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Crop Circles: Escape From Planet 3

Crop Circles: Escape From Planet 3 is a fun sci-fi shareware arcade game that makes up for repetitive and simplistic gameplay with a great sense of humor. As with other games from Zero Entertainment, Crop Circles sets itself apart with a unique premise: you control a flying saucer, and your goal is to evade farmers, government agents, and photographers while blazing mysterious markings onto the surface of the Earth (the mysterious "crop circles" that appear in many parts of the world). Along the way, you must steal cows (yes, cows) to power your spacecraft. And of course, collecting mad cows has dire consequences...

The actual gameplay is quite simple: you fly around the farms, sucking up cows and finding crop circles. The game is very easy to get into, thanks to this simple premise and intuitive flying saucer controls. The graphics are excellent, and the game is full of hilarious animations (including shotgun-wielding farmers and the mad cows). What it lacks in longevity, it more than makes up for in the humor department. As a result, Crop Circles is a fun coffee-break game that has enough charm to merit replays once in a while long after you beat it the first time. Highly recommended, especially to anyone looking for a unique arcade game with a zany twist.

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Crop Circles: Escape From Planet 3 screenshot
Crop Circles: Escape From Planet 3 screenshot

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