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Review 1:

This can easily be called a God simulation. Why? Because You ARE a God! Control either good or evil people and destroy the other. You, as God, can raise and lower the land, make earthquakes, floods, plagues, volcano eruptions... As Your people grow, Your powers grow and then You can go in to the Holy war against the enemy. Don't forget to make knights to fight for You and help Your people by destroying enemy landscape. Populous was named Game of the year 1989.

Review 2:

One of the hardest games I have ever played as the game starts very fast and you don't really get too much to know about what it's all about. You have to build up your tribe, communicate and fight with other tribes and build up and spread your buildings and people.

The graphics are ok considered it's from 1989 and so is the sound. Bullfrog has tried to create a game interface that fits well to the game and theme and they did well - if the interface had just been easy to use which it isn't. This has made me not want to try and learn the game because it makes it quite difficult. Overall not a very good game as there are so many other good games in this genre.

Review 3:

Wouldn't it be great to be a god? Ah, sure 'twould... But that's a hard piece of work, you know. Play Populous to find out how stressing it can be to be a god. Make the homes of your people grow and make them finally smash your opponent. A VERY addictive game. It's game-concept is one of the best ever made! I'd like to call Populous the mother of real-time Strategy-Games. What I personally like about it, is the fact, that you've actually got to care for your people, you gotta make their homes grow to win this game. There are some nice catastrophes at hand for you to use against your enemys people, as long as you've got enough power. Doing something in this game consumes power or mana as they'd like to call it, the amount of mana you get depends on your people - it's not only important how many houses you have, for more improtant is kind of houses your people are able to build. I haven't played Populous for a long time now, but I fell in love with it at the very first minute I started it again after all these years. It still is a number one choice if you're looking for a good Strategy-Game.

You may have a little problem with the copy-protection of Populous, use Neverlock to defeat it (get it at the Utilities-Section).

Review 4:

Populous is an almost perfect mix of looks, charm and gameplay. It can be credited with starting a whole new genre (the 'god' game) and is indeed a true classic.

To put it another way, it rocks!!! In Populous you play a god, in fact you play a Good God. And of course if there's a good God, it stands to reason that there's gonna be a bad God kicking about the place somewhere. Anyway, you have followers, he has followers and you have to make sure that your guys come out on top. First of all you need a way to communicate your wishes to them, and throwing lightning bolts isn't very concise so you need to appoint someone to speak for you, a high priest will fit the bill nicely. Right, now that you can talk to your followers you are gonna want them to do some of that "go forth and multiply" stuff.. but alas, the land is not flat enough to build upon.

But you're a God, you can soon take care of that ;) So your people are settling across their newly flattened world, worshipping you and increasing your godly powers through 'mana' (more worshippers = more mana = more power). On the other side of the world Mr Bad God and his followers are doing the same thing, and sooner or later your two sides are going to meet and there's gonna be trouble. So it's upto you to get rid of him before he gets rid of you. Fortunately being a God means that you have some very nice weapons at your disposal: earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, you get the idea. You play the game across 500 worlds/levels starting at "genesis" and working through until you and your people have annihilated all opposition.

I haven't really scratched the surface of the game yet, I havent talked about how you can transform your priest into a huge psycopathic knight who slaughters your enemies, or about the custom game mode. So I guess it's up to you to download it and find out for yourself.

I promise you that you wont be disappointed. Populous is a wonderful game, good for a quick ten minute bash and long all night sessions.

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Populous screenshot
Populous screenshot

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