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Thunder Chopper

One of the least known games from SubLogic, a company famous for releasing dozens of scenario disks for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Thunder Chopper is a modern helicopter simulation, offering nothing new or exciting to flight sim fans. Limited campaign and lackluster gameplay and graphics make this an average game at best, and far from classics like Gunship or LHX Attack Chopper. The only noteworthy thing about the game is that it is compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator scenery disks (which comes as no surprise, since SubLogic designed most of them).

Below, you can download a zip that includes a number of scenery disks from subLOGIC and Mallard. These include SD-1, SD-2, SD-3, SD-4, SD-5, SD-6, SD-7, SD-9, SD-11, SD-12, SD-HAW, MS-1 (Hawaii), MS-2 (Tahiti), and MS-4 (Japan). These scenario files can be used in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.12, 3.0, and 4.0, as well as subLOGIC's JET, Flight Assignment: ATP, and Thunder Chopper.

We are still looking for SD-JAP (Japan), SD-EUR (Western European Tour Scenery) and Great Britian Scenery Collection (GB-1, GB-2 and GB-3). If you have any or all of these and would like to share them with others, please contact us!

Download full game now:

Download (138kB)
subLOGIC and Mallard scenery pack (2000kB)

Thunder Chopper screenshot
Thunder Chopper screenshot

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