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One of the most famous computer chess engines ever created, Socrates 3.0 is the engine behind EA's underrated Kasparov's Gambit and was, in mid '80s, THE engine commonly considered the best chess AI ever ... and downright discouraging for beginners. Expert meistros who want a real challenge, though, will find the game very challenging -- with a world-famous chess engine that stands up well with time.

Solitaire Deluxe

Solitaire Deluxe is a greatly updated version of Solitaire Royale. Designed for Windows 95 and above, this solitaire collection contains 24 different games, ranging from popular games such as Golf and ... not offer much "bang for the buck" compared to QQP's classic, but 24 games plus dozens of possible variants should more than merit a permanent space on your hard drive. Highly recommended!

Solitaire Royale

Excellent solitaire game with high historical value. In the designer?s own words at MobyGames: Solitaire Royale is ?...the first commercial instance of Card Solitaire on the PC and Macintosh. There are ... options, although they are not as full-fledged as QQP?s later classic Solitaire?s Journey. Overall, it?s the first commercial solitaire game that also ranks among the best. Highly recommended!

Solitaire's Journey

This is the BEST solitaire game I've ever played, period. The game not only has the standard single and tournament play, but also two original concepts called "quest" and "journey" ... rules and incentives. With over 100 types of solitaires to choose from, "quest" mode, and a complete player history, it's no small wonder QQP can stuff all this into less than 1MB of space.

Solitude for Windows

Solitude for Windows is a superb freeware collection of 91 solitaire card games for Windows 95/98/NT. The games include many familiar favorites like Klondike, Yukon, and Poker Solitaire. But the highlights ... documented solitaire games, Solitude is a must-have for every solitaire fan. A nice user interface and concise Windows help file that explains the rules of every game nicely round out this cool game.

Sons of Liberty

This recommended old game, and quite rare I might add, is set in the Revolutionary War. You can fight in any of 3 Scenarios including Bunker Hill , Monmouth and Saratoga. EGA Graphics, beeper and even ... Let your cannons do the hard work and your men do hand-to-hand and you shouldn't have a problem. Overall a GREAT game that is still challenging in a genre (Revolutionary War) that needs more games.

Sorcerer Lord

Review 1: Sorcerer Lord is a decent but quite difficult fantasy strategy game. The game options are fairly simple since you can only choose to play the single scenario that is included with the game ... of terrains, RPG-style troop development, and numerous fortresses and citadels to conquer and defend make this a challenging game for all warlord wannabes. Recommended for veteran players only!

Space Bucks

Space Bucks is one of the most overlooked strategy games from Impressions, maker of the successful Caesar series. Although the game is not as bad as Impressions' notorious Rise and Rule of Ancient Empire, ... for the umpteenth time in subsequent games. Worth a look if you enjoy this kind of games, but check out Gazillionaire Deluxe instead if you want a truly playable game with a long-term play value.

Space Conquest

Space Conquest is a fun, albeit very obscure, 4X strategy game from Starsoft and ComputerEasy. The plot, according to description, is as follows: "...[it] is the year 2112. You are the captain of ... crew and colony management becomes paramount to the game. If you enjoy 4X games or space simulations, you will find Space Conquest a fun, unassuming, no-frills breather in the genre. Recommended!

Space Federation (a.k.a. Star Reach)

Space Federation (or Star Reach as it is known in the U.S.) is fun action/strategy space opera that tries to combine the furious action elements of Star Control and solid AI of Master of Orion but ends ... spot a glimmer of a brilliant game struggling to get through. Unfortunately, that happens not nearly enough. Only try this marginal game if you are really bored of classics, e.g. Master of Orion.

Space Monopoly

Space Monopoly is a neat clone of Sid Sackson's classic Acquire board game with some new twists, although I could find no mention of Acquire at all in the game - which could be either a simple oversight, ... real business world, creating big companies with as little cost as possible is the key to success. If you enjoy Acquire or abstract business games in general, Space Monopoly is well worth your time.

Spanish General
Special Forces

Special Forces is a top-down tactical strategy game with sharp graphics, diverse missions, and a plethora of weapons and commando gadgets to use. Unfortunately, these strengths quickly drown under dubious enemy AI, cumbersome interface, and lack of personalities in your squad. I suggest you forget this game and go play Twilight 2000 or SEAL Team instead.


