chuckles before you go back to Virtua Cop. Well worth a look!

Crack Down

Review 1: Crack Down is a conversion of Sega's Mega Drive game and compared to many other conversions Crack Down is one of the better games although nothing unique is offered in the game. The game is ... titles. One of the better things about this game is the two-player mode, which makes the game a bit easier to finish. Highly recommended, but think twice if you're not expert at this kind of games :)

Crazy Gravity

Crazy Gravity is a great rocket-flying game similar to Gravity Force for the Commodore 64. The goal is simple: fly through a system of caverns with your silver spaceship, take freight on board, and carry ... another game XLM designed for Webfoot, Crazy Gravity requires a combination of reflexes, wit, and planning to succeed. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Gravity Force and similar games.

Crazy Shot

Crazy Shot is a fun shooting gallery game from French developer Loriciel. Basically you choose from a number of different shooting galleries, and shoot as many targets as possible within the time limit ... skills, play Virtua Cop or Smokin' Guns instead. Worth a look only for Loriciel fans or die-hard game collectors like yours truly - this is in my experience the rarest Loriciel game in existence.

Creature Jungle 16

Review 1: Oh yes - a good oldfashioned top down shooter. Fasten your seatbelts, stop smoking - here we go! I don't have the faintest idea of the background story - as far as I can tell the game is in ... flying around the screen at once. SCHMUPS fans will probably find the game challenging and fun, though, and the great graphics are hypnotic enough to glue you to the screen for hours on end.

Creature Shock

Creature Shock is one of the worst games ever made and a poignant example of how shallow gameplay can kill the game despite whiz-bang graphics. Let's first get the (very thin) plot out of the way: in 2123, ... other than perhaps the fact that there aren't yet many Real Dogs on the site, and I was itching to blast some games to oblivion. I warn you now: avoid this Real Dog like your life depends on it.

Creed, The

A good example of a "great concepts, botched execution" game, The Creed is very innovative cyperpunk action/adventure that could have been the definitive game of its kind before Deus Ex comes ... Wasted potential, to say the least. Well worth your time to find out all the great potential of this bug, but be prepared to run into some serious bugs and the inability to finish the game.

Crime Does Not Pay

Crime Does Not Pay is a fun platform game that is best described as a cross between King of Chicago and Disney's Dick Tracy. Your goal as the mafia, strangely enough, is to get yourself elected as the ... Anyone looking for a more organized and logical mafia game is well advised to skip this one and play Crime Fighter instead. King of Chicago fans, however, will be right at home with this old game.

Crime Killer

Crime Killer is a fun and much-overlooked arcade racing/shooter game from Interplay, coded by Britain's Pixelogic. The premise: in the future, you are the son of a cop who died in the line of duty. Determined ... our top game tag. The split-screen two-player options (holotag and deathmatch) also add a nice bonus to this fun game that constantly tests your reflexes with 60-FPS nonstop action. Recommended.

Crime Wave

Review 1: Too easy and too dumb. The story is "very original" - president's daughter was kidnapped and You, "super crime fighter" Luke McCrabe, are on a rescue mission. Super crime ... game. Without a doubt, Crime Wave has the appeal of a cheap shareware game, and a low point in Access' long career. No wonder the company didn't return to the action genre at all after this Real Dog.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos is a fun 3D game that was much more successful on the Playstation and Gameboy Color consoles. You play Croc, a cute Crocodile who's trying to rescue his even cuter friends the ... to the game's charming 3D cartoon graphics, whimsical characters, and colorful levels, making Croc a good introductory-level game for them. Recommended, especially to young gamers in your house.

Crop Circles: Escape From Planet 3

Crop Circles: Escape From Planet 3 is a fun sci-fi shareware arcade game that makes up for repetitive and simplistic gameplay with a great sense of humor. As with other games from Zero Entertainment, Crop ... game that has enough charm to merit replays once in a while long after you beat it the first time. Highly recommended, especially to anyone looking for a unique arcade game with a zany twist.


