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Review 1: God! This is the game that started it all, the damn FIRST flight simulator that actually SIMULATES a plane. T.F.X. is the all-time masterpiece of D.I.D., the game that put them as the leading ... the campaign. Just look around the Web for cheats and you'll know how to skip the infantry mission. Recent similar games include EF2000 (which was its direct descendant), Tatcom, and F-22 ADF.


Tamper is a unique and innovative stock market game that combines elements of board game and traditional stock market simulation into an original and fun experience. The game is quite straightforward: ... unique and fun game that should appeal to fans of Monopoly and stock market sims alike. It's unconventional, but it's very enjoyable especially when played against 3 other human players. Recommended!

Tank (from Spectrum Holobyte)

Tank is a modern tank simulation that showcases Spectrum Holobyte's strength in ultra-realistic simulation, although it never achieve the level of acclaim that Falcon 3.0 garnered. Tank is similar to ... present logistical problems as with many tank sims of that time, but Tank has enough to satisfy both the hardcore sim fan and wargamer interested in hands-on experience inside a tank. Thumbs up!

Tank Commander

Tank Commander is a fun and highly underrated tank combat game from Domark. The review at says it all: "Tank Commander was released in 1995 as a multi-play capable tanksim. The graphics ... although I have never tried this feature out." All in all, a commendable effort that does not quite live up to the standards M1 Tank Platoon, but is fun and quite innovative for its time.

Tau Ceti

One of the best games ever made for Commodore 64 that sadly got little attention on other systems, Tau Ceti is a classic space simulation that is still regarded by some armchair space commanders as the ... strategy into one hell of a game that truly stands the test of time. Definitely a perfect example of the idiom "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Don't miss this one, folks.

Team Yankee

Based on the book of the same name (that was included with the game), Team Yankee is a decent 3D tank simulation based on an alternate history premise that the Soviet army has decided to heat up the Cold ... as a random mission generator. Still, Tank Yankee is an ambitious tank sim that deserves mention for what it tries to do, although very poor user interface and bad AI really detract from the fun.


One of the most overlooked space simulations, Terminus is a great - and very realistic - futuristic space simulation from Vicarious Visions that strives to be the next generation of Elite - and mostly ... appeal. For those of you who are interested in the meat of Terminus, there's only one thing to say-ignore the military campaigns and dive right into the good stuff? you'll have a ball."

Test Drive

Review 1: The Test Drive series - legendary! The perfect game for everyone who can't afford those great sports cars. The concept of the game is simple - you drive against the clock (and the police *coughs*) ... noises, squad car sirens, and virtually anything else a great car game would include. Even if your not really into car games that much, you should try it out, however if you are, you'll love it.

Test Drive 3: The Passion

Definitely the best in the famous Test Drive trilogy (I know that there were mode TD games made after those three, but they were not made by Accolade and were not sims but more like an action games). Test ... graphics are MUCH better than in any other TD game and this time You can pick one of the three cars. Tracks, opponents, police, cows on roads... There's a lot to be seen and You can't miss this one!

Testdrive 2

The sequel of Testdrive. Great game, nice graphics.

Thud Ridge

This is a flight simulation game with a good premise: You fly F-105's over Vietnam, mainly in "Wild Weasel" missions - i.e. air defense suppresion. Unfortunately the game doesn't manage to rise ... in my book. Even though F-105's and their role in the Vietnam war haven't been simulated elsewhere as far as I know, the game's low realism, poor implementation and high difficulty spoils the fun.

Thunder Chopper

One of the least known games from SubLogic, a company famous for releasing dozens of scenario disks for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thunder Chopper is a modern helicopter simulation, offering nothing new ... SD-EUR (Western European Tour Scenery) and Great Britian Scenery Collection (GB-1, GB-2 and GB-3). If you have any or all of these and would like to share them with others, please contact us!


Review 1: ThunderHawk is Core Design's good Amiga helicopter simulation converted to the IBM-PC. I played this game to death back then on the Amiga. The PC conversion is very well done, as it should ... each mission, very cool!). My only beef is that the intro is missing the cool speech that was present in the Atari ST version. A fun, light um... simulation. Easy to get in to and higly addictive.


Review 1: A helicopter flight simulation from 1987 simply doesn't have the technical possibilities to be accurate. However once you got used to the controls (by madly pressing every single one to find ... and even weather effects. Even in CGA you'd know DI was on to something great with this fun and playable sim, with a very strong engine that would be greatly expanded with Merlin and Apache Longbow.

