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Test Drive

Review 1:

The Test Drive series - legendary! The perfect game for everyone who can't afford those great sports cars. The concept of the game is simple - you drive against the clock (and the police *coughs*) and since you're driving on the streets you have to avoid other cars. That's not really anything special, but you can select the car you're driving from Lamborghini Countach, Chevy Corvette, Ferrari Testarossa, Porsche 911 Turbo and Lotus Turbo Esprit - and those have different handling and looks.

We really loved this series back on the Amiga - the graphics were also a LOT better there, but for EGA this is still okay. Driving works pretty well - esp. with a joystick, nothing to complain here.

Review 2:

Test drive is one of the oldest driving simulations around. I remember owning the original, which I still do, on the Amiga 500, and getting days of joy from it.

Test drive is a driving simulation with a twist. You don't race around tracks trying to beat the clock, instead you are just a normal person in a fast car; either a Ferrari or Porsche., and your aim is to get the end of each level without running out of gas, and most times by beating your competitor.

Test drive is full of great features. You have a checker to constantly show how fast you are, you have the choice of manual or automatic drive, oh yeah, and also if you brake the speed limit the police will be on your tail, although with some REALLY clever driving, you can get away!

Accolade made a god choice releasing this game on both the pc and Amiga. The graphics where okay, and the sound was pretty life-like with engine noises, squad car sirens, and virtually anything else a great car game would include.

Even if your not really into car games that much, you should try it out, however if you are, you'll love it.

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Test Drive screenshot
Test Drive screenshot

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