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Review 1:

Corporation is an interesting first-person action/RPG cyberpunk game that is largely overlooked. The plot is typical cyberpunk setting: in the 21st century, the Universal Cybernetics Corporation is secretly developing a mutant robot for military purposes. A freak power outage one day sets one such creature loose to roam around town, murdering innocent citizens and wrecking havoc. The company, of course, denies all involvement. As a ZODIAC special investigator, your task is to save mankind from untimely destruction, by destroying the hideous genetically engineered war machine and exposing the company of its evil plans.

The game's highlights are the many features that combine the best of action, adventure, and RPG: automapping, object manipulation, damage control, security problems, combat - and don't forget how useful your Backpack Computer and Smart Card can be. One of the best features in the game is the ability to control up to 6 characters (one at a time): 2 male, 2 female, and 2 droids. Each character has different RPG-style statistics and skills. This allows for multiple solutions to many puzzles, although most of them are limited to either the "brain" (e.g. use security cards) or "brawn" (bust the door open) approaches. There are many neat futuristic weapons and gadgets to find and use, some of when are very inventive. Just their names, e.g. "hologram projector" and "thermal infrared image intensifier" are enough to tell you how cool they must be :) Although most of the game's puzzles are limited to opening different doors, there are many ways to do it that it never becomes boring. You will crack the security systems, negotiate pressure pads and airlocks, and evade infrared beams.

Unfortunately, Corporation never quite immerse the player in the game due to bland graphics and lack of plot development. You know from the start what the goal of your mission is, and that's it-- the game never fleshes out the details of your mission, or makes the gameworld more believable. Still, over 16 levels packed with interesting gadgets should keep everyone plodding to the very end. Recommended, but keep in mind that this ain't System Shock, and the difficult arcade-style combat might frustrate RPGers who are reflexes-impaired.

Review 2:

A first person shooter that requires you to think things through rather than just attack anything that moves. This game preceded Wolfenstein 3D by a number of years, and while the walls were not ray cast, but solid fill polygons, it was still one of the earliest simulations to tackle a human viewpoint with complete, 360 degree freedom of movement.

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