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Color Attack

Color Attack is a Space Invaders clone with an interesting puzzle twist. Before each new level, the game tells you how many alien ships ("Objects") of each color must be destroyed, as well as how many misses you are allowed. If you kill one too many or miss too many targets, it's game over. Each wave requires a different strategy, as each type of Object flies with a different pattern and formation which aren't obvious. Along the way you'll do the usual shoo em-up chores: collect a wealth of different power ups to earn better weapons, repair your health, etc.

The Objects approach from the top of the screen, just like the Atari classic, and disappear down the bottom. Every collision will cost you some energy. If you have no energy left, you will lose a life. As long as you have lives remaining, you will be able to continue playing, but you will lose some of your weapons and the radius of motion of your ship will be reduced. The game is over when you run out of lives.

Color Attack is a pleasant shooter that doesn't quite live up to the standards of earlier Webfoot classics due to somewhat repetitive gameplay, but the unique puzzle twists should at least hold your interest for a few minutes, if not hours. Recommended, but not a Top Dog.

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Color Attack screenshot
Color Attack screenshot

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