Top Gun Danger Zone

Top Gun Danger Zone is a fun arcade-style flight simulator based on the hit Tom Cruise movie of the same name. The goal, of course, is to become a Top Gun abroad the USS Brigham. You'll get to fly 2 modern ... fan who don't care much about realism, and want a good simulation that really immerses you in the storyline, though, you'll have a lot to like in Danger Zone. Recommended for casual pilots only.

Top Gun: Fire at Will

Top Gun: Fire at Will is a fun action-oriented flight sim from Spectrum Holobyte, designed to attract flight sim beginners to the genre with fun missions based on the hit movie and excellent graphics. ... activity. Overall, if you enjoy flight sims that place more emphasis on fun than on realism ? just like Dynamix and LucasArts? classic sim of yore, you will probably enjoy Top Gun: Fire at Will.


The original member of the ruling triumvirate (the other two being TFX and F-14 Fleet Defender, also on this site), and a definite triumph of content over style. Ok boys and girls, this sim is as realistic ... the best flight sims ever made. There is nothing really like this game nowadays, but there are rumors that a Tornado II will be coming after the Command edition of Digital Integration's Super Hornet.


Undoubtedly one of the best air traffic controller simulations ever made, Tower is an outstanding Windows 3.1 update of the venerable sim ATC (a.k.a. Tracon 2) by the master of flight simulators and longtime ... types match what's on the flight strips -- which can print out just like the real thing. Best of all, the game plays great on newer Windows systems (e.g. 95/98/2000/ME). Definitely not to be missed!

Toyota Celica GT Rally

Review 1: Rally racing has always been fun... for the most of time. This product by Gremlin is nothing special. You drive Toyota Celica GT and compete with the other computer and human opponents. The ... the tournaments are too easy to beat-- just hold down the accelerate key for as long as you can. Not recommended at all, unless you're a die-hard racing fan who must own every game in the genre ;)


Tracon and Tracon II are two classic ATC games from Wesson, years before their efforts culminated in Tower. The description at MobyGames says it all about this pair of pioneers in aviation software: "Tracon ... intuitive than their Windows successor. If you like ATCs in general, Tracon and Tracon II are must-haves: classic games in the niche genre that remain highly playable even more than a decade later.

Tracon for Windows

Tracon for Windows is the first Windows version of Wesson's classic air traffic controller (ATC) simulation. As an ATC, you are in charge of the air traffic in a certain sector, and your job is to set ... was used to train professional ATCs in the early nineties. Then Wesson decided to develop special simulation units for professional users and continue the Tracon series as entertainment."

Tracon II

Tracon and Tracon II are two classic ATC games from Wesson, years before their efforts culminated in Tower. The description at MobyGames says it all about this pair of pioneers in aviation software: "Tracon ... intuitive than their Windows successor. If you like ATCs in general, Tracon and Tracon II are must-haves: classic games in the niche genre that remain highly playable even more than a decade later.

Transportation Game, The

More of an educational tool than an entertaining "game," The Transportation Game is a good simulation of a regional distribution system. As a dispatcher in this turn-based simulation, your goal ... Game by the same author on this site. Note: there is only one problem included with the game, although you can edit it using a spreadsheet program such as Excel to create more problems to solve.

Trust and Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot

Trust and Betrayal: The Legacy of Siboot is an obscure gem by Chris Crawford, creator of the acclaimed political simulation Balance of Power. Billed as "the world's first narrative game," Siboot ... represents Crawford's first attempt to depict human interaction in a realistic way in computer games—a worthy effort that would morphed into a lifelong passion with his ongoing Erassmatazz project.

Tycoon: The Commodity Market Simulation

Review 1: Tycoon: The Commodity Market Simulation is, as the name suggests, a simulation of the commodities market. The game puts you in the shoes of a commodities trader who buys and sells various futures ... if you ask me! Still, the game idea is very good and if there were more stocks to buy and sell and if there were some good graphics around it, I'm sure twice as much people will like this game!

U.S. Navy Fighters

One of the first entries in Electronic Arts' successful flight sim series and the first flight sim to be released on CD-ROM, U.S. Navy Fighters is a fun flight sim that may disappoint die-hard armchair ... of older sims and as such may be overtaken by future high-res, digitized-sound versions of Falcon and Fleet Defender when (if!) they are released. But for now, USNF is a heck of a ride!"