Speculator is a decent, tongue-in-cheek game of real estate acquisition. In this turn-based game, your goal is to end up with a higher asset value at the end of the game than your 3 competitors. You do ... sim that depicts one of the more esoteric industries, Speculator might fit the bill. Otherwise, just stick to Capitalism Plus or even the real estate component of A-Train and Railroad Tycoon II :)


Spellcross is a fun but sadly-ignored turn-based fantasy/sci-fi strategy game that is well worth attention of both fans of Warhammer 40K: Final Liberation and Emperor of the Fading Suns. In this unique ... failed to meet expectations. Truly a great injustice considering US gamers will never see the title on their store shelves, and likely have to resort to overseas shipping to see this gem."

Spice Trade

Spice Trade is a very interesting historical business game that is based on a unique perspective as far as computer games go: an Arab merchant living in the 14th century, when Europeans were starting their ... The authors' success of making the game true to the Arab mythos more than makes up for the game's sub-par economic model. Highly recommended to everyone but those who demand tough strategy games.

Spoils of War

One of the first releases from dedicated developer German Design Group is a disappointing exploration game set in the "Age of Exploration" of Europe. Despite good first impressions (e.g. the ... on the same subject, Machiavelli: The Prince and High Seas Trader are both much, much better. Fortunately, GDS games got better with each new release (e.g. Heirs to The Throne, published by QQP).


Spot is a fun Othello-style game starring 7Up's Spot character. In this board game for one or two players, your objective is to occupy as many tiles as possible by placing your pieces on the board. You ... and offers a good challenge. Overall, a nice board game that could have used the Spots more extensively than several cute animations. Othello experts and fans of this type of game should take a look.

Stanford Wong Video Poker

Stanford Wong Video Poker is an excellent poker game from Villa Crespo, master of card/casino games. Similar to Amarillo Slim, the game is capable of finding best play for any hand and payoff schedule ... to be in your library. It has been superceded by Villa Crespo's later games, most notably Amarillo Slim Dealer's Choice, but it still remains a lot of fun and playable even today. Highly recommended!

Star Command Deluxe

A lackluster sequel to the much better Star Command Revolution, Metropolis' earlier ambitious RTS-in-space, pre-StarCraft era. In most respects, Star Command Deluxe is just your typical harvest-resources/build-army/destroy-enemy-forces ... a difference. Basically this is just an average multiplayer-oriented game - play the better prequel Star Command Revolution (also reviewed on this site) instead for a great single-player campaign.

Star Command Revolution

Star Command Revolution is a fun and highly underrated real-time strategy game with some interesting ideas, most notably the addition of shoot 'em up gameplay into the strategy mix. The thorough review ... with games being pleasantly short to complete. Star Command Revolution isn't just a clone game, it has enough novelty in style and presentation to warrant a close look." Highly recommended!

Star Control 1

In 1962 the first video game ever is made. Essentially the result of an open-source project of the students at MIT; it is called "Space Wars." In 1982 Paul Reiche III and Free Fall Associates ... storyline are found. But aside from the manual, it was left up to Star Control 2 to show us the true depths of that story. But the personality of the game still shone through in every aspect of it.

Star Control 2

When Starcon 2 came out, I remember quickly jumping into melee mode straight away as this was the best mode in Starcon 1. This lasted for a little while until I was brave (or was it bored?) enough to try ... Star Control 2 one of the most diverse games out there, and also one of the most engaging and entertaining ones. I think it is definitely one of the best games ever made and should not be missed.

Star Fleet 1: The War Begins

No doubt the most complex space combat simulation games ever released, and one the most complex games in general, Star Fleet 1 packs an amazing amount of gameplay and realism less than 200KB of space. ... operation. Definitely as must-play for every armchair commander. Note: The download on this site is the 1986 release by Interstel, which is more or less identical to earlier 1982 release by Cygnus.

Star Fleet 2: Krellan Commander

As if Star Fleet 1 weren't complex enough, Interstel outdid itself with the sequel a year later that simulates even more ship systems, with many more commands and a more sophisticated combat model. The ... enhances it, as many new commands make actions needlessly complicated. Ultimately, the added realism factors take away much of the fun from the already realistic engine of its classic predecessor.

