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Crazy Shot

Crazy Shot is a fun shooting gallery game from French developer Loriciel. Basically you choose from a number of different shooting galleries, and shoot as many targets as possible within the time limit to rack up your score. Targets range from balloons, to moving ducks, animals, and others that you would never see at a real fair. The game is fun for a while, until you see all the targets, after which it becomes quite repetitive. The virtual prizes you win are also pretty banal, and not worth the trouble of playing the game more than the first few times. If you want to practice your shooting skills, play Virtua Cop or Smokin' Guns instead. Worth a look only for Loriciel fans or die-hard game collectors like yours truly - this is in my experience the rarest Loriciel game in existence.

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Crazy Shot screenshot
Crazy Shot screenshot

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