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Indianapolis 500

Review 1: It might be because I do not like the idea of driving around in circles but I do not like this game. It is done pretty well. It runs smooth, is very hard but it's plain boring. There might ... force pushes you to the outside of the track, tires squealing." This classic is a forerunner to Papyrus' immensely successful racing series that continues to this day with NASCAR 4 and beyond.


Review 1: Years later after the original Terran's home system was destroyed and the Terrans moved through the Neutral Zone, the universe is at peace, for a while. But unexpecticly, a civilian freighter ... are good, the sound and music is great. In fact, the music is pretty damn good actually. If you have played games like TFX and Wing Commander, you should give this one a try, its a great game.

Inside Trader

Review 1: This is a great (and perhaps the only) stock market sim that lets you be an inside trader trying to make piles of cash while avoiding detection from the SEC. Aside from the usual buy/sell functions, ... sell stocks. But now the fun begins. You also can pay for information or get reports from inside =) So you know what to buy ;) But beware of the SEC! If they find out you might get in some trouble.


As the name suggests, Invest is a decent stock market simulation by... Starbyte (surprise! surprise!) for up to 4 players. As usual in this type of game, your aim is to make as much money as possible by ... support in this game as wandering through the menues and selecting items with the function keys is a bit annoying. Game AI is decent, although the stock market behavior is erratic and too simplistic.

Ironman Offroad Racing

Review 1: Ironman Super Offroad is a fun old dirt track racer that is best played against a few friends (up to 4) on the same computer. Endorsed by Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, a famous dirt track ... so as you travel around the tracks, you can get money, and special stuff. It's got great graphics and sound for its time. Little cute cars etc. It's a lot like Micro Machines with its little trucks.


One of the earliest flight sims known to man is this Sublogic game with an awe-inspiring title G. Jet allowed you to fly an F-16 and an F/A-18, and you could fly off of a carrier. Although very primitive ... (Hawaii), MS-2 (Tahiti), and MS-4 (Japan). These scenario files can be used in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.12, 3.0, and 4.0, as well as subLOGIC's JET, Flight Assignment: ATP, and Thunder Chopper.


Jetset is a primitive ASCII-only flight simulator program coded entirely in BASIC. This version is coded from the BASIC codes printed in an early BYTE! Magazine, sometime around 1979. You control the plane ... of BASIC language. Well worth a look, especially to armchair pilots who collect mouldy oldie flight programs. Who knows, this could very well be the first PC flight simulation game in existence ;)

KA-50 Hokum

Ka-50 Hokum is a unique and probably the least known flight sim from Simis, makers of Flight Sim Toolkit. This game gives you a base ship with a few helicopters and their armament with which to wage your ... model. Whether you are a helicopter sim fan or not, you might want to check Hokum out. At the very least, this will give you a chance to take a look at this rare gem. And, you might even like it.

Laboratory of Life

Laboratory of Life is a fun and very cute implementation of the famous rules of artificial life developed by mathematician J.H. Conway in the 1970's. In case you have never heard of it, the basics of Life ... the concept of Life to a new level that is both interesting to newcomers and challenging to experts, Laboratory of Life is simply a must have for every student of life simulation. Highly recommended!

Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand is a faithful PC remake (coded in BASIC!) of a classic game of economics that pioneered the genre of business sims when Apple first included it for free with its first computers - way back ... online-only version at (for example, you can?t select a starting city, and weather forecast is given without probability value), but it?s still a lot of fun after all these years.

LHX Attack Chopper

Well, this is a 1990 game sporting some really interesting concepts. Player of Su-25 Sthurmovik will feel right at home as the menu system is the same. The VGA graphics are nice, very clear, even though ... jets will. Missions are very varied, ranging from armed recon to deep strike, escort, extraction/deployment, etc? This is a game that EVERYONE with a even passive interest in helicopters must have.

Life and Death

Review 1: The most unusual game of its time by far! Life & Death gives you the power of deciding on who lives and who dies by letting you be - a surgeon doctor! Once you start the game you will be ... the first part, you might be able to become one of the best doctors in the hospital, that's your goal. Surgery is very hard and you might be unable, because of things are sometimes very unclear.

Life and Death 2: The Brain

Arguable the best doctor games ever produced for the PC (well, Theme Hospital comes close, but that is more of a management game), Life & Death 1 and 2 put you in the role of surgeon who specializes ... you'll be sent to a classroom to learn what you did wrong. And yes, there IS an end to each of these games-- it just takes a lot of patience, dozens of successful surgeries, and steady hands :)


PC Gamer said it all: "With Wolf, Sanctuary Woods [produced] a roleplaying simulation that detailed the everyday life of wolves in the wild. By challenging the player's skill in hunting, killing, ... us, while entertaining as few games have done before." Definitely the best animal simulations ever made that successfully combine fun, realism, and educational content. Highly recommended!

Longbow 2

Review 1: Longbow 2 is a new and improved sequel to EA's bestselling AH-64D Longbow, one of Jane's best releases. The game's graphics engine is now 3D accelerated, and an amazing dynamic campaign engine ... Hellfire-2, which basically, you could fire off and blow apart a whole platoon of tanks, with your loadout. The game has superb graphics, excellent sounds, realistic gameplay and hard AI.

Lotus 3

Review 1: Lotus 3 is one of the best racing games i have ever had the pleasure of putting my hands on; it is simply an outstanding game, but let's go on with order. In this game you can choose beetween ... any game that used the system later on ;) Lotus III doesn't work on my PII, but runs fine on my old 486SX, so you may need to tweak fast machines a bit to play this one (see FAQ for more details).

Lunar Command

A re-release of Wesson's 1991 Moonbase Lunar colony simulator, Lunar Command keeps the realistic factors in the original game intact while adding a lot of bells and whistles and some minor gameplay tweaks. ... a science-fiction, 4X game after all), Lunar Command should appeal to die-hard simulation fans or space buffs who are intrigued by the idea and want to play around with the parameters. Recommended!

Lunar Commander 2

The latest and most complete version of Aaron Massey's lunar colony simulation that started with Moonbase and followed by Lunar Command. Although Lunar Commander 2 does not look very different from its ... simulation fans or space buffs who are intrigued by the idea and want to play around with the parameters. Recommended - but not if you cannot stand "spreadsheet"-style, dry simulations.

M1 Tank Platoon
Mad TV

Review 1: I think this one is unique - TV station simulation! Make the best TV station in the city...and try to get that girl. It will not be an easy task with all the options You have... Oh, the game ... game, quite a novel idea that is well executed. Lots of humour (some of the animations will at least make you chuckle), good AI and a decent economics model (if that's what yings your yang).

Marco Polo

Set in Asia during the Middle Ages, you play the role of an aspiring merchant in I-Motion's Marco Polo, one of the most obscure games from the company. By buying low and selling high and completing missions ... is also above-average-- something that can't be said for most FMV games at the time. Well worth a look, although fans of history will probably like the game more than fans of complex economic sims.

MDDClone (a.k.a. Mercenary/Damocles/Dion Crisis Clone)

MDDClone is an amazing clone of C64/Spectrum classic Mercenary (both the original game, Escape from Targ, and The Second City mission disk) and its sequel Damocles and all mission disks for Windows. Originally ... III in the package sometime in the future ;) (and this page will be updated when that happens). The latest version even has optional corrections of bugs in the original game :) Highly recommended!


An oft-overlooked modern flight sim, Megafortress is a fun sim that puts you in command of the formidable "Megafortress" B-52 bomber that can house up to 8 crew and packs tons of bombs. As with ... here is in commanding the various crew members aboard the plane to work in concert. The 30-mission campaign is well designed, although the personnel element isn't as strong as the flight dynamics.


Perhaps the world's only first-person train driving simulation ever made until Microsoft's Train Simulator and the superb simulator from Japan called BVE, Mechanik is a reasonably realistic sim made by ... with only one train and repetitive scenery, Mechanik lacks long-term play value that would have made it a much better game. Worth a try for all fans of miniature railroad, just for the novelty of it.

Merchant Prince

This is a historical game that depicts 14th century Venice as the centre of the world. You start off in this North Adriatic coastal city in the time of it's greatest power. The game has a somewhat uncommon ... and the nearest city you should start trading with is Constantinople (as it was in the real history). Well, I won't bore you with other details, because this game is too cool for school! Enjoy it!


This is a funny little game from the same people that made Tornado. The game is very simple, and was designed as a recruitment tool for the Royal Navy. You have 2 minutes to land your Merlin helicopter ... entertainment, as it was sold for a really low price (under L5 in some places) and there's only one thing to do - land. Get it if you want it, and you'll find yourself playing this one quite often.

Metersteiner Beer Manager

Metersteiner Beer Manager is a very well designed but little-known shareware business game from Germany that tackles an attractive business that is rarely depicted in a PC game. Mark Silva of ... the user. With its single-minded objective of building net worth, Metersteiner Beer Manager is easy to play; with its deceptively complex strategies, the game is immediately addictive."

Micro Machines

Review 1: Heh, something different in the arcade driving genre. This time You'll! Boats, 4x4, sport cars...all kinds of toys. The tracks are also very interesting - kitchen table, desktop, ... The racing and stuff also looks great, the scenes etc. I didn't play with sounds though, so I can't comment there. Definitely worth a try, play vs. the computer or against someone else multiplayer.

Micro Machines 2

Review 1: Part two of a great game. Better graphics, more toys to race, more tracks and interesting multiplayer options. Review 2: Micro Machines 2 takes off exactly where Micro Machines 1 ended. With ... It's an original game, the graphics are good, the sounds are allright and the game is addicting as hell! One of the best racing games of this kind ever, really worth the download, check it out!

Microsoft Space Simulator

Review 1: Along with Interplay's Shuttle, definitely one of the best space simulators ever released. Similar in concept to the better-known MS Flight Simulator, this game lets you pilot various spacecrafts, ... exploration cross the universe and beyond. Check some beautiful nebulas, fly to mars or wherever. In this space simulator everything is possible. You can fly with a variety of different space ships.

MiG-29 Fulcrum

MiG. The name instills images of ruggedly built, ugly aircraft with limited range and payload but with great maneuverability. Well, that maybe true if we're talking about 50's or 60's MiGs. But just look ... game for memory's sake. However, if you really want to fly a simulated Fulcrum, you'd better pick up the aforementioned Spectrum Holobyte's MiG-29. Or wait until Flanker 2.5 is released...

MiG-29M Super Fulcrum

A great update of Simis/Domark's underrated flight sim MiG-29 Fulcrum, which was released one year earlier in 1990. While essentially the same game (with the same campaigns and planes), Super Fulcrum improves ... In short, if you like MiG-29 Fulcrum, you'll love Super Fulcrum. Yet another testament to Simis' strength as flight sim developer, and a game that paves way to their seminal classic, Tornado.

Millionaire Release 2

Review 1: Last game in Jim Zuber/Blue Chip's superb line of business simulations, Millionaire Release 2 is the second and far superior release of Millionaire, a great stock market simulation. Although ... more addicting stock market games. Although it seems very simple and uninteresting, well, that's not true at all. The number of stocks aren't very high, there are about 20 stocks you can trade in.

Moorhuhn Kart 2 XS

Quite a nice karting game where you can choose from Moorhuhn or some other characters which are also animals. You can race against them in nice designed maps. I personally like the graphics very much.

Motor City

Review 1: Motor City gives you a unique opportunity to see how hard it was to become a car tycoon. You will be in charge of a complete company and you will have to control just about everything, FROM ... Detroit and found that the game lacks some depth... Motor City will fulfill all your wishes, as it is much more original than its older brother. Just be sure not to use the first drawer too often...

Muzzle Velocity

Games Domain says it all in their review of this ambitious but flawed tank combat game: "Muzzle Velocity is indeed treading the same path as 1944: Across the Rhine, a fact which will worry more people ... give you a good run for your money (especially if you play as the old game Germans). Grognards really should stay well away, but for some light entertainment casual gamers could do a lot worse."

Navcom 6

Mediocre naval simulation that is based on a unique viewpoint: defend the Persian Gulf in a Navy Cruiser. Despite this intriguing setting, Navcom 6 is disappointingly limited: there are only 3 missions ... of naval warfare, RAW's Action Stations! or SimCan's Red Sky at Morning fits the bill much better than this game. Definitely one of the most forgettable releases from COSMI. Thumbs down on this one.

Navy Strike

Navy Strike is an ambitious flight simulation from Rowan that tries to add elements of strategy in typical flight sim gameplay. The result is an uneven game that will appeal only to veteran flight sim ... you are a veteran flight sim or strategy gamer. Anyone looking for a more polished, comprehensive, and accessible game of this kind should stick to Digital Integration's older but superior Tornado.

No Future

No Future is a fun, unassuming educational sim about the effects of industrial development on the Earth's delicate ecology. Developed by Egosoft for the Federal Environmental Agency of Germany, this freeware ... pacing of gameplay elements, and high educational value, No Future is highly recommended-- especially to anyone who likes Balance of The Planet but feels that it is too intimidating or complex.


Review 1: Quite unknown and superb game in the same time. You don't see those every day, don't You? Anyway, Nomad is much like modern Elite. You'll have to do Your best to survive in space by both combat ... find out its origins. Despite ridiculously simplistic combat, the game has many memorable alien characters and trade goods. It's also very non-linear, and there's *plenty* of dialogues and sub-plots.


Review 1: Objection! is a fun courtroom simulation game that is both educational and interesting. Instead of simulating a trial lawyer's entire career or case similar to In The 1st Degree or Perry Mason, ... I've been told! There could have been some more attention for the gameplay, you have a couple of buttons which you can choose from and the buttons are only stated at the start of the first level.

Ocean Trader

Review 1: Ocean Trader is an excellent, unassuming shipping simulation from the makers of Pizza Tycoon that is virtually unknown outside Europe. As manager of a global shipping business, your responsibilities ... you make, but it's ok. Graphics are fine, gameplay is sufficient, but I don't know how to close this game (except with ALT - F4)! Remember to make a folder GAMESAVE in the install directory!


One of the best and most underrated "virtual pet" programs ever made, Oddballz is a great program that deserves much more notice. Comprehensive review at MacNN says it all about this game: "P.F. ... Oddbalz grow older, and their personalities change as a result. I recommend this offering to harried office types, and also to anyone else of all ages that enjoy good clean fun on the desktop."

Oil Barons

Oil Barons is a great business sim about the oil industry that successfully simulates the ins and outs of the business, including many characteristics that are peculiar to the industry (e.g. setting cartel ... do better than this forgotten old game. Although the game is a bit difficult to master, excellent in-game manual and tutorial go a long way towards easing the learning curve. Highly recommended.

Oil Barons (Epyx)

One of the rarest Epyx games ever made, Oil Barons is a fun turn-based business strategy game for one to eight players. From Mobygames' description: "...[the] object of the game is to accumulate the ... you enjoy the likes of M.U.L.E. or Cartel$ & Cutthroat$, you will likely find Oil Barons a fun "light" business game that is best played against friends in hot-seat mode. Recommended!

Oil Imperium

Review 1: Want to be rich? Want to be an oil tycoon? Then download Oil imperium and be one! The game has a great idea but was not so perfectly realized. You'll have to buy oil fields, drill, buy tanks, ... into big business. This game was created at a time when Dallas and Denver were still THE big soap-operas world-wide - hard to imagine today... This game was - IS - your chance to be a new J.R. Ewing.


One of the most unknown business simulation games ever made, Oligopoly from XOR is best described as a "macro" version of classic board game Monopoly: instead of plots of land in a city, you ... given its age. Overall, a fun, unassuming "light" business sim that is ideal for armchair businessmen who found Dani Bunten's Cartel$ & Cutthroat$ a bit too complex and abstract.

Operation Cleaner

Review 1: Operation Cleaner is a game where you run a demolition firm. You decide how much explosives and equipment you need, how much workers and bulldozers you need to run the firm. You select buildings ... about different building materials and physics from playing this game. Graphics are pretty ugly, but it's the gameplay that counts especially for strategy games - and here you won't be disappointed.

Operation Harrier

One of US Gold's most overlooked games, Operation Harrier is a fun top-down shooter that plays similar to EA's Jungle Strike: it's essentially an arcade-style game that puts you in control of a plane, ... 3D, even though the game is based on 2D sprites. Overall, if you enjoy a fun shooter that requires you to pay attention to more than just the trigger button, Operation Harrier is well worth a look.

Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord is the third game from Rowan Software, a small British developer that remains today one of the best "hard-core" flight sim companies. In this excellent World War II sim, it ... 600 x 400. The result is a game that looks good and plays even better. Remains to this day one of the best (and most underrated) WWII flight sims that was well ahead of its time. Highly recommended.


Predating Virgin Interactive's underrated Shuttle by several years, Orbiter is a decent space shuttle simulation that unfortunately is bogged down with too much "realism" to be fun. As commander ... widely used in gaming in 1988, was curiously omitted in Orbiter), and lack of campaign mode a la Shuttle. Overall, a commendable effort, but one best experienced only by expert space sim enthusiasts.

Out of the Sun

One of the most obscure flight simulators ever made, Out of the Sun is a competent World War 2 simulator from Domark, the second and last in its ambitious series of Macintosh-only sims that started with ... quick dive or a vertical loop, the screen will change colors, or go black. Despite subpar graphics, Out of the Sun is a challenging and fun flight sim that anyone from beginner to expert will enjoy.


Review 1: Legendary Outrun, the arcade racing game that inspired many others such as Lotus Turbo Esprit. This is US Gold's conversion of the original game made by SEGA for the arcade machines that we ... to the related music files below: Is Jason Brooke actually David Whittaker? Their music sure sounds very similar. Fortunately the PC conversion of the sequel, Turbo OutRun, is much, much better.

Over The Reich

"Over the Reich (OtR) is a simulation of the air war over Europe late in WWII. But it's not your traditional joy-stick-driven flight simulator. The "sequel" to Big Time Software's Flight ... of Duty, a Dogfight, or a Mission, but every battle is basically the same and at the end of the day I'm not sure how much longevity Over the Reich will have for all but the most dedicated fans."

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