Star Legions (a.k.a. Krellan Commander)

Designed as a spin-off of Star Fleet 2 by Trevor Sorensen, designer of Interstel's classics Star Fleet 1 and 2, Star Legions is set in the same Krellan universe-- but unfortunately legal complications ... controlling planetary assaults and invasions, was a module of Star Fleet 2. Star Legions just improved upon the concept and made it a stand-alone game, but otherwise it was basically the same."

Star Trek: Starfleet Command 3

Review 1: Starfleet Command III is an excellent sequel to Starfleet Command II, arguably the best strategy game based on Star Trek franchise ever made. While it "dumbs down" many features to ... gameplay in Starfleet Command III, it should hopefully be only a matter of time before both the Dynaverse and the Starfleet Command series attract more fans and would-be starship commanders.

Star Wars Chess

Star Wars Chess is a lackluster animated chess game similar to Interplay's Battle Chess. The SEGA CD version of the game, released a year later, is better known and better-sold than this rare PC version. ... turn off the game altogether." Recommended only to fill up the collection of die-hard Star Wars fans who must own every Star Wars-related game on the planet (I'm looking at you here Sytass ;)).

Starclash 2

Starclash II is an excellent game of galactic conquest that unfortunately doesn't stand up as well with time as Reach for the Stars. It is a greatly enhanced sequel to Baen Software's earlier Starclash, ... at all. While it will not hook you for days on end the way Reach for the Stars does, Starclash II certainly is one competent 4X game that armchair commanders will want to take a look. Recommended!

Starship Troopers: Terran Ascendancy

Review 1: Based graphically and operationally on the film, Starship Troopers takes several cues from Heinlein's book by adding (or returning, if you want to look at it that way) powered armour, long-range ... lives, and those lives often interfere with our gaming. It is frustrating to like a game, and want to play it, but to know that you don't have enough time to complete a mission, so why even bother.


In Startopia's single player game, you play the role of a space station manager employed by various factions to refurbish parts of a network of derelict space stations throughout the galaxy according to ... levels), actually has the staying power to lure you into dedicated skirmish mode play or, dare I say it, multiplayer mode (I've played multiplayer Startopia and I don't play multiplayer anything).

Steel Panthers

Review 1: One of the best wargames ever made, period. Since Darren Ingram's review of this masterpiece for CDMag is much more well-informed than mine could ever be, I would like to quote it verbatim ... move. In this game you can play real historical scenes, but you can also play against your friend over email. Furthermore, you can make your own scenery with the editorial which is built in the game.

Stellar Conquest III

Stellar Conquest III is a fun space strategy war game for one to four players plays halfway between the abstract engine of Reach for the Stars and the more tactical focus of Master of Orion. In this 4X ... some interesting gadgets to put on your ships. An entertaining "beer and pretzel" 4X game that is well worth a look, especially between long sessions of Space Empires IV or similar games.

Stellar Crusade

Norm Koger's first game published by SSI was severely marred by a weak manual which, through SSI's "liberal" editing, deleted eleven pages of necessary information and made the game very difficult ... it was a commendable effort, and the game's interstellar economic model was very complex for its time. Recommended, but be sure to grab the unreleased version of the manual at Norm Koger's homepage.

Sting!, The (a.k.a. Der Clou! 2)

The Sting! (Der Clou 2 in Germany) is a little-known sequel to The Clue!, one of the most unique and compelling adventure/strategy games of all time. The game took the best things about The Clue! and enhance ... adventure-style interface in The Clue! may be disappointed. Unique premise and fun gameplay (even with the sometimes-awkward camera angles) make it well worth your time, though. Highly recommended!

Storm Across Europe

Review 1: Storm Across Europe is a fast, exciting game that allows you to simulate World War II on a grand strategic scale - in as little as one evening. Every part of the raging conflict is covered ... somewhat sparse." Martin Scholz would later revisit the subject in 1993 and designed Clash of Steel, a much-needed improvement over this embarrassingly unplayable and frustrating game.


Review 1: Stratego - the Boardgame-Classic. It's a pretty good adaption of the game. Goal of the game is to get the opponents flag. This means you've also got to protect your own flag. You have different ... stratego. This game has a lot of options and good graphics. So if you like the game stratego than I would recommend this game. You can also change the background and the pieces if you would like to.