One of the most unique flight sims ever made, UFO lets you pilot a flying saucer from outer space (although the picture on the box cover looks more like a stealth fighter to me). The game description on ... of than earthly vehicles. It's still quite a lot of fun, though, and the conjectures and assumptions subLOGIC uses for the physics model are quite impressive and reasonably realistic. Recommended!

Up Periscope

Search & Destroy and Up! Periscope are two early submarine sims have a lot in common even though they were produced by publishers who lived thousands of miles across: Search & Destroy was designed ... the TCD in manual. This added to the realism and difficulty but the drawback was once you fired at a specific ship in a convoy, you couldn't transfer the settings to the next ship for a second shot.

USS John Young

Two fun arcade-style single-ship simulations from Magic Bytes, USS John Young 1 and 2 are short on realism but long on old-fashioned fun and attractive graphics. Taking place in a hypothetical modern day, ... programming decision, the games also uses their own mouse driver, forcing you to disable your own before starting the game (in Windows 95/98 terms, that means playing the game from pure DOS only).

USS John Young 2

Two fun arcade-style single-ship simulations from Magic Bytes, USS John Young 1 and 2 are short on realism but long on old-fashioned fun and attractive graphics. Taking place in a hypothetical modern day, ... programming decision, the games also uses their own mouse driver, forcing you to disable your own before starting the game (in Windows 95/98 terms, that means playing the game from pure DOS only).


Veritech is a unique sci-fi flight simulator based on famous Japanese Macross anime series (known in the West as Robotech). The game follows the plot of Macross Plus, although not too closely. As in the ... only PC game based on the anime ever made. What's even more remarkable that the game was designed solely with Simis' Flight Sim Toolkit application, with custom-made graphics and many serious tweaks.


Review 1: A game featuring the world famous Chevrolet Corvette should be good, right? Sadly, that's not true with this game. What fun, really, is driving the Vette around San Francisco without the real ... of these. Definitely one of the most fun street racing games ever made, with enough realism to satisfy die-hard racers and a gentle learning curve and great graphics to keep beginners hooked.

Video Trek 88

One of the rarest Windmill Software game, Video Trek 88 is a fun text-based game that has the honor of being the very first commercial PC game based on Star Trek series—released way back in 1982. Coded ... and a must-have for every Star Trek fan. The ASCII art of the Enterprise alone is worth the wait ;) For the best version of this kind of game, I highly recommend Visual Star Trek, also on this site.

Visions of The Aftermath: Boomtown

Boomtown is a novel attempt at simulating post-apocalyptic life. Althought it may look like an RPG at first glance, the strong simulation focus surfaces soon after the computer builds you a new random ... wasteland to cultivate fields, hunt animals, and try to last the longest in this harsh land. Overall, it's an interesting and unique simulation-- first in a planned series that never materialized.

Visual Star Trek

Definitely one of the best and most faithful Star Trek simulation game I've ever come across, Visual Star Trek is a perfect example that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Almost every system on the ... from tiny for a quick play to enormous for a real campaign, the enemy AI is competent, and there are always battles to fight and zones to explore in this dynamic simulation that few know about.


Review 1: Quite a nice and fun F1-Racing game, wich is not so realistic. In the game you can choose between Arcade, Training and Championship. Although the game is simple and easy to play, it is not ... your F1 car. The game can be played in simulation mode, or just have fun and drive across the tracks in arcade mode. You can play the game over the network. Graphics are good as is the fast gameplay.

Wall$treet (a.k.a. Börsenfieber)

Wall$treet is a fun but very obscure stock market simulation developed by German publisher Falken Verlag, who was better known as a book publisher (and now owned by Random House). Published only in Germany ... dozens of different news, and a good financial model behind it, Wall$treet will entertain armchair investors and even educate newbies on the relationship between savings and investment. Recommended!

War Eagles

Last and probably best in a short-lived line of low-budget flight sims from COSMI, War Eagles is a decent action-oriented sim set in World War 1. You can choose to play as either a British, or a German ... bit longer than COSMI's earlier Super Huey due to the addition of high score and kill records, although emphasis on action and lack of career mode still make it at best a short, beer-and-pretzel sim.

War in The Gulf

The final and best game in the trilogy that encompasses Team Yankee and Pacific Islands centers on the The Gulf War of 1992. The similarity between this and the previous games is obvious: the same basic ... when you realize you've been ambushed. Recommended for fans of tank simulations and military action games, but be warned of a VERY difficult last mission which I've never been able to complete.

