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Review 1:

A helicopter flight simulation from 1987 simply doesn't have the technical possibilities to be accurate. However once you got used to the controls (by madly pressing every single one to find out what it does) the game is playable. You got different kinds of weapons and a map. You got 4 missions to fly, however you pretty much got to guess the objective... you can see your destination on your inflight map though (press 'm' to see it). You can also set your playstrength.

Nice thing is that the game itself runs fine even on modern computers - you don't need to slow it down. The other point is... the game is pretty loyal... *coughs* erm... if you crash your craft your computer will happily crash as well. So be careful.

Review 2:

Digital Integration's early helicopter sim already includes many excellent features that would become the company's hallmarks: realistic flight model, authentic instrument panels, varied missions, and even weather effects. Even in CGA you'd know DI was on to something great with this fun and playable sim, with a very strong engine that would be greatly expanded with Merlin and Apache Longbow.

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