Strategy Games

Probably the worst Keypunch compilations I have seen (and that is saying a lot), Strategy Games contains five games: Sabotage, Killer Bees, Vampire Quest, Engineer, and Ruler. Vampire Quest is not even ... games are simple strategy games coded in BASIC, and are all not very good except for Ruler, which is just another name Keypunch game for Hammurabi, a well-known and early classic strategy title.

Strike Squad

Mindcraft's last game and follow-up to the horrendous Tegel's Mercenaries boasts many improvements over its predecessor, best of which is the thankfully halfway competent AI that is now capable of halting ... in tactical combats (your pick of either real-time or turn-based). Overall, an introductory-level X-COM wannabe that could benefit from brighter AI, more varied missions, and a better interface.


Review 1: One of the truly greatest strategic games, Stronghold was almost unnoticed at the time of release. Featuring true unlimited replayability (and that is not just another claim), it is as complex ... as in other D&D games. Elfs, Orcs, etc. Your winning is based on your alignment: If you want to be the badass you have to destroy all enemies, if you play the goodman, you just become emperor.

Subtrade: Return to Irata

One of the best M.U.L.E. clones ever made, Subtrade: Return to Irata transfers the galactic capitalism of Dani Bunten's timeless classic to an undersea economy. Despite new species, background graphics, ... if not THE best. M.U.L.E. fans will definitely enjoy this one, although the disappointing lack of tournament mode means that an average game with 4 players can be finished in less than 1-2 hours.

Super Dune 2

Review 1: Super Dune is based on the popular and revolutionary real-time strategy game that created a completely new genre and cleared the road for later games such as Command & Conquer and Red Alert. ... could be selected at a time, making it harder to coordinate attacks. In a nutshell, Dune 2 is an excellent game, despite being a bit old. It's definitely a must-have for all fans of the RTS genre.

Super Robot Wars 3

Virtually unknown outside Asia, Banpresto's Super Robot War is a popular series of video wargames that began on the NES way back in 1990. The series is based on Banpresto's wide range of "mecha" ... wargames in general, check out this fun game that never made it outside Japan - but can now be played in English thanks to the efforts of tireless translation group Aeon Genesis. Recommended!


"So you want to be a rock and roll star?" sang the Byrds, "Then listen now to what I say: Just get an electric guitar and take some time and learn how to play..." (writing credits and ... make a rocker out of yourself, give this a whirl and you won't be disappointed and you'll also be helping an aspiring programmer out on what is a very detailed, well-crafted and above-all fun game.


Review 1: Supremacy is the game of strong nerves. You are taking command of a human colony in an unknown system. Unfortunately, the system has not been inhabited only by humans. There are other, alien ... ship design, and tactical battles will be disappointed. For a game that isn't as complex and "dry" as Reach for The Stars but more numbers-oriented than MOO, Supremacy is the best there is.


Survival is an obscure post-apocalyptic strategy game from InterActive Vision that deserves to be much better known. Set in a bleak post-nuclear war world, your job is to take a band of ragtag survivors ... a look for all fans of "realistic" strategy games, or post-apocalyptic games in general. It may not be as stylish or as solid as Burntime, but it is not a bad game at all. Recommended!

Sword of Aragon

Review 1: A rather unique strategy game from SSI. You start the game by selecting and creating your character. After that you start the game as a military leader with your own army. The people that killed ... a revolutionary title that attracted many non-wargamers to the genre. Excellent AI and addictive gameplay help Sword of Aragon remain one of the most playable and replayable fantasy wargames ever.


Review 1: In this game you run a syndicate and your goal is to take over the world. Each level you enter with four of your androids which you will equip with the best weapons and other stuff you have. ... speed and armor up your andrios. This game consists of alot of blood and violence, which back at 1993 was something not seen so frequently, which made the spotlight on this game ever greater.

Syndicate Wars

Review 1: One of the best action strategy games I have ever played. The game takes place in the future where the world are dominated by several different syndicates. Of course you are a leader in one ... curse your experience and the game might just not look so good today, I guarantee that if you do get over the hard start, you'll want to play that game till the end and will find how deep it is.

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