A fun, mindless shooting game that should be considered a true ancestor of today's inexplicably famous 3D hunting games, gameplay Crossbow is simple: shoot anything that moves on the screen. You star the ... is on a quest to find his missing son. The imaginative targets, colorful screens, and the various paths you can pick toward the end guarantee that you'll never see it all on your first run-through.


Weird looking CGA game.


Crown is a nice oldie platformer by the chaps from StarByte. Travel through various countries all over the world (stages that is) and "fight" for the crown in each of the six countries. A fun ... particularly end-level "bosses." Overall, a fun platformer that should keep action fans happy for a few hours. The manual here is in German - the in-game text is in English, though.

Cruel World

Cruel World is a below-average Prince of Persia clone from Makh-Shevet, a little-known Israeli developer who later made Master of Dimensions and Armed and Dangerous adventure games. As a harmless citizen ... if you are looking for a great fanmade tribute to that game. Replaying the original Prince of Persia games is more fun than this lackluster game that could not manage to match its inspiration.

Crunchling Adventure

Commercialized marketing tie-in games usually do not get a mention in gaming magazines, and for good reason: they are typically awful. Cap'n Crunch's Crunchling Adventure, however, is an exceptionally ... all, it's free (provided that you like Cap'n Crunch cereal). Too bad it was discontinued only after a few months, and non-US gamers never had a chance to try it out at all-- until now, of course :)

Crusade, The

The Crusade is a below-average action/strategy hybrid similar to Gauntlet - except not half as much fun. For starters, the plot is quite ludicrous: you are a king who has returned from a long journey, ... don't put up much of a fight. All in all, a decent concept that is botched by poor execution. The original Amiga version is only slightly better known than this completely obscure PC conversion.

Crusader: No Regret

Joe Hutsko of GameSpot wrote such an excellent and thorough review of this excellent game that I'd like to just quote it here verbatim: "There's no point in opening here with a witty anecdote or ... obsession, a fervent crusade, a battle of wits and reflexes that takes an ample measure of control to not only command, but also to walk away from, back into your own life, with no regret."

Crusader: No Remorse

Definitely one of the best action games ever made, Origin's Crusader: No Remorse is a perfect use of the 3D isometric engine used in the abysmal Ultima VIII: Pagan. The premise is not original, but effective ... considerable practice. But no matter-- practice you will, and as soon as you get used to the controls, you'll find yourself hooked in the Silencer's world for hours on end. Highly recommended!

Crystal Hammer

One of the best Breakout (aka Arkanoid) clones ever made, Crystal Hammer was one of Magic Bytes' last hits on the Amiga that failed to make an impact in the crowded PC market. Everything you love about ... devious... and challenging. Overall, Crystal Hammer is definitely one of the best Arkanoid clones ever made-- and a must-have for every action fan that will keep you addicted for hours on end.

Crystal Towers

Crystal Towers is yet another great freeware platformer game with the quality to rival commercial releases, amateurish graphics notwithstanding. Obviously inspired by Apogee's classics like the Commander ... get very high scores - up to 5,000 points in some cases. All in all, Crystal Towers is definitely the author's labor of love, and a wonderful tribute to the golden age of Apogee games. Recommended.

Cybercon III

Yet another classic Amiga game that failed miserably on the PC, Cybercon III is a fun futuristic shooter that features a vast array of high-tech gadgets despite a hackneyed plot. Your job: shut down Cybercon ... allows you to program different MFUs (multi-function display units) and your power armour to perform various tasks at a keystroke. Definitely an innovative and underrated FPS that's worth a look.


CyberDome is a great 3D space shooter that sports a very complex 3D engine for its time, patented under the name "SuperSet" engine. In this fun game set in cyberspace, the gameplay is simple: ... If you like a fun arcade shooter similar to Tempest 2000 but with more complex graphics, give CyberDome a try. It's fast, smooth, and looks great on a wide range of 3D cards. Highly recommended!

Cybergenic Ranger

Trixter bashes this marginally underrated game so well at MobyGames that I'd like to quote it verbatim (and yes, I agree with him 100%): "Cybergenic Ranger bears my dubious title of "game that ... you keep getting hit by floating corpses, but realizing that because of the energy pods that keep helping you, the entire sequence is completely unnecessary and lacks any purpose whatsoever."

Cyberia 2: Resurrection

The original Cyberia is an innovative, if unforgiving cyberpunk rail shooter that combines adventure game elements with Rebel Assault- style action sequences. Cyberia 2 is essentially the same, except ... adventure portions will be disappointed at the lackluster puzzles in Cyberia 2, and a much higher proportion of action sequences. Worth a play for eye candy and challenging action, but not much else.

CyberMage: Darklight Awakening

One of Origin's most obscure releases, CyberMage: Darklight Awakening is a fun cyberpunk first-person shooter designed by D.W. Bradley, of Wizardry fame. The game unfortunately suffered from the "too ... behind the game so rich, this had the potential to be a really good System Shock clone instead of a really good Doom clone, other than that...not much to complain about." Highly recommended!


Cybermercs is a decent Diablo-style action/RPG hybrid that is disappointingly too shallow to appeal to fans of either camp. You controls cybernetically-enhanced mercenaries who has been recruited - naturally ... game's dated graphics, uninspired missions, and simply terrible AI won't make the game last long on anyone's hard drive. The life of a 22nd century mercenary needs to be more interesting than this.


Cybernoid is an excellent PC remake of a classic Spectrum/Commodore shooter, released by Hewson in 1988. Although it looks like a typical 2D side-scroller, only a few minutes with the game will reveal ... inventive power-ups, and a more in-depth gameplay than most shooters, Cybernoid is a must-play for all arcade fans. Be sure to also check out PC remake of the sequel Cybernoid 2, also on this site.

Cybernoid 2

Review 1: The idea of the game is to get through the five levels of the space pirates base in a strict time limit (about 5 minutes per level) recovering 1500 points worth of cargo on each level (you ... including the very cool timebombs that you can use to destroy large emplacements. If you enjoy shooters, here?s a chance to play one of the best games that was never available on PC before until now.

Cyborg: Hopy-ONE

A strangely appealing, unique action/puzzle hybrid, Cyborg: Hopy-ONE is reminiscent of Epyx' classic Spiderbot. You are a pogo stick-like robot who must navigate dozens of levels to get out. You can bounce, ... a try if you like, say, James Pond 2 (where you can also stretch your neck up), but it won't hold your attention for very long... once you finish the first few levels, you'll have seen everything.

CyClones posted such a great review of this old game, packed with interesting background and insider information, that I'd like to quote in its entirety here: "CyClones was begun in February ... almost unheard of in the game development world. The inclusion of the unique controls and brandishing Raven's traditionally great art made for a good solid production, and an enjoyable game."


Cylindrix is a 3-on-3 combat game with 360 degrees of freedom that is similar to Spectre VR but with a wider variety of ships, as well as the addition of drivers. Attack and be attacked from all angles ... it is difficult to differentiate between friend and foe in the thick of battle. For those who are confident of their reflexes or have beaten Spectre and Battlezone, though, this game is worth a try.

Cyril Cyberpunk (a.k.a. Cyberboard Kid)

A great platformer similar to the ever-popular Commander Keen series. Mutant killer teddy bears from space threaten the earth. Young Cyril Smith grabs his pellet gun and cyberboard, and heads off to meet ... The registered version (the download version here) includes a level editor, so you can make your own levels long after the fun wears out. Highly recommended, especially for Commander Keen fans.

Czorian Siege

Czorian Siege is a straightforward Space Invaders clone: shoot the enemy ships from the ground. The game is fairly easy since you only need to worry about a handful of ships at a time. Nothing special, except that it has digitized speech - no mean feat for a game made in 1982. If you like easy Space Invader games, check out this oldie old game that was slightly more well-known on the Tandy TRS-80 computer.

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