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Crazy Gravity

Crazy Gravity is a great rocket-flying game similar to Gravity Force for the Commodore 64. The goal is simple: fly through a system of caverns with your silver spaceship, take freight on board, and carry these freight containers to your homebase. Along the way, you must get past many obstacles. Fans blow your ship against rocks, magnets attract you, rods move into your way and cannons bombard you with fireballs.

Since you must constantly struggle against the force of gravity, your task is even more difficult. Inertia is simulated well in the game, and piloting the ship requires finely-honed reflexes. Each new level brings new obstacles and barriers, always in new formations; some even include physical puzzles that you must figure out how to get through -- particularly how to get to the freight. You must also watch the fuel level: accelerated too often, and you may run out of fuel.

Similar to Color Attack, another game XLM designed for Webfoot, Crazy Gravity requires a combination of reflexes, wit, and planning to succeed. Highly recommended, especially to fans of Gravity Force and similar games.

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Crazy Gravity screenshot
Crazy Gravity screenshot

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