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Sword of Aragon

Review 1:

A rather unique strategy game from SSI. You start the game by selecting and creating your character. After that you start the game as a military leader with your own army. The people that killed your father jas just returned to the land and of course you know what has to be done.

You will have to learn the game fast as the game really takes off at the beginning with a huge war againsy an orc army. But it does help that the whole game can be controlled with the keyboard and that you can even choose to let the computer place your armies and fight the battle for you or at least some of it. The graphics aren't that good but at least you can see some differences between the units.

Review 2:

Regarded by many wargamers as THE best fantasy wargame ever made, SSI's Sword of Aragon is a true precursor of later classics Conquered Kingdoms and SSI's own Fantasy General. Set in the Aragonian Empire, you are heir of the late Duke of Aladda, and your task is to once again extend Aladda's dominion and eventually crown yourself king in Tetrada. Executing your father's will properly means raising and equipping an army, then venturing forth to do battle against the dastardly foes threatening Aladda and its surroundings. Your success in Sword of Aragon depends on careful allocation of precious resources, astute military planning, and deft combat maneuvers. Knights, priests, warriors, mages, rangers, cavalry, infantry, and bowmen are some of the units you can recruit, and in true AD&D fashion, you can equip them with different armor types. Nothing in the game will strike anyone today as a big deal, but back in 1989 it was a revolutionary title that attracted many non-wargamers to the genre. Excellent AI and addictive gameplay help Sword of Aragon remain one of the most playable and replayable fantasy wargames ever.

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