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Offensive is a rare and very little-known isometric squad-level wargame from Wave Software, published by OCEAN in 1995 with very little fanfare. Developed by a short-lived programming group called Wave ... have to use the last two most of the time because the computer opponent cannot put up much of a fight. Too bad the attractive graphics is wasted in this game whose obscurity is somewhat justified.

Omar Sharif on Bridge

Oxford Softworks and Interplay's first bridge game, Omar Sharif on Bridge won endorsement by famous actor and world-class bridge player Omar Sharif, and for good reason. The game is an excellent full-featured ... turn off bridge veterans who are looking for a long-term game-- they would be well advised to try QQP's Bridge Olympiad instead, since that game is targeted towards intermediate and advanced players.


One of the *best* strategy games ever made, OMEGA lets you program futuristic cybertanks to wage wars. The box touts "The only game of its kind!" and it isn't far off the mark. Using a simple ... that stands the test of time, and remains infinitely replayable even years later. The game even lets you download and upload cybertanks via modem from various BBS'es and other computers (in 1988!)

Operation Com*bat

Operation Com*bat is an abstract wargame that, according to veteran wargamer M.E. Brooks, ".did nothing really well, although it was one of the first to emphasize modem play." The game does ... simply is too primitive and simplistic to warrant any attention from wargamers. Stay away from this average game, unless you are curious about what early multiplayer-focused games play like ;)

Operation Combat II: By Land, Sea and Air

The one and only sequel to Merit's earlier Operation Combat, Operation Combat II is even lesser known than the original despite sporting improvements in all areas. As in the original, you choose one of ... 2-player option (modem and null modem connection). It is not a bad game - it just pales in comparison to the play value of QQP's classic Perfect General series or Dani Bunten's good old Modem Wars.

Operation Europe

Review 1: This is one of those strategies that requires a lot of patience and I had none. I never liked this type of war games but I know that there are many that just love them. So this one is for all ... AI, and confusing interface only add insult to the injury. The only reason it's here is for the sake of completing the collection of old KOEI games, and for me to warn you about how bad it is.

Operation Market Garden

The massive Allied airborne assault to capture the bridges of Holland in 1944. In the words of wargame veteran M. Evan Brooks, this is "a tactical/operational simulation of the largest Airborne operation ... deprivation -- determining the road network was a lesson in frustration. Also, input could not be readjusted in mid-play, and overall, the user interface was both clumsy and unforgiving."


Origamo is a refreshing and fun puzzle game that is essentially Tetris meets the ancient Chinese game Tangram. Here the Tangram pieces come on the conveyor belt, and you must put them into the picture ... becomes as essential as finger dexterity in later stages, since you need to get rid of bigger pieces first because they clutter up the conveyor belt. Great oriental music and graphics add to the fun.

Oxford Games

Oxford Games is a collection of three early games from Oxford Softworks: Bridge 2,000, Backgammon Royale, and Chess Player 2150. They are all solid releases compared to their peers at that time, and strong ... Although Oxford Softworks would go on to produce much better titles through the years (up until their demise around 2002), their solid AI coding is already evident in these 1990 games. Recommended!


P.T.O. II is the sequel to KOEI's P.T.O. (Pacific Theatre of Operations, which never came out for the PC) and is a much improved and better game then the first one. One of KOEI's last PC games, this game ... learned how to play the game on the PC, though. :) The Top Dog honor is mostly for the SNES port, not this inferior PC version. Still, even the PC version is a fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Pacific General

Review 1: Arguably the best entry in SSI's 5-star series (except for Fantasy General) before the engine was upgraded for Panzer General 2, Pacific General covers both land and naval combat during World ... the process. This ease of play should make this game appeal to the newbies of the gaming crowd, but the game's interesting strategy plan should keep the attention of the more experienced gamers.

Paladin 1

Paladin 1 and 2 are Omnitrend's application of the complex tactical engine that underlies its underrated Breach games to the fantasy universe of knights, monsters, and damsels in distress. The result is ... in the right direction). The lack of a larger plot also diminishes play value to RPGers, while the addition of spells and magical items seem more of an afterthought than an integral part of the game.

Paladin 2

Paladin 1 and 2 are Omnitrend's application of the complex tactical engine that underlies its underrated Breach games to the fantasy universe of knights, monsters, and damsels in distress. The result is ... in the right direction). The lack of a larger plot also diminishes play value to RPGers, while the addition of spells and magical items seem more of an afterthought than an integral part of the game.

Panic Soldier

Panic Soldier is an interesting squad-level RTS from Trigger Software, a short-lived German developer. The game is reminiscent of Z and Strike Squad in its emphasis on individual soldiers, but unfortunately ... Panic Soldier is close - but it is no cigar (and probably in this case a cigar is even less than a cigar ;)). An above-average game that is worth a look, but will not hold your attention for long.

Panzer Battles

Panzer Battles is a great World War II wargame that is up to the normal high standards of wargaming legends Roger Keating and Ian Trout. It originally included 6 scenarios from the Eastern Front: Minsk, ... their games. Regardless, the game's intuitive interface, flexible gameplay, and excellent scenario editor help make it much better than an average wargame. Not SSG's finest hour, but still very good.

Panzer General

Review 1: One of the best WW II games from SSI. In this game you even can choose to play as the Nazis. The gamefield consist of smaller hexagon-pieces (like Settlers of Catan) on which you can move you ... by Origin for "Best Military or Strategy Game". Game also has several sequels: Allied General / Pacific General / Panzer General II / People's General / Panzer General III: Scorched Earth

Panzer General 2

Review 1: Will you fight as a Wehrmacht Officer, or perhaps lead your comrades in the Soviet Army? You may want to hit the beaches at Salerno and Normandy as an American or British General. No matter ... you will love this underrated sequel. And if you haven't played any game in the 5-star series, or are looking for a wargame that is accessible to newcomers, look no further than Panzer General 2.

Panzer General for Windows 95

This is a hard-to-find version of Panzer General, one of the best wargames ever created. The original DOS version, released in 1994, was hailed worldwide as the first wargame to truly captured the interest ... If you are a die-hard wargamer, Panzer General may still be an interesting proof of what it takes to draw in a non-wargamer without sacrificing the gist of what makes a wargame fun. A must-have!

Parkan: Iron Strategy

Parkan: Iron Strategy is an ambitious blend of first-person shooter, real-time strategy, and combat simulation from Nikita, a prolific Russian developer. Although it falls far short of the likes of Battlezone ... game by any means, but Parkan is definitely a fresh breeze in a crowded genre. Not a top game in my book, but still worth your time to investigate for a neat sci-fi plot and innovative ideas.

Patrician, The

One of the best historical business games ever made, The Patrician enjoyed tremendous success on the Amiga but unfortunately very little attention from PC gamers (the same fate suffered by most other Amiga ... a lot of great reviews from European magazines. With Infogrames flexing their publishing muscle, North American gamers should keep a close look on this one once it hits the US shores in late 2001.


No doubt the most obscure and buggy Three-Sixty game ever made, Patriot is an excellent (and perhaps the only realistic) modern wargame based on the 1991 Gulf War... but only after it's patched to death. ... from the sheer number of high-tech missiles to the weather effects, it is hard to find fault with the game engine. The lack of campaign mode and questionable AI unfortunately mar this fun game.

Patton Strikes Back

Although Patton Strikes Back is unarguably the worst game of Crawford's career, it was a novel (and noble) attempt to attract non-wargamers to the fray through simplified combat, colorful animations, and excellent help functions and database. A commendable effort that would not be taken up again until SSI's phenomenal Panzer General.

Patton vs. Rommel

Review 1: A fun turn-based wargame set in the World War II. Although the game is a bit too "simplistic" in that it only has two basic army types: infantry and tanks, it was one of the first ... (later known as Fog of War or FOW in many later wargames). Review 2: World War II, Defeat the enemy. Get advice from Patton or Rommel. The basics of the game a very simple and is fun to play with.

Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain (a.k.a. Pax Imperia 2)

Pax Imperia: Eminent Domain is a competent sequel to Pax Imperia, a classic 1993 Macintosh-only 4X space strategy game. Although the original Pax Imperia is an ambitious game that came very close to being ... galaxies by brute force rather than shrewd colony management. The real-time battles are fun, and the game is customizable enough to keep 4X fans happy for some time. Recommended, but not a Top Dog.

PaybackTime 2

PaybackTime 2 is a great clone of the tactical combat portion of X-COM. The game is ideal for X-COM fans who want get right into the action without boring with a plot or campaign-level strategic decisions ... probably enjoy PaybackTime 2 as well. It's very well designed and a lot of fun especially against friends. Formerly sold as shareware, the latest version was released into the public domain in 2001.

Pedro Tank

Scorch like game.


Pentagrama is a fun beer-and-pretzel turn-based wargame that combines traditional turn-based strategy gameplay with boardgame elements in a very innovative way. The best way to describe Pentagrama is probably ... strategies, although it would be nice if the actual close combat were more complex. As it stands, though, Pentagrama is a fun and accessible wargame that strategy gamers everywhere should enjoy.

People's General (a.k.a. Dynasty General)

People's General is an extension of SSI's famous ?Five Star General' series that include some of the best selling computer wargames in history, and it shows in this game. Nothing is really radically new ... General games, it?s a fun and challenging game if you take it on its own merits. If you've played and liked any of SSI's older wargames, you're sure to like this one as well. Highly recommended!

People's Tactics

Definitely one of the best freeware wargames ever made, People's Tactics is a great hex-based, turn-based war game that rivals many commercial games in terms of quality and AI strength. The quality of ... if this game was a retail product reasonably priced, I would urge gamers to consider getting it. Since it's freeware, gamers are cheating themselves if they don't download this little gem."

Perfect Checkmate

Perfect Checkmate is a decent, but by all means special, chess program from Gunnar Games and Expert Software. Apart from nice 2D and 3D graphics, over one dozen board designs, and a mouse-based interface, ... that may aid your game. All in all, a nice enough game that chess gamers should have no complaint about - but also lacks any innovative or unique features to stand out in a very crowded genre.


Nice computer version of popular board game Pictionary. The game principle should be widely known: one player draws clues about a given expression, so that the other can guess the wanted word(s). If you've ... seen it once, you can always guess the answers. Still, the game has plenty of pictures (words) of varying degree of difficulty-- enough to provide more than a few fun play sessions. Recommended!

Pirates 2

Review 1: Sid Meier's Pirates! remains to this day one of the most famous strategy games ever made. A lot of people were disappointed when MicroProse released a poor remake called Pirates! Gold in 1993, ... that was hard to do after the first original game. If you are looking for further info I highly recommend that you read the other reviews of the Pirates games from Microprose here at this site.

Pirates of The Barbary Coast

Pirates of the Barbary Coast is an ambitious but flawed strategy/action game set in the Barbary Coast region, during the high piracy era of the 17th century. One of the (few) best things about the game ... away from Sid Meier's Pirates!, but it does offer some nice touches, as well as ease of play. Recommended for anyone looking for a real oldie on the subject matter that pioneers this niche premise.

Pizza Tycoon

Review 1: In one of the most original strategy games, the premise of Pizza Tycoon is unique: you are a pizza guru/businessman/gangster who must build up a reputable chain of pizza restaurants while dealing ... city and the world, to the details on the pizza and the flowers in your little pizza place. Microprose has succeeded in creating a game that is fun, inventive and new. Pizzas will never be the same!


Backgammon, Poker, and Blackjack are very early PC versions of popular parlor/casino games, published by ShareData in the mid-80s. There is not much I can say about these games, except that they are pretty ... Poker is probably the best game of this bunch, but that is not saying much either. Worth a look as early pioneers of PC gaming history, but not recommended to anyone who actually want to play them.

Poker Solitaire

Poker Solitaire is a great PC version of the fun solitaire game of the same name, sometimes called Poker Squares, which rewards both lucky guessing and accurate calculation of odds. Unlike most solitaires, ... some of the time. This computer version is nicely done, with attractive graphics and a user-friendly interface. If you enjoy solitaire games, this is one old game well worth your time. Recommended!


Review 1: This can easily be called a God simulation. Why? Because You ARE a God! Control either good or evil people and destroy the other. You, as God, can raise and lower the land, make earthquakes, ... guess it's up to you to download it and find out for yourself. I promise you that you wont be disappointed. Populous is a wonderful game, good for a quick ten minute bash and long all night sessions.

Populous 2

Review 1: Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods is a great sequel to one of the most unique computer games ever made. It was unfortunately not as successful, although every aspect of the game has ... to just building a great civilization and conquering everything around him. He has to defeat many other enemy gods and their populations in an effort to get into Olympus. It's a great fun play.

Power Struggle

A primitive but interesting abstract wargame from the designers of Fire Zone, Power Struggle is essentially a poor man's Empire-- similar concepts and idea, but much inferior implementation and questionable ... later classics that utilize this feature, e.g. Space Hulk. Worth a look for anyone interested in the history of the genre, although without enough play value to keep anyone's interest for long.

POWER The Game

POWER from IBM is an interesting boardgame-style turn-based wargame that challenges your strategic skills against your opponents in an abstract race to rule the world. The objective of the game is to defeat ... & Allies to make it truly replayable. The extremely challenging computer AI at the highest difficulty level more than makes up for it, though. Well worth a look if you are die-hard wargamers.


The last MegaTech game, and curiously enough the only one that does not feature semi-nude females in Manga (i.e. Japanese cartoon) style, PowerDolls is a fun, but shallow turn-based, squad-level tactical ... or MIA, it may take a turn or two for them to return (if at all). There's 21 members in all, once you're down to 6 it's game over, according to the manual at least. I've never tested that."


After simulating the automobile industry with Detroit, Impressions turns its attention to the oft-neglected but imminently crucial energy sector. Here you must micro-manage power plants and lay power lines ... of energy and a lot of economic variables result in a confusing game with a weak AI, dubious economic model, and boring gameplay where random events hardly occur and nothing seems to be going on.


Review 1: Powermonger - the successor to Populous that was so much more than that - yet never managed to step out of the shadow of it's popular predecessor. Like Populous Powermonger came with a campaign ... Bullfrog games, there are many realistic elements: slaughter sheep to feed your soldiers, set their attack mode to passive or active, etc. An addictive game that's easy to learn but hard to master.

Pref Club

Pref Club is a decent card game that is notable for introducing something that is missing from most card/casino games: club atmosphere. Instead of putting you in a tournament environment as in QQP's underrated ... to keep players interested, although it lacks the extensive tournament or career mode of Bridge Olympiad. Recommended for beginners and intermediate card players who want to sharpen their skills.

President Election

Review 1: In President Election you will have to run for President. This is the only game where this has been the goal in the game and I consider this game very unique because of this. You will of course ... the percentages of time to spend on critizing your rival and dodging questions in a national debate-- without ever needing to state your platform An arguably "realistic" sim in this way.


Proliferation is a great game of nuclear conflict set in the near future. The premise: "[nuclear capability worldwide] has escalated, and many smaller states now possess tactical nuclear missiles. ... mechanics, Proliferation is well worth your time. Formerly shareware, the author has since released the game into the public domain, so there is no excuse not to try this intriguing old game.


One of the earliest real-time space combat / trading / strategy game was well ahead of its time for its blend of trading and combat that preceded EA's classic Starflight by a few years. A hit on Commodore ... The aliens are even more colorful and varied than Starflight, and some space combat sequences approach the intensity of Star Control despite non-intuitive controls. Remember: buy low, sell high :)

Pure Wargame, The

The first in an aborted Pure Wargame series, this late WW II game was disappointing in every respect: poor AI, confusing interface, and badly written manual. As loyal fan of the company, I can only speculate ... the company's shaky finances. Despite the interesting and less-known historical scenarios, the game was released way too prematurely. If you want to know what a bad QQP game is like, this is it.

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