Wasteland Rebels

Wasteland Rebels is a fun little ASCII-based battle simulator based on Japan's popular Macross (called Robotech in the West) universe. In this Rebellion (your side) vs. the Ranzei (enemy side) galactic ... that will appeal to both Robotech fans and anyone who enjoys a solid text-based game. I had a lot of fun with it, although the gameplay does get repetitive after the 30th or so battle ;) Recommended.

What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School

One of a handful of games ever made about sports management, What They Don't Teach You At Harvard Business School is an excellent business simulation based on Mark McCormack's classic book. In case you ... must-have for anyone who is interested in how sports management companies work, or even fans of games such as Hollywood Mogul which emphasize negotiation and interpersonal skills. Highly recommended!

Wilderness: A Survival Adventure

Wilderness is a unique survival adventure that may well be the most realistic simulation of its kind ever made, even decades after its release. The game casts you as an archaelogist in search of the Croesus ... to teach you a few things about real-life survival adventure. It may seem "dry" to some, but for those who crave realism in their games, there's no better survival game on the market.

Wing Commander 1

Review 1: When Wing commander shoved up in 1991, it was a major breakthrough in PC gaming. It had FANTASTIC graphics, good sound and great story. It set new standards, which many tried to follow, but ... destroy or drive off all the enemies you find there is about the only mission you will go on. The mission briefings before you fly add flavour to the mix as you know the reason behind the carnage.

Wing Commander: Academy

Review 1: As a student at the TCSN Academy, you custom-design and fly unique combat, rescue, and search and retrieval missions from the CyberSchool's holographic simulator. You are trained in a variety ... achieves its purpose of whetting the player's appetite for future games in the series. And the action is for the most part so engrossing that you won't even notice the lack of plot in this game.

Wing Commander: Privateer

Review 1: Gemini sector, 2696 AD. Terran frontier, somewhere between the Kilrathi space and the unknown. A lone trader is on his way to Mining station when a group of pirates shows up. After a short ... compelling storyline for you to follow. Don't fail to download the "Righteous Fire" expansion to this game once you finish it for a whole new storyline and a heavily modified Gemini sector.

Wings of Glory

Last and best in Origin?s short-lived line of historical flight sims based on the Strike Commander engine, Wings of Glory is an excellent WWI flight sim that is considerably better than the fun-but-flawed ... the controls, the game becomes just lovely and really fast. I recommend it to any fan of Strike Commander, Red Baron, or any other flight sim, and to those who love action intermixed with good plot.


PC Gamer said it all: " With Wolf, Sanctuary Woods [produced] a roleplaying simulation that detailed the everyday life of wolves in the wild. By challenging the player's skill in hunting, killing, ... us, while entertaining as few games have done before." Definitely the best animal simulations ever made that successfully combine fun, realism, and educational content. Highly recommended!


Mediocre WWII naval combat simulation, Wolfpack offers you the command of German U-boats, US destroyers, freighters and tankers. Good graphics for its time can't hide many glaring omissions that are prerequisite ... A step forward in graphics, a step backward in gameplay. Try this one only if you're a casual-- VERY casual -- fan of submarine sims and don't mind historical inaccuracies and illogical logistics.

Wonder Project J

One of the best examples of Japanese developers (or more precisely Enix)' wonderfully original take on games, Wonder Project J (released only for the Super Nintendo) is a highly underrated game that defies ... you simply must try this old game that is available in English for the first time, thanks to the efforts of LordTech and WakdHacks, a fan group dedicated to translating Japanese-only console games.

World Grand Prix

Drive your formula 1 car over different tracks.


Xenocracy is an excellent but much overlooked space simulation, probably due to the combination of inadequate marketing (publisher Grolier Interactive has always focused more on touting their line of reference/educational ... However, if you are looking for a fun space sim with a strong focus on plot that is deeper than it first appears, Xenocracy fits the bill. It may not be original, but it works. Highly recommended.

Yes Prime Minister

Yes Prime Minister is a very rare PC version of a "cult" Commodore 64 game based on the hit BBC comedy series of the same name that aired in the 1980s and was widely hailed as one of the best ... will really enjoy the game, and the British humor may make non-fans curious enough to find out more about this classic comedy. Recommended, but as a neat adjunct to the show rather than a good game.

Yoot Tower

Review 1: Yoot Tower is a much-improved sequel to Maxis' tower-building classic SimTower. Similar to the first game, Yoot Tower was much more popular on the Mac than it was on the PC, probably due to ... though, you don't have to keep the time running to build. You can pause, build a few things then unpause to let people access them; this can save you cash on interest rates for loans you